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The Characters

Now one thing you need to know: These biographies may not be all there is to know about the character. If a character has a secret, it is not posted on here, but secretly sent to the player, which gives them the option of either sharing the secret or keeping it to themselves. If your character has a secret, you will be informed. If your character doesn't, then just go about your merry business or rping and maybe even try to pry something out of another character^^
Note: I'll be sending out the secrets all at the same time, so if you do have one, you won't get it until all the characters have a player.

Nate Talbot
Played by: [Silas the Albino]
Age: 27
Occupation: Chief Investigator of the Two Harbors Police
History: In the beginning years as a cop, Nate worked for the Minneapolis Police Department. He lived there for a few years with his sister, Karly until his partner was shot in the line of duty. After the shooting, Nate moved to Two Harbors and has worked there ever since. He is now best friends with Franky and the rest of the Musketeers.

Francesca (Franky) Darnell
Played by: [Rhymes With Orange]
Age: 25
Occupation: Owns the Two Harbors Coffee Shop
History: After getting married at a young age and living in Duluth, Franky's husband was killed in a car accident. After the accident, she moved into Two Harbors with her sister, Ginny. After building the coffee house, she became friends with Ben, Lloyd, Milo, Daria and Jackie and later, named themselves the Musketeers. After Nate moved into town, Franky introduced him to the gang and became his best friend.

Palmer Hagen
Played by: [Six_dragons]
Age: 26
Occupation: Manager of the Two Harbors Supermarket
History: Palmer had been quiet all his life until a friend introduced him to Ginny. He and Ginny got married shortly after.

Ginny Hagen
Played by: [Mags]
Age: 26
Occupation: Currently none
History: In her younger years, Ginny had been one of the wild teenagers running around Duluth. Soon after, she was raped, traumatizing her for 3 years. After Franky moved up, she met Grant and soon after was married to him. However, after the rape, she is still very quiet and hardly goes out.

Sid Newman
Played by: [silent_voice]
Age: 28
Occupation: Owns the Two Harbors Liquor Store
History: After high school, Sid opened the Liquor Store and from his money earned, he bought a boat and became a sailor. He is best friends with Ben and Palmer and is a "member" of the Musketeers and is also B's on-again-off-again boyfriend.

Ben Malone
Played by: [Imperator]
Age: 29
Occupation: Owns an art gallery in Two Harbors
History: After high school, Ben opened his own art store (sometimes using Jack's Pies to help him with business) and has been close friends with Sid and Palmer since high school.

Daria Malone
Played by: [XxTsomexX]
Age: 28
Occupation: Owns Jack's Pies in Two Harbors
History: After college, Daria and her best friend, Jackie, opened up Jack's Pies and became friends with the rest of the Musketeers. She and Jackie sometimes serve pie at some of her brother, Bob's, art shows.

Jackie Barrington
Played by: [Akayume]
Age: 27
Occupation: Own's Jack's Pies in Two Harbors
History: Along with Daria, she runs Jack's Pies and has become close friends with every one of the Musketeers.

Dawson Fisk
Played by: [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]
Age: 33
Occupation: Local Native American?
History: Dawson has been living in Two Harbors his entire life and now owns a teepee illegally placed on county land. However, no one in town really cares because Dawson has never done anything wrong in the community. Dawson only occasionally comes into town (for his semi-annual haircut) ever since his mysterious fight with Sid 8 years ago. He used to work with Celia and used to be close friends with the victim, Celia's daughter, Bethany.

Alan Jamison
Played by: [Blakkduv]
Age: 32
Occupation: Sheriff of Two Harbors
History: Alan has been the sheriff since his early twenties, making him the youngest sheriff in Minnesota.

Cale Abbott
Played by: [Erubeus]
Age: 22
Occupation: Works at the Two Harbors Police Station
History: Cale works at the station with Alan and Nate. He is famous around Minnesota for being able to dig anybody's information up in a short time. He has assisted Nate and Alan in many cases by finding everything they need to know on any suspect.

Milo Gates
Played by: [Harms_Way]
Age: 26
Occupation: Helps Palmer at the supermarket
History: Milo has been around Two Harbors since anyone can remember. Although he's never done much for the town, Milo is one of Two Harbor's most popular locals. He is also best friends with the Musketeers.

Beatrix (B) Radley
Played by: [Chimes]
Age: 29
Occupation: Librarian in Two Harbors
History: B is a local of Two Harbors and is also friends with the Musketeers. She is also Sid's on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Karly Talbot
Played by: [Lin-tastic]
Age: 25
Occupation: Owns a restaurant in Minneapolis
History: Earlier, Nate had lived in the same apartment building as Karly had and after the shooting that drove Nate out of town, she is constantly worried about Nate. Most of the time, she finds someone else to run her restaurant so she can go to Two Harbors to keep an eye on Nate.

Effie Maxwell
Played by: [Phantom Puppet_Magician]
Age: 23
Occupation: Reporter throughout Minnesota
History: Effie has been acquainted with Nate since they both lived in the Minneapolis area. Now, after the Two Harbors murder has surfaced in the media, Effie is bound and determined to dig up any information about it.

Celia Kingston
Played by: [Frivalicious]
Age: 32
Occupation: Used to own a hotel outside of Two Harbors
History: Celia used to work with Dawson and is the mother of the victim, Bethany. After Bethany went missing, Celia left the hotel and now for the most part stays in her apartment.

Lacey Perry
Played by: [Kai Crewger]
Age: 27
Occupation: Bartender in Duluth
History: In high school, Lacey was best friends with the victim, Bethany. After Bethany went missing, Lacey moved to Duluth and became the local bartender.

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