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The Magic Voyage review

Directed by Michael Schoemann

Starring Dom DeLuise, Corey Feldman and Irene Cara

Firstly: Irene Cara sure gets around. O.o

Secondly: if you want your children to know anything about Columbus or his place in history... avert their eyes. Accord to this movie, a "bookworm" tells him the earth is round (because apparently Columbus thinks it's a cube) and that there's a swarm of evil bees lurking about, so hide yo bug princesses, hide yo boats, hide yo wives....

Really though, this movie is awful. Awful, awful, awful. The animation isn't even that good! I could barely watch it as a child, and I can barely watch it now.

Don't even turn yoself in, because we know who you are! .... Fool!
/ [Akayume]

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