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2004-12-12 14:23:49
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Welcome all to the grand opening of The Moonlit Cafè.

As you walk in you notice the sharp looking decorations hung around the room. The ceiling is pitch black with yellow/white dots all over it representing stars. In the far right corner of the room you notice a full moon that is painted partially on the ceiling and on the wall. On the right wall, which is left open except for the tall tables and chairs, There is a monologue that takes up the entire wall. It shows a vast ocean with a descending moon and the water reflects the moon and the stars to such a point that it looks like your looking off a cliff at the water. As you look to the right of the wall you can see the beautiful booths that are crimson red and tables that are pearl white. There are six, eight seated booths in total on the right side with six tables, one to each booth.

You turn to the left expecting more booths. But instead you see four couches, six arm chairs and three love seats all crimson red with pearl white coffee tables. On the far left wall there are several crimson colored book shelves that have anything ranging from Fantasy to National Geographic. As you look out the window on the right hand side of the Cafè. It opens up into a beautiful midnight scenery, thanks to the holographic projectors placed on both the right and left windows. On the left side of the door way the windows have a beautiful lunar eclipse that lasts six hours and then fades away into an ocean back drop only to come up again twenty-four hours after. During that twenty-four hours several things happen. There is a lunar eclipse, several astrological beauties such as a comet passing, and the moon changing phases. The rest of the time is just a beautiful night sky. The entire Cafè is lit with soft candlelight. At the counter you notice that just under the counter top on your side it shows the moons phases and also several star clusters and the different phases a star takes.

Hanging from the ceiling behind the counter there are several comets, different moon phases and a couple stars. On a board right next to the till it says “Help Wanted.” The tall, dark, slender, black clad teen that’s waiting behind the counter to take your order offers you a menu. Your eyes scroll over the name plate on the teens chest. It says:      Charles or Goth (call me either)

He asks you if you would like to be an employee or a member. He says if you choose member please enter and add your name to The Moonlit Cafè Members and if you choose to be an employee then to enter and add your name to The Moonlit Cafè Employee’s. He also says if you don’t want to make your mind up right away then you may have a seat at either the booths or the couches, armchairs and love seats. Have a wonderful time and please come again.

The Moonlit Cafè Banners
please take a members banner if you are a member and please take an employee's banner if you are an employee. Thank you greatly. *also accepting any donations of banners. send them to me first and if i like them they will go up.*

[Blaithin]: Holiday Cheer is up and running, make sure you stop by.

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2004-12-03 [Darkness of Faith]: very

2004-12-03 [..Nightmare..]: lol

2004-12-03 [Darkness of Faith]: hey...sry i didnt feel like talkin to cutter right now so i had to find a place he didnt know about...

2004-12-03 [..Nightmare..]: lol yea :P

2004-12-03 [Darkness of Faith]: yep...

2004-12-03 [..Nightmare..]: *walks over and sits on one of the big couches and pops open a book* so what you wanna talk about?

2004-12-03 [Darkness of Faith]: hes just really buggin the crap outta mood is directed at him...*goes and sits on couch*

2004-12-03 [..Nightmare..]: icic

2004-12-03 [..Nightmare..]: *sits on couch reading until the next customer walks in the door*

2004-12-03 [Darkness of Faith]: lol...

2004-12-06 [Blaithin]: Holiday Cheer is up and running, make sure you stop by.

2004-12-06 [..Nightmare..]: kk [Blaithin] Will do ;)

2005-04-23 [embrasiveshadow]: Errrr....Hi *waves*

2005-04-25 [..Nightmare..]: Hello and Welcome ^.^

2005-04-29 [embrasiveshadow]: Hi~!~

2005-04-29 [..Nightmare..]: What would you like?

2005-05-10 [embrasiveshadow]: Ummm... Just a Mocha please

2005-05-10 [..Nightmare..]: One moment please ^.^ *walks behind the counter and makes you a mocha. Then comes back out and hands it over the till* There you go have a wonderful day ^.^

2005-07-21 [Rocklives_4ever]: Walks in, Looks around, sits down, "wow" she silently says to herself...*thinks* I wonder if he remembers me...*waits till "he" walks over*...

2005-08-01 [..Nightmare..]: -walks over and sits down next to you- Hello there ^.^ -Hugs you-

2008-07-15 [Danboo]: Hi all

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