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The Ongoing Town Of Elfs Experiment Online review

Genres define musicians, or they can.  As I write this I am in a mode of reflection about the life of the founder of Tangerine Dream.

she has a gentle visage and a way
of taking me gently but firmly to Heaven.
in truth, this girl is no woman, and this woman is no girl.
what we share is a laugh from the very beginning,
she knows all my punchlines. she beats me to it. each time!

while there's no way for her to be all the things
i would request with this imagination that enemies would strike,
i never fear for her safety and sanity. she's like me,
calm and gentle on the inside and outside,
we live together, we have the same mother and brother,

Heaven, and Earth, respectively.

He passed away after simply being the founder of New Age music as a genre.
Elements of all music are within New Age, but it is primarily defined...ah, not by being synthesizer music, but by creating a ripe foundation for getting into a meditative frame of mind. It's the sort of music that I make when I am not travelling with the guitar.  Tangerine Dream!  A music for an advanced meditator to use as a layer of insulation, or as music for a mix to send to someone one might think needs to get a little meditative.

While it remains true - the statement of the renowned Objectivist. "Evil is defined as envy or hatred of that which is good, for its' simply daring to attempt to BE the good." All have seen it, yet some do not recognize it until they have had their energy drained by insincere allegations meant to distract...


Edgar Froese: "There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address"
Edgar Froese, the founding member of the German electronic group Tangerine Dream, has died in Vienna, aged 70.

Froese died unexpectedly on Friday after a pulmonary embolism, his son, Jerome, said.

Tangerine Dream's psychedelic and trance-like use of synthesiser sound was a significant influence on the development of electronic music.

Froese once said that "there is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address".

Froese was born on D-Day - 6 June, 1944 - in Tilsit in East Prussia, now the Russian city of Sovetsk.

Froese's father and other relatives were killed by the Nazis and the family lost all their belongings in the war.

His mother and the rest of his family settled in West Berlin, where he studied art.

Froese formed Tangerine Dream in Berlin in September 1967 with fellow students.

The band was known for its uncompromising anti-pop performances and played at the villa of surrealist artist Salvador Dali in Spain.


I can put poetry, perhaps the poem inspired by sweet Iori's island girl loveliness to some Tangerine Dream, and the palette is inspiring to imagine.

And what of the New Age?  Beyond the great innovators who created genres, mortal men born to die...who will create newness? That is what I have always admired about this place, where the core of my novel was stored and safe while I went into mountain-climber mode for ten years...

Now I'm back, and everything, EVERYTHING that could be turned upside down with my personal life has happened.  Still, this place is kind of nice.

If it were a physical place to be (i was in the Flatirons, hiking and tenting through winter and summer) it would have a nice smell to it.

if we respect and nurture a thing with love, i learned from my great grandmother who passed away after 99 years of life, Nana Mother Nature the great gardener of beans, lima beans and green, good fat tomatoes out of doors despite vermin, using no pesticides, just tricks of the sort that gardeners of the Great Depression era knew...

...if we respect and nurture a thing, it produces more health offshoots. In my absence while i was "between devices" enduring weather and not getting online, but thinking hard about my novel...people nurtured and respected this electronic town of friends. Good.  Now, I wonder how I may help it be nice. 

It's pretty most, I will use music to add to the beauty.

A beautiful site...

Lute Hairsplitter, knife sharpener
The Paladin Organization.
/ [lute hairsplitter]

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