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2005-11-21 19:55:24
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Find Your Elven, Dwarven, Hobbit, Kender, Orcish, Ogre, Irda, Gnomish, Dragonish, Fairy, or Gully Dwarven Name.

(Other races are available on request.)

To Start: Give your full name including middle and the race that you wish to be named in. It would be preferred if a short description was also given. Example: Jack Gray Smith, steel gray eyes, short black hair, pale skin. You may ask for more than one race at a time, for a maximum of five.

Name: Alionjenierirlanimal Hazeleye
Pronunciation: Ah-lee'-own-zjen-nee-er-eer-lahn-nee-mahl
Short: Alion

[Eyes That Penetrate].

Name: Nightjewel
Secret Dragon Name: Khennjow
Subrace: Black Dragon

Gnomish Name: Chelishila Geareye

Josh bumstead.

Elven Name: Jastead Flashfire
Pronunciation: Jah-stee-ahd
Short: Jast

Fairy Name: Celerine Basarid
Clan: Thrinesilva
Home: Forest

Ashlyn Nicole Rozell
short, brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin.
Elvish, dragon, and anything else you think is cool.

Elven Name: Lynnicelesha Starborn
Pronuciation: lin-nees-eh-lesh-ah
Short: Lynn or Lynnice

Dragonish Name: Lorezone
Secret Dragon Name: Zorlash
Subrace: Blue

Dragonish Name: Flamelash
Secret Dragon Name: Chiiryau
Subrace: Red

Elven Name: Pirasuhal Argmatir (Picture of Night)
Pronunciation: Peer-ah-soo-hahl
Short: Pira
(Wild Elf)

Dwarven Name: Mochshar Greyflame
Clan: Sunriders
Home: Plains

Hobbit Name: Mirsap Tracebush
Nickname: Steelpict

Orcish Name: Pashmac Mulyel
Nickname: Whiplasher
Home: Minas Morgul

Eleni Anne Thanos
medium height, brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes - not sure whether to add this but I like metal and rock music - could help.
could I have an earth spirit name?
as well as a dragon - elvish - dwarvish - orc - hobbit. please.

[Earth Spirit? I will try, though I cannot say it'll work out]

Earth Spirit Name: Thelanse

Dragon Name: Rockreaver
Secret Dragon Name: Thnolnis (th-nol-nees)
Subrace: Red

Elven Name: Elanihasasina Lightfoot [A note: Your name is elven enough that I almost couldn't find the heart to change it]
Pronunciation: El-ahn-nee-ha-sa-seen-ah
Short: Elani

Dwarven Name: Thannel Metalwind
Clan: Metalwind (head family of clan)
Home: Mountains

Hobbit Name: Leniane
Nickname: Lenie

Orcish Name: Thanshnel
Nickname: Rocksmash
Home: Orthanc

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2004-07-01 [Vitani]: Is that all? O.ò

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: farwatypolmabresh *gasp*

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: hehe

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: You *wheeze* forgot *wheeze* that gnomes' names *wheeze* have the entire *wheeze* family history *wheeze* to the earliest point *wheeze* they know.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: I know. And seeing my name, we can't have lived for very long. ò.O

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: HEY!

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: It keeps going for about five hundred syllables more.... *accusing*

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Short version is Malish.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: *narrows eyes* Ok ok, you dont HAVE to write it all out. Next!

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Dragonish: Blue Dragon, Poolwing, and your secret name is Linshemk.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: A blue dragon? Otay

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: :p

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: Irda?

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Orcish: Vishmak.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: O.O

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Irda: Maylinsa

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: Ah...

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: You can tell the diference between languges by the names pretty well.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: *nods*

2004-07-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: What's next? Dwarven, I see. Vamailsh.

2004-07-01 [Vitani]: Its floating away from my real name.

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