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Room I

Room two

Coming into the dimly lit room, the stifling stench of rotting flesh just wafts through, overwhelming nearly everything. Moving further into the seemingly never ending labyrinth, an odd euphoria takes over, you can hear nothing but the sound of your own footsteps. Yet that feeling is quickly shattered, blurred figures darting past the translucent, crimson splattered walls all around you bring reality crashing down, you're not alone. Whats more, you can no longer go back the way you came, the path just disappeared, and more are opening all around.

Zist was dead silent, to the point one could almost forget he was there. His eyes, hidden behind his mask were constantly watching everything. He was a trained killer from a world where you were always hunted. He was used to this kinda atmosphere.

"Woah- did you see that?" Yesh said, spotting a dark figure in the corner of her eye. "Maybe there is a another new best friend out there?" she looked up to Angoleus. She had kept her arm linked around his like a little lost child. "Why is everyone so damn shy?"

"Shh...I don't think they're our friends..." Holding his hand up as if saying to stay, Elian stepped out from the group, skin pulsating several colors before he just completely disappeared. Moving through silently, he rounded the corner towards one of the...things they'd seen, and much to his surprise, nothing was there. "It's clear."

Violet followed behind Elian, moving carefully and decisively with her eyes narrowed. Like Zist, she had been trained for stealth. If the surrounding area unnerved her you wouldn't be able to notice as she slunk forward into the room.

Right as they separated, a figure darted towards them, stopping inbetween the two groups. With blood drenched tresses hiding his face, and clutching tightly to a metal pipe, he appeared to be just like they were, an inmate. That was...until he looked up. Puss oozed around an odd mechanical implant in his face, the rest horribly disfigured. Raising his weapon up, he charged towards what seemed like the weakest of them, Violent standing by her lonesome.

Barely flinching, Violet shifted her arm into the flat spike from before, dropped low, and plunged it up into the man's stomach with a snarl.  In a flash she pulled the spike out and swung towards his neck, severing the head from the body in one smooth but bloody move.

The sound of rushing fluids as something was decapitated caught Yesh's ear. She looked over to Violet, "Wow she is sexy..." She smirked and looked up at her comrade, whether or not he wanted to be.

"Ok!" said Zist, who had given up on being quiet, what with Yesh's chatting. "We've got tons of little ones! This could be problematic!"

"They don't seem that difficult to kill if this one was any indication." Violet commented, looking down at the headless body at her feet. "But if we're swarmed then things could get challenging."

"Great.." Elian came into view once more, blood splattering across his face startling him and breaking his concentration.

Static boomed over a worn loudspeaker system, before growing eerily quiet. "Looks like we have guests boys, why not greet them." Cackling ensued this quite odd welcome, before all was quiet once more.

Zist's eyes looked this way and that as the voice spoke. "Fuck," he said then took a deep breath. "Ok! No more wondering off! Violet in front, me in back, all you guys in the middle. Yesh, shoot anyone not us, fish guy one, stay off the ceiling and fish guy two... Just uh, stay behind Violet." He scrambled to take his position, looking bouncy and excited.

"Fine by me." Violet said heading forward to take position at the front of the group. She left her arm transformed knowing that she would need it sooner rather then later. 

"Then take this." Making a beeline from the front line, Elian scooped up the pipe there assailant was holding, tossing it to Zist.

Zist tossed it back. "Don't need it," he said simply.

With an inaudible sigh, Elian caught the item thrown back to him easily, sizing it up since he was obviously the only one that actually neede a weapon.

As if out of nowhere, faint blurs scurried around them, barely visible through the frosted panes.

Zist crouched slightly as he drifted behind the group, ready to fight.

After licking the fish man's arm, Yesh let him go. Excited to have some fun, she hoped a little. As she watched the shadows scurry and shot out several spikes out of her arm. Keeping momentum, she twisted and kicked, shooting out two more in a different direction. The pikes came dangerously close to her comrades, but didn't hit them. "What's with all the dark? If I were cooped up in something like this for a long time, I'de be pissed too!"

In an instant, Elian went transparent once more, swinging the pipe in his grasp rather wildly. But, it did the trick, and with the added advantage of going unseen, he was actually probably the best off of them all. "Just don't turn it on me!" He yelped, skin flashing a variety of colors before becoming visible once more as Yesh's quills flew by him.

Violet stepped to the side avoiding some of Yesh's quills and then began to go forward down the hall, moving aggressively and fast. Her eyes were trained on the walls, watching the shapes moving quickly behind them.  Unlike Yesh, she had no intention of going on the offensive at the moment. She knew that in situations where you didn't have a full understanding of your enemy it was wise to stay defensive for as long as you could.

Elian, too frazzled by Yesh's actions moved away from her quickly, staying as close to Violet as he could without getting in the way. "That girl has lost her mind..." He hissed rather acidicly.

A rumble echoed through out the room, dusk falling from where the glass panes connected with the walls and ceiling. Jumping away as if they had a mind of there own, the room shifted around the group once more, separating them, and leaving Angoleus all by his lonesome. "I'm sure you've started putting things together by now.The ones chasing you are none other than you're own comerades, those claimed by the maze its self!" The speakers spewed out, the sharp, maniacle cackling deafening.

"Blah blah blah blah..." Zist mumbled to himself as he waited for them to attack.

"Violet, where are the others...?" Elian mumbled, glancing behind them, a wall standing whre they'd moved from. Amber globes darted around them, silent figures darting past the frosted glass. But they were different...not entirely human. "What all do you suppose could be with us?"

"We lost the fish." Yesh pointed out, keeping up with the group. She shot spikes at the moving panes of glass, but the spikes merely stuck in them. "Huh...well so much for that." She stayed close to her comrade. "I'm hungry. Do you have something to eat?" she tilted her head at Zist.

"Uuuuuuh..." said Zist, realizing Yesh wasn't as amusing when it came to life or death situations. "Here's the thing, uh-" he couldn't be bothered to remember her name. "Sweety, when these angry guys behind the glass come out, then you shoot 'em. Until then, you're just wasting energy. And these guys... they wont let you have food. Ever. Like Cupcakes?" he asked.

"Clearly they're not here." Violet snapped at Elian. She continued to move forward and tried to ignore the fact that Elian was trailing after her like an annoying puppy.

Angoleus found himself trapped with walls on all sides. Violet an Elian, however, had walls blocking their left and behind them, while the other directions were left open to explore. Zist and Yesh found only their right open. Before Violet and Elian could formulate a plan, the left wall slid away, and 12 figures came charging in. They all looked very dead, in different states of decay, all with mechanical devices haphazardly implanted in their craniums. Their weapons were varied, ranging from pipes like the first guy, to ammo-less guns (used as clubs), knives and their bare hands.

"Son of a- Violet!" Elian snarled, swinging the pipe in his grasp up from his side, blocking one of the blows thrown at him. With the same fluid motion, his free hand whipped around, grabbing hold of any limb he could, twisting and throwing them to the ground. Finishing it off with a blow to the device implanted in his skull, cracking it and imbedding it further, the Paradine reached down, disguarding the pipe in is grasp for the slender blade in the now deceased enemies.

"Alright!" Yesh smiled up at the handsome man. She went to one of her spines sticking out of the planes. Grabbing onto it firmly, she yanked it out and inserted the butt end of it onto her shoulder. Her body seemed to latch onto it. Yesh flexed it a little before looking down the only open hall they could see. "Wanna race then?" 

Zist scratched the back of his neck. "Doesn't really answer my question..." he mumbled. "Well, ok. Hey! And if we meet those nasty monster guys... we can stop the race a play a new game! Wanna know what it is?"

Angoleus was stunned, not only had the walls seemed to come from no where but he was on his own and he didn't like it, not one bit. He scratched at the walls in an attempt to make them go away, then a thought struck him, not a very reliable one but it was a thought nonetheless. He began to search for some form of button or the like that would possibly be the key to getting out.

Jumping forward Violet slashed her way through the Zombie like creatures taking several down in a a matter off moments. Blood splattered across her face and limbs but she didn't seem to notice as she hacked away. "Make sure you cut their heads off." She yelled over at Elian. 

"Depends if I get to suck on your cupcake or not." Yesh replied seriously.

Zist was rarely caught of guard but this tripped him. He blinked a little before he slowly grinned. "Anytime you want, sugar cake," he said with a wink. Before their odd conversation could go further, a wall shifted about 10 panels to their right and a flood of nasties swarmed out.

Yesh smiled at Zist but was startled by the horde of people heading their way. "Can I make them bleed? Can I?" Without waiting for his reply, she jerked her arm in a hook-like motion at the figures. Spikes shot out like bullets at them.

"You don't have too...those devices...damage them and they die as well." By now Elian had gained a second blade, tearing through the mindless hordes. "They're definately easier than those two we came across before... He panted out, he was doing quite well for himself, his swift movements with the small blades he held made quick work of the slower moving corpses.

Violet continued to slash her was through the zombies.
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