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2010-10-09 06:45:47
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The Story:


Kingdom 1- Repunzel

Kingdom 2- Beauty and the Beast

Kingdom 3- Cinderella

Kingdom 4- Snow White

Kingdom 5- Sleeping Beauty

Kingdom 6- Red Riding Hood

Kingdom 7- Little Mermaid

Kingdom 8- Jasmine


Fairytales Special Events

Fairytale Limbo


A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales

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2010-09-12 [Flisky]: Can we put who's kingdom is who's on this page as well?

2010-09-12 [Freya's Eyden]: Sure Give me five and I'll do it.

2010-09-12 [Flisky]: Thank you. ^_^

2014-07-19 [ancienteye]: Just so I'm clear, characters related to Kingdoms 2, 4-6 and 8 currently exist? So Kingdoms 1, 3 and 7 need characters? :3

2014-07-19 [Freya's Eyden]: Yup. I do need children of the kingdoms: 1,2,3,7, and 8. But you can be in any kingdom you wish or want.

2014-07-19 [ancienteye]: Then I may use the Cinderella's son idea? :3

2014-07-19 [Freya's Eyden]: go for it!

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