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RP History: The Luck of the Irish RP

Irish Toast:
When we drink, we get drunk.
When we get drunk, we fall asleep.
When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
When we commit no sin, we go to Heaven.
So, let's all get drunk, and go to Heaven


"They are coming up infront of us now...lets get to the bow quickly...we will be close enough to jump...." Adrien said smiling as he walked to the nose. "this is gonna be fun..."

Sarah stood up on the rail and faced her crew. "ALRIGHT YOU BUNCH OF DOGS! Have fun ripping this navel ship apart, okay?"

Celeste stood up, looking at the navy ship, "I'm going to sit this one out..." She had a strange look in her eyes, and walked ot the opposite side of the ship.

Angelo walked back up to teh deck and stood by Sarah, smiling. "Well, let's go then!" He grinned.

Sarah smirked.

Angelo glanced over at Celeste, still curios at her behavior but turned back to the navy ship.

As the ship came into range Adrien quickly leaped onto there deck cutting down everyone near him with little effort, "Sarah...this is childsplay...isn't there someone here worth fighting.."

Sarah wasn't listening to him, she ran up to th hull and smirked. "Ah, Captain Norrington..."

Syrus stood to the side of the ship, hands placed gently on the wooden bar which protected anyone from falling over board. He was perched quite happily on top of it, for anyone else they would of fallen straight in but thanks to Syrus's balance it was very easy to remain still and upright. He stared iff into sea, daydreaming if you will.

"Don't fall off," Celeste said from right beside Syrus. She was looking out at the sea, and not at him, but knew what was going on.

It took a while for Syrus to answer, but he did eventually turn his attention towards Celeste. "I won't". It was a simply answer, but more than he usualy said to anyone else.

"Good," Celeste smiled and stood back up, "I'm Celeste by the way."

"I know". Syrus returned to looking out at the ocean, it amazed him how far the water stretched.

"Ah, a spy," Celeste chuckled, "What else do you know anout me then?"

"You are 19 years of age and major in healing, you were once part of a family consisting of 8 brothers and a farther whome you lived with". He paused, knowing the next part was a little more painful for her. "You lost them all". Was all he said, he didn;t go into the detail he knew, those types of memories where best left forgotten.

Celeste stood shocked, "H-h-how do you know that? I never told anyone!"

"You may of never have told anyone flat out, but bits of our past always leak into the words we use, it wasn;t to hard for me to piece these words together". Syrus didn;t look at her, he changed his position so he was now sitting down on the wooden railing.

"The only way you could have know was if you saw me running from the ship, not even Angelo knows and he found me that night, as the ship was going down," Celeste replied.

"I'm sure lot's of people saw you running, i doubt you saw them though". Syrus didn't directly answer her question, and it seemed as if he wasn;t going to, he ahd a foresight with these things and could usually guess how people would react. This girl seemed almost apposed to the truth.

"I saw who was there, and they're all dead," Celeste replied standing in front of Syrus.

Syrus looked at her from under his hood, this girl was tiring to be honest and he honest to good wasn't about to confind in and talk to a girl about his gifts for things like this.

Celest thought for a moment, "But you weren't there....I would noticed you...And I never metion it or even think of it, so it doesn't come how do you know?"

Celests questions were left with silence, Syrus breathed in sharply and then closed his eyes. A bird landed by his hand, looking in interest at Celest and Syrus, Syrus simply waved his hand causing the bird to fly off. "Luky guess".

"Well, it looks like I won't get answers so why try?' Celeste shrugged and leaned against teh railing next to Syrus, looking out at the ocean, she closed her eyes, teh breeze picking up her hair.

Syrus stayed in silence, his one blue eye visible so Celeste, the green one hidden out of shame beneath the hood. He looked at ease at this point, but couldn't help to notice the uneasyness in the air, something was coming this way, and he didn't know what.

'Why do you hide them? No ones going to care..." Celeste said opening her eyes, refering to his eyes.

Syrus looked down, his head was bowed in an uncomfortable manner, it was common knowlegde in some folk laws that different coloured eyes were a sign of misfortune and the devil in some cases. It was the case in the holy land he grew up in. "Why do you hide your past". He rebounded her question with another question.

Celeste shrugged, "I ran away, I don't want to be part of the navy. I didn't want to follow in my dad's footsteps. And you?"

"Shame". Syrus's answer was quick and said with spite, he obviously had very strict feelings about this matter, considering he was brought up to be a holy person having aspects of the devil didn't really get him into many social or friendly situations.

Celeste stood right in front of him. She looked at him with a curios matter, "May I see?" She looked right at him, merely curios, not at all scared.

Syrus looked a little suprised, well his expression was slightly more emotiona, he bowed his head then looked up, sighing."If you wish to"?

Celeste reached up and gently pulled back his hood. She looked at his face and at his eyes. "They don;t look that bad, I like the blue one," Celeste smiled.

Syrus looked down, not daring make eye contact when someone was this close, he wuickly yanked the hood back up. He rested his chin on his hands and sighed. "You are a very interesting girl Celeste".

"And why would that be?" Celeste asked. She pulled back down his hood, "I like it better down."

Syrus muttered a chuckle at this girls very strange behaviour. He shook his head, not wanting to defy he he left the hood done, focusing on the sea. "Unique would be a most suitable word for you".

Celeste smiled softly, "I heard others..." She shrugged, "So why don;t you like your eyes?"

"They are unnatural, a disformality, a curse". Syrus answered truthfully, tapping his fingers against one another he looked very contemplative. Hed never had a conversation this long before, rather worrying.

"In my land, they would be a sign of good luck, a blessing to the parents and to the child," Celeste replied, looking at his eyes, "Especially your colors."

"The colour"? Syrus question it, he had never heard this before, it was comforting to know someone thought different.

Celeste nodded, and stepped back a bit, realizing she was a bit close to Syrus. "Especailly the colors; vivid blue and a calming green, together they make the sea. And the ocean was a good sign, the child would be passionate and strong willed and wouldn't caved easily. But the green meant that they had a soft heart and would be a bit of a dreamer; the blue would they were a fighter, but a smooth talker," Celeste blushed slightly, chuckling, "Sorry, I went on a bit too much there..."

"Smooth talker eh"? Syrus glanced at her, he raised an eyebrow slightly wondering if he was a charmer, he'd never really tried. As for the other stuff, he hoped he had a good heart.

"Yeah, my brother Conor taught me that, but it was my brother Liam who had the eyes, hazel and blue," Celeste said, shrugging.

Syrus looked down, he had to admit, her belief was a lot more accepting than the one he was sued to, he was going to stick with that one. He noted her sturggling. "You don;t have to talk about them, if you don't want to"? It was amazing how the imposing and rather serious looking guy could be so gentle.

"Well, it's a bit strange talking about them, but also kinda nice. I don;t have to hide it for once," Celeste looked at him, she smiled, "But thanks for the concern..."

Syrus nodded to her, he waited for her to speak, if that is what she wished to do. He was very good at listening, not so good at the empathy part but he would try.

"So what about you?" Celeste asked, curious about Syrus, "And you never did give me your name..."

"Syrus and what about me"? He looked at her, still feeling a little naked with his hood down and face on show.

"Well do you have any siblings? Where's you grow up?" Celeste asked, "You knw, little things like that..."

"I don't remember, i grew up in a church, the holy land if you will". Syrus looked down. "Parents, maybe, that lot is all a blur to me now i'm unsure as to if i ever had any, maybe i just appeared".

Celeste nodded, "my family was never really religious, my brothers raised me, so I know a lot of stuff most girls my age don't know, or will never know."

"I see". Syrus didn't exaclty know what this suff was, but to be honest she probably knew more about guy stuff than he did. He wasn't exactly raised more brought up in a half-arsed manner.

"I mean like reading and writing, things like that, knowing how to use a sword or major healing. I fall short of most of that guy stuff," Celeste laughed, "Like I can;t cook or sew...unless it's stiching someone up but that's as close as I get..."

"Interesting". Syrus nodded, he couldn't cook or sew either to be honest. He leant forward on his hands, the wind blew his hair in his face slightly.

'You can put your hood back on if you want. I have to make sure I have all my supplies out in case," Celeste smiled, "I'm the healer, but you probably already knew that."

Syrus nodded, he pulled his hood back up gently letting the black material flop over his face shadeing his eyes from the sun.

"Now, he doesn't talk," Celeste teased, smiling and walked to go under the deck.

Syrus just shook his head once again, he flicked and unflicked a throwing knife from his sleeve. It was in the shape of a thin silver razor blade arrow head. that has been extended.

Celeste stormed back up, her face heated, "Angelo! You're dead!"

Syrus turned to look at Celeste, wondering what had come over the girl, he asumed she would explain her anger.

Celeste paced back and forth, knowing that Angelo had heard her, "He shouldn't have taken that! If it was the other one, that's fine! But that cost me a lot of money and it wasn't even opened!"

"What did he steal"? Syrus stood up now, staring down at Celeste, he appeared to be ready to go sort it out.

"He stole a very powerful herb that can either kill when used to much, but used just right can heal about any wound. But that's okay I can take care of Angelo, he's not that bad," Celeste waved for him to sit down.


Sarah wasn't listening to Adrien, she ran up to the helm and smirked. "Ah, Captain Norrington..."

Norrington drew his sword, he straightened his hat and gave Sarah a stern rather smart look. Standing ina defensive pose he held the sword at arms length, daring her to come forward."Miss.Sarah".

"Ah now, no need to get all defensive... we're only raiding your ship." Sarah said with a sickly sweet smile.

"Well i'm afraid we can't allow that". He held the sword still, trying to think of where she would go first. Hsi men were busy getting out their muskets and swords.

Angelo appeared behind Sarah, grinning, 'So this be Norrington, eh?"

Sarah nodded. "Indeed." she smiled and looked over at Angelo. "Go have some fun... this is Captain vs. Captain I'm afraid."

"No problem, Captain," Angelo grinned flipping over some of the navy crew and headed below deck.

"If you leave this ship now we can avoid fighting". Norrington began to circle Sarah like a shark.

Sarah did the same, so she was facing him. "But fighting is so much fun." she smiled, drawing her own long sword.

"If that is what you want then i will grant it". Norrington charged at Sarah, he swung his sowrd downwards at her indening to slash her across the chest.

Sarah blocked his attack with a clang of metal against metal.

Norrington pushed with his blade trying to move Sarah back, he shoved quickly swinging his sword upt o then strike down.

Sarah took the oppertunity to shove him using her shoulder.

Norrington fell backwards but himself and kept up right, he stuke again this time jabbing forwards and spinning the blade.

Sarah blocked it using the side of her blade as a shield.

Norrington knocked back, he then drove the blunt end of the sword towards Sarahs stomach in an atempt to wind her and catch her off gaurd.

It hit her in the stomach, but she didn't let it bother her. While he had the sword the way he did, Sarah got ahold of it.

Norrington, upon feling his sword get yanked from his hand went to elbow Sarah around the face since they were in close proximity. This wasn't going well at all.

"Sarah...there's no one left for me..." Adrien grumbled sheathing his blood slathered blade and reloading is pistol, "this is so boring....but they have plently of supplies...I'll have them loaded.." he added smiling before walking to the railing of ther ship closest to the luck of the irish, "Twenty men down here now! Load there supplies all we can carry...whatever loot you find too"

Norrington's elbow hit Sarah's jaw with a loud crack. Sarah lodged his sword deep into the floorboards and wedged it in there before popping her jaw quickly back in place with a 'pop'.

"Captain!" Adrien shouted firing a round at Norrington's arm, "How dare you strike my will pay dearly.."

Sarah chuckled. "Relax Adrien. I've had worse."

"Sarah...if you will...i've been bored with the rest of his you mind if I cut in?" Adrien asked smiling placing his empty pistol in the holster and drawing his blade.

"Well, since your bored..." Sarah smirked. "Lets make it even." she said, getting Norrington's sword and tossing it to him. "Now, have fun you two." she smirked, walking down the steps onto the main deck.She took her own sword and started cutting the ropes to the main sails so the ship would remain stationary. She looked up and in the distance, she saw the ship with black sails heading thir way.

"Finally a challenge...Don't let me down Norrington..." Adrien said smiling holding his blade out and walking towards him with a dark gling in his eye.

Norrington caught his sword by the blade, he then flicked it and caught the hanlde holding it out, blade pointed at Adrien's neck from a distance. "If that is what you wish young man".

"Your style is sloppy at best..." Adrien muttered turning his rapier to Norrington smiling as he continued towards him.

"And yet a far sight better than yours". Norrington smirked slightly, he waited for the over eager Adrien to make a move, it was his way, the best offence was a good defence.

"You shouldn't just stand there...your making it too easy.." Adrien said smiling as he brought his blade up at an odd angle.

Norrington flicked the sword out to knock Adrien's sword away, he used both hands to make the defence stronger. "And you shouldn;t just run head long into things".

"I don't..." Adrien replied with his pistol to Norrington's temple, "I may be a pirate...but I am a skilled fighter.."

Sarah jumped back onto The Luck of the Irish and briskly walked up to the bow and took out her telescope, looking through it at an approaching ship. "Jack... what are you planning...?" she sighed and walked over to the railing. "Adrien! Get all my men back on the ship. We have no more use being here."

"Norrington is the only one left alive anyway..." Adrien called rounding the men up, "I just want one thing.." he said dashing into the captains quarters on the intercceptor.

"Well then hurry it up or I'll leave ya behind!" Sarah called, going to the wheel.

Adrien ran back from the captains quarters and leapt over the railings onto the luck of the irish, "heh...I wanted my compass back.."

Sarah smirked and pulled away from The Interceptor. "We're going to have a little company shortly anyways." Sarah said, pointing to the Black Pearl in the distance.

"Well the interceptor won't be going anywhere without these..." Adrien muttered dropping a crate full of maps and charts, "I thought we could use them to navigate around the other navy ships.."

Sarah smirked. "Good thinking."

Adrien smiled as well, "I found a few of the maps he took from you as well..."

Sarah nodded. "Good."

"Including that treasure map of yours..."

Sarah blinked. "Really?" Sarah looked over and saw the Pearl right next to her ship. She boarded The Black Pearl. The Black Pearl RP

Angelo placed Carmen back down on her feet with a grin.

Carmen brushed herself off and smiled.

Angelo took her hand kissed the back of it, "I'm afraid I have to return to my duties."

"Dont go.."She whimpered.

Angelo looked down at her, and smiled, "Then come with me.'

Carmen grabbed his hand and smiled."Okay."

Angelo kissed her hand and headed to the ships' kitchen.

Carmen blushed and follwoed.

Angelo lead her to a stool, "What do you like to eat?"

"Ramen."Camren smiled cutely.

"Well, I'll make that for you, while I cook the rest of the crew Ravioli del formaggio tre for supper," Angelo smiled, walking over tot he stove, taking out everything he needed.

"Can I help?"

"Do you know how to cook?' Angelo glanced back at her, pulling out long, thick rolls of pasta.


"Well, then I'm just going to have to teach you to cook," Angelo teased, and pulled Camren between him and the counter. He floured her and his hands, and pulled a long sheet of pasta to them. He leaned over her shoulder, looking down at it.

Carmen blushed brightly and turned her head,looking at him."Now what...?"

Angel had a small knife in his hand and begain to cut the sheet into strip, "This and then we make the sauce and prepare the cheese and put them into the strips.."

"Ooo....Can I cut it up into strips?"

'Sure, I'll make the sauce," Angelo chuckled, placing down the knife gently and walked over to stand beside Carmen.

Carmen picked up the knife and started cutting the sheet into strips.She smiled."Ouch!"She yelped as she cut her finger accedently.

Angelo walked over with a cloth in his hand.

Carmen put her finger in her mouth and whimpered.

Angelo held out his hand, "LEt me see."

"Noo..."Carmen held her finger defensively.

Angelo chuckled, "I'm not going to do anything."

"You're guna put something on it..."Carmen whimpered.

"I'm going to make sure its not infected," Angelo smiled gently.

Carmen hesentantly held out her hand.

Angelo gently took her hand, looking at the cut, "it's not too deep." He smiled, and reached into a drawer, taking out some gauze and bandage wrap, he wrapped it around her finger. "There all set."

Carmen smield and wrapped ehr arms around him."Thank you..."

Angelo chuckled, kissing the top of her head, "You're welcome, jsut be careful now eh?"

"Aye."Carmen smiled

Angelo chcukled, "Now I have to finish dinner."

Carmen finished cutting the pasta into strips.

Angelo looked over, smiling, "Good now cut them in half the other way." He finished making the sause and brought it over.

Carmen nodded and but them in half."Am I doing a good job?"

"You're very quick study," Angelo smiled, grading some cheese.

Carmen squeeled cutely.

Celeste hopped over the railing and onto the Luck of the Irish.

Orochiba followed shyly. He got onto the ship and looked around.

Celeste walked over to the other side of the ship and pulled up a rope.

Orochiba followed. "What ya doin'?"

"I needed seedweed for a healing potion so I threw a small anchor overboard that wouldn't weigh down the ship to gather some of it," Celeste pulled the seedweed covered anchor over the side.

Orochiba looked at the seeweed and blinked.

Celeste grimanced and dropped the anchor lightly onto the deck. She looked over at Orochiba, "So anything else you needed?" She smiled up at him.

"N-no." Orochiba said smiling nervously at Celeste. "I guess i'll go then."

Celeste looked at bit disappointed, "If you want to.." And turned back to look at the sea.

"Goodbye Celeste." Orochiba said looking at her. He turned and headed to his ship just as Jack yelled to set sail.

Sarah passed him and smirked. "Alright, whoever wants to come with us, stay, otherwise, y' better get over there now." she yelled, walking over to the wheel.

"You weren't going to leave me now were you Capt'n!" Adrien yelled landing on the railing of the ship, "Jack..gave he a boost..." he said smirking.

"Of course I wouldn't leave you. Do me a favor, and hoist the colors." Sarah smirked.

"It's probably safer doing that than in Jack's view anyway.." Adrien said smiling as he walked to the mast.

Sarah chuckled and started steering the ship.

After raising the flag and tying it off, Adrien walked over to Sarah smiling still, "alright...did you remember to untie the ship from the black pearl?"

Sarah nodded. "Yup."

"Then what's that.." Adrien asked pointing to a tie on the side of the ship that was pulling tighter, "you forgot one didn't you..." he whispered pulling his dagger from his boot.

A short sword with one long edge in the middle and two shorter blades on the side hit the tie dead on, setting the Irish free of the Black Pearl. Celeste was over on the other side of teh ship kneeling by an anchor, peeling off seaweed off of it. She had another sword just like the one on the railing tucked under a shash tied to her side.

"Someones a wee bit angry..." Sarah chuckled.

Celeste looked up in surpise, "Who?"

Sarah smirked. "You."

Celeste looked over at the sword, "Oh, not I'm not," She smiled slightly, "I was just trained like that." She shifted and stood up, going over to grab the sword.

Sarah chuckled and stared out into the vast ocean ahead of her ad started humming.

"You want anything to eat?" Adrien asked muffled by the apple in his mouth.

Celeste pulled out her sword out of the railing, smoothing her fingers over the wood. She tucked her sword away and leaned against the railing, looking out at the sea.

Sarah shook her head. "Nah, I'm okay."

Angelo smiled, "Bring the strips over here?"

Carmen took the strips over to him and smiled.

Angelo took one at a time folded it into a square and poured the cheese into it and placed it into a pot until all of the strips were gone, 'There, now we jsut have to wait."

Carmen wrapped her arms around him

Angelo chuckled, picking her up bridal style and swung her around gently.

Carmen squeeled happily and nuzzled his neck.

Kayden, a boy no more than 15, poked his head out from behind a nearby barrel. He was nervous seeing these people. His hair a faint brown and his eyes seemed to be dulled. He tried his hardest not to make a sound but ended up sneezing from the dust.

Angelo smiled, but heard the sneeze, he gently stepped away from Carmen, and lifted the barrel lid, "And who do we have here?"

Kayden cuddled up into a smaller ball inside the barrel. "K-k-Kayden." He said quitely and scaredly.

"A stowaway? Well, there's one thing we can do with you..but first, we get you fed," Angelo smiled, holding out his hand.

Kayden looked unsteadily at Angelo's hand with his dull brown eyes. He slowly rose his hand up to connect with Angelo.

Angelo gently took his hand and pulled him up and out of the barrel. "Take a seat, i'll get you some food, you looked starved," Angelo walked to the stove, making a plate.

Kayden sat down and looked around the ship nervously. He sneezed again due to the dust, afterall he was allergic.

Angelo placed the food in front of him, "I'll get Celeste she can help.." He walked out of the kitchen.

Kayden nodded and slowly started eating it. As soon as he tasted it he scrounged down the food quickly.

Celeste grumbled, as Angelo pulled her down the stairs and over to Kayden. "His name is Kayden, a stowaway," Angelo replied, sitting down.

Celeste looked at Kayden, "He looks in good health, but-" she picked up his wrist, "allergic to dust." She took out a small blue capsle and opened it and poured it into his drink, "Drink that...It'll help with your allgery."

Kayden's dull brown almost gray eyes looked up at Celeste. "Th-th-thanks." He said softly as he slowly reached for the drink. His hand was shaking naturally like it always did.

Celeste nodded, "No prob, if they act up again just find me." She took a seat beside him, sighing, and closed her eyes.

"Do you know what we normally do to stowaways?" Adrien asked dropping from the rafters of the roof above them.

Celeste opened her eyes, and stood up, walking over to Adrien, and whispered, "He's just a kid Adrien."

Adrien smirked, "come with me now boy..." he growled taking his arm firmly.

Kayden didn't make a sound. He looked shocked and scared as he was dragged with Adrien. He looked back at Celeste and Angelo afriad of what would happen to him.

Adrien stopped when he was away from the others and knealt down infront of the boy, "calm down...don't say anything when we go to the captain...I'll speak for you ok.." he whispered smiling softly.

Kayden nodded obediantly. He was still scared of seeing the captain. He imagined the captain as a big old man the would probably throw him over the side of the ship.

"Don't be so tense...she's actually pretty nice if you don't cross her...and just so you know...I'm 2nd in command on this ship...if I speak for you..she won't refuse" Adrien added standing back up and loosening his grip on the boy slightly.

"S-s-she?" Kayden studdered slightly as he tried to register everything in his head.

"Yes....Capt'n Sarah...and I'm her first mate...and probably her oldest friend....Adrien.." he replied softly taking the boy on deck and towards the captain, "Sarah...look what I found.." he called to her bringing the boy infront of him.

Kayden looked up at this new female that stood infront of him. He looked up at her with childish dull eyes. His hair, plain and flat, fell slightly against his face.

Celeste walked in behind him, and took Adrien's hand off of Kayden's arm. She knelt beside him and gave him a small purple flower, "Here, I forgot to give this to you, place it on your tounge, and suck on it for a bit. it'll help."

Kayden looked at Celeste confused and his head cocked to the side. He took the flower and placed it on his tounge cautiously as if asking 'is this correct'.

Celeste smiled gently, it looked a bit motherly, and nodded, "Yes that's right."

Kayden closed his mouth and started sucking on the flower. he made a strange face. He found the flower to be bitter and odd.

Celeste laughed gently, "You have the wrong side up, the other side is very sweet, it tastes like peppermint."

Adrien laughed, "Celeste...if you don't mind...could you let me handle this.." he whispered turning his soft gaze to her.

Kayden used his tounge to flip the flower over. He started sucking on it again and then smiled like an orphan child would.

Celeste looked up at him, 'Of course, I'm just making sure his allegies don't act up. I'll be gone in a few minutes." She looked at Kayden, and smiled gently like a mother would.

Kayden continued sucking on the flower and nodded. He looked back up to the captain and became afraid of what was to happen.

"Alright out with it," Celeste moved her tow fingers back and forth. "Stick out your tounge."

Kayden looked back at Celeste and stuck out his tounge.

Adrien shook his head chuckling slightly, "If I get my way...he won't be in that rat infested sub area below the deck..." he muttered.

"Good, maybe he can become my apprentice," Celeste took the flower and handed him a small peppermint stick, winking. She stood up.

Kayden looked between the two. He was still alittle scared of the new people and that they were so much bigger than him.

Celeste patted his head gently, "Don't be scared. Sarah is very nice."

Adrien smiled knealing down beside him, "it's going to be fine...if you want you can wait in my quarters..." he whispered pointing to a room just beside the captain's quarters.

"Don't forget this," Celeste smiled a bit motherly holding out the peppermint stick.

Kayden took the peppermint stick and smiled. "I think i'll stay." He said. It was the first full sentance he had said since he met these people.

Adrien nodded smiling as he stood, "that's where you will probably be sleeping anyway...for some reason I have two beds in there..." he said with a shrug.

"Come on, he's right, you should be sleeping. I'll tuck you in," Celeste held out her hand.

Kayden took Celeste's hand and followed her into the room. "What's a stowaway?" He asked looking up at her with an abused child's eyes.

"It's someone who hides on a ship and no one knows that he's there," Celeste explained, leading him to a bed.

"I wasn't hiding. I was scared." Kayden said. "I ran away from the orphanage. I didn't want them to find me so i found this ship. I didn't think it would actually sail out."

Celeste laughed gently, patting the bed, telling him to sit, "Yeah, my friend Angelo, the one who found who, raised me. I was lucky."

"Were you a stowaway too?" He asked as he sat down.

"No my father died at sea," Celeste sat down beside him.

Kayden lowered his head. "I'm sorry."

"it's okay, it was a long time ago," Celste smiled at him.

Kayden kept his head down. He layed down on the bed and looked at Celeste. "Thank you." He said softly.

Celeste smiled, "LEt's get you under teh sheets."

Kayden nodded. He was obviously warming up to the new people.

Celeste pulled the covers over him, she looked up, "Steer?! Is he crazy, like I know how to do that!"

"Sarah...wether you like it or not...I'm not abandoning that child...he looks like he's been through the same I had...but he hasn't found anyone until now..." Adrien whispered standing up beside her starring out to the sea.

Sarah smiled. "I'm not getting rid of him just cause hes a stowaway y'know." she looked at him. "If I was like that, you wouldn't be here yourself. But I would like to meet this kid."

"He's in my quarters..." Adrien said smiling, "I figure he can stay in there with me since I have an extra bed.." he added shrugging, "Celeste! come steer for a moment!" he shouted leading Sarah to his quarters.

Angelo ran up and took the steer, "Like Cel could do this.."

Adrien laughed opening his door, "Celeste...leave for a moment will you.." he whispered walking in with Sarah behind him, "this is the child...Kayden.."

Kayden sat up quickly as his body tensed. He put the peppermint stick in his mouth out of nervousness. He then grabbed Celeste's arm so she wouldn't leave.

Adrien smiled walking over and sitting beside Kayden, "it's ok...we would like to talk to you alone...Celeste won't be far...and if you need her you can call her back ok?" he asked.

Sarah smiled softly. "And if your worried about me kicking you off the ship, then don't. I'm not like that."

Adrien nodded, "I was a stowaway on her father's ship when I was about your age...I ran from the orphanage around here as a matter of fact..."

Kayden let go of Celeste and smiled at the similarities between him and Adrien. He nodded signifying that he is ok to talk.

Sarah knelt in front of him. "So, how long have you been here?" she asked softly.

"I ran away from the orphanage in tortuga and i found the ship and climbed on. I thought it was an abandoned ship since nobody was on it." Kayden seemed to sound like he was pleading his case.

"Calm's ok..." Adrien said softly placing his arm over his shoulders, "so I'm guessing just the two day's we've been away from the port.."

"yea." Kayden shook his head up and down. "I've been in that barrel the whole time. Well that is as soon as i heard the people come onto the ship. I jumped into the barrel because i thought it was the orphanage coming to get me." He cuddled up and hugged his knees.

Sarah smiled gently and ruffled his hair. "Its alright, they can't get you now. And you don't have to hide in no barrel anymore either."

"Vielen Dank!" Kayden said in German. That was the only thing he really studied up on.

Sarah smiled. "Ihre willkommenen Junge eine."

Kayden smiled in return. "Sie sprechen Deutsch?"

Sarah chuckled. "Ich bin nicht sicher."

Kayden looked utterly confused. "How aren't you sure?" His dull eyes look up at her with curiousity.

"You said it wrong hun. I don't know if they speak German. I know I do. I speak many languages." Sarah chuckled.

Kayden smiled and layed back on the bed. For once i belong!

Sarah smiled and stood up. "Kommen gerade Unterst├╝tzung auf der Plattform, wenn Sie w├╝nschen, okay?"

Kayden nodded somewhat unsure of what she said. He cuddled with the blankets and smiled at everyone. He put the peppermint stick back in his mouth.

Adrien sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face, "what the hell are you two saying?" he asked standing as the boy layed back.

Celeste had walked out of the room and leaned against the wall, sliding down so she was resting on the floor. She closed her eyes and once she did, she was out like a light, deeply alseep.

Sarah nearly tripped over Celeste. She sighed softly and picked Celeste up, putting her in one of the hammocks.

Kayden fell asleep cuddled up on the bed with the peppermint stick still in his mouth. His hand slowly fell from it like a little child.

Adrien smiled, "I think I'm going to lay down too..." he whispered yawning as he climbed into the other bed falling asleep quickly.

Sarah walked up to the helm and smiled at Angelo. "I'll take over, get some sleep."

"Sarah!"Carmen tackled her

Sarah blinked. "Yeees? Do I know you...?"

Carmen gasped."How dare you forget me!"

Sarah blinked. "Uhm... okay then...?"

Adrien stirred a while later yawning loudly forgetting he wasn't alone.

Kayden was already awake. He sat up watching as Adrien slept. He found other people so interesting.

Adrien turned stretching, "hello...did I wake you?" he asked standing slowly.

Kayden shook his head. "You ran away too?"

Adrien nodded, "yeah...that place was a hell hole to me...the old man that ran it...let's not go're still pretty young.." he said smiling softly.

Kayden frowned. "The one in Tortuga?"

Adrien sighed nodding slowly, "yes...the one in tortuga.."

"Thats where i came from." Kayden frowned. "We are alike i guess."

"is that old fool still there?" Adrien asked hoping he hadn't done the same to Kayden as was done to him.

Kayden frowned and stared down at the floor. He gulped and nodded his head slowly.

Adrien sighed heavily sitting down beside him, "what did he do?" he asked cringing slightly at the thought of his own past.

Angelo nodded on the door again, patiencetly waiting.

Adrien sighed placing his finger over his mouth telling Kayden to hold that thought, "come in.." he said opening the door, "Angelo...what od you want?"

Angelo poitned to a small bag on the floor, "Celeste forgot it." AS soon as he spoke, a scream broke out, he turned, "Shit!" And ran back to the room, Celeste was on the floor, her mouth open and the hammock over turned. She was staring at a corner of the room, "He j-j-just app-pperaed...h-he was there.."

"Who?" Angelo knelt down, the bag in his hand.

"m-m-my father," Celeste looked up at Angelo, "That's never happened before..."

"Angelo nodded, "I know.."

Adrien drew his sword quickly, "I'll be right back..then we can finish out conversation Kayden.." he said before dashing out of his quarters and towards the scream, "what happened?" he asked with his blade tight in his grip.

"I got it," Angelo said, helping Celeste up who was as white as a sheet and trembling slightly. HE set her in a hammock, kissing her cheek, "Be right back, mi bella." He walked out of the room to the kitchen.

Celeste nodded weakly, not even having enough strength to yell at Angelo for that little comment.

Adrien nodded, "alright...take it easy Celeste.." he said before walking back to his room.

Angelo walked over to where Celeste was resting and climbed into a hammock.

Celeste shot up screaming like she was being murdered.

Angelo sprung up, rushing over, and grabbed her wrists as Celsete tried to fight him off poorly, he cooed to her, "'s's just me was a dream, a's alright..."

Celeste looked up with tears in her eyes, "Angelo?" She stopped fighting.

Angelo stepped closer, wrapping his arms around her, "It's okay, I promise."

Celeste nodded, closing her eyes, but was still awake. She opened her eyes, "I left my bag..."

Angelo let go of her and walked to Adrien's room, knocking on the door.

Sarah took hold of the wheel, steering the ship a bit west. She sighed softly and looked across the water, admiring how the moon glimmered like a gem on it's surface. She was missing Jack, but she kept that feeling in her chest, not her face.

Adrien walked back in, "alright let's finish this conversation..." he whispered sitting down beside him.

Kayden looked up at Adrien with slight tears in his eyes. "A-a-adrien...?"

"What is it?" Adrien whispered softly, smiling weakly down to Kayden.

"D-d-did the man t-touch you?" Kayden asked nervously.

Adrien's eyes widened as he turned away nodding slightly, "I'm guessing he did the same to you..." he whispered.

Kayden tried his hardest not to cry.

Adrien gave Kayden a weak smile, "it's're safe now..." he said softly, I should have killed the bastard when I had the chance...

Kayden gulped and layed down on the bed face down. Tears started streaming down his face.

Adrien sighed rubbing Kayden's back comfortingly, "please don't cry...he can't get to you now..."

"It wasn't just him." Kayden's muffled voice said from in the pillow and then a sniffled still muffled in the pillow.

"What?" Adrien asked as his eyes widened, "who else did this to you?"

"K-kyle. He was the new social worker." Kayden started. "They b-both touched me."

Adrien sighed, "Kyle...I know him...he was at the orphanage with me...he was alot older than me...and...well.." he started sighing again unable to bring himself to finish.

Kayden hugged Adrien tightly.

Adrien looked up smiling softly hugging him back before wiping the tears from his face, "everythings ok now..." he whispered.

Kayden smiled at Adrien. "Can-can i share a secret with you?"

Adrien nodded, "I won't tell anyone..." he said softly.

Kayden looked at Adrien with a slight ashamed look. "I'm...." he gulped. "...."

"It's can tell me anything..." Adrien whispered, "you have nothing to be ashamed of..."

Kayden looked up into Adrien's deep warm eyes with his own dull fearing eyes. "gay." He said at a wisper.

Adrien smiled, "ok there's nothing wrong with that, Honestly...gender doesn't mean anything to far as love goes..."

Kayden, for once, let out a serious smile. He finally felt welcomed by someone and truely felt relieve that he could tell it to someone.

Adrien smiled laying back against the wall of the ship, "see...that wasn't so bad was it?"

Celeste nodded, and walked back to the deck.

Carmen was on deck,staring at the ocean dreamily.

"You never answered me." Sarah called to her.

Kayden smiled and stood up and started to head out to the deck.

Adrien grabbed his shoulder pulling him back in for a moment, "you don't have to hide that from the others...but I'm not going to make you say anything"

Kayden looked at Adrien and nodded. "I-i know. Thank you Adrien." He smiled and headed back out to the deck and walked up to Sarah. "Excuse me mam?"

Sarah looked down at him and smiled. "Yes?"

Adrien nodded grabbing his sword and gun in there holsters coming out strapping them on, "well that was a nice nap.." he muttered walking to the side of the ship.

Celeste stared off into the distance, she didn't seem like she was aware of her surroundings.

"Are you ok?" Adrien asked glancing over to Celeste.

Celeste didn't answer, if someone looked closely they would she that she was pale and she was shivering.

Adrien frowned slightly, "what happened to scare you so bad?"

"I saw my father," Celeste frowned.

"Your father?" Adrien asked slightly confused.

"Can i help with anything?" Kayden asked in an orphan tone.

"Put him in the crow's nest...we don't have anyone for that posistion, and I'm taking up atleast five right now.." Adrien called from beside Celeste, "now, what's so bad about seeing your father?"

"he's dead," Celeste replied, staring out at the sea.

Adrien looked up shaking his head and sighing, "there isn't anything I can do about that one Celeste...only you can.."

"I didn't expect you to," Celeste whispered, glaring at the ocean.

Adrien sighed heaily, "I'm sorry none the less..."

Celeste shrugged, "They're all dead anyway..have been for years..."

"Sarah's the closest thing to family I ever had..." Adrien whispered waving slightly as he walked towards the others.

"i don't have a family," Celeste whispered, walking to the front of the ship.

Sarah smiled at Kayden. "Theres not much going on now..." she looked at the wheel and got an idea. "Hmmm, you wanna try to steer?"

"Go for it's not that hard.." Adrien called walking up to him and Sarah.

Kayden smiled chipperly and ran to the wheel. "C-c-can i really?"

"She wouldn't have offered if she didn't think you can handle it..." Adrien said ruffling his hair.

Sarah smiled gently and stepped out of the way so he could take over, but she kept a hand on it so the wheel wouldn't spin out of control.

"This should be an interesting expeirience,Sarah, do you remember the first time we could steer your father's ship?" Adrien asked stepping back as well giving Kayden room to come to the wheel.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, and your nearly killed us all when you went towards a cliff." she chuckled.

"I was were what, my age now?" Adrien asked pouting slightly.

Kayden looked up at Adrien. "I'm 14!" He said happily as if it were a privilage to be 14. He grabbed the wheel and stood up straight for the first time in his life.

Sarah smiled and let go of the wheel completely and knelt down beside him. "Now keep it steady, and don't try too hard to turn it, unless you wish to make a sudden turn." she chuckled.

Kayden smiled and nodded. "Ok." He slowly and easily turned the wheel as the ship slowly drifted to one side.

Sarah smiled. "Thats good, your doing well."

Kayden looked up at Adrien. "Adrien. Look at me! Im doing well!!!!" He said extremely happy.

"I see that.." Adrien said smiling, "we may have found a helmsman Sarah...he just needs a little training..."

Sarah nodded. "That'll be a big help."

Kayden smiled brightly at Adrien not paying attention to what was ahead. Adrien is so cute. Why must he be so old? Kayden's mind started to wander.

"Kayden...whatch where your going.." Adrien said taking the wheel and turning it slightly before he ran onto a sand bar, he's cute...but so young...

Kayden jumped and faced forward and payed perfect attention to where he was going. Every so often he glanced through the corner of his eye to look at Adrien.

"You know come to think of hasn't been that long since I almost sank your father's ship...only five years..." Adrien said standing right behind Kayden starring over him out to sea.

"Five years is a long time." Kayden said. His memories drifted back to five years ago when the rape began. Those 5 years seemed to have lasted forever. It was every night that those 3 men visited him and took him to the attic of the orphange.

"Yeah but it was about the same year I got away from that orphanage too..." Adrien whispered, "what are you thinking about?" he asked looking down to him.

"No-nothing." Kayden said in quick response. He was hoping that the rest of the crew did not know his dark secrets in the orphanage and his true self.

Adrien picked up on his sharpness, "Alright then.." he whispered ruffling his hair comfortingly.

Kayden meeped and fixed his hair with one hand and left the other on the wheel.

Adrien chuckled slightly, "you are one odd kid.." he whispered shaking his head, "but then was I.."

Kayden tried not to look away from the ocean infront of him. "Odd how?"

"You're so cheery after all you've been through...I couldn't even pull together that well afterwards..." Adrien whispered so only he could hear.

Kayden smiled and he started thinking. Only because i found people who actually care. I finally got sleep for once without having....them ontop of me. The smile faded as his thoughts grew deeper.

Adrien sighed when he noticed the smiled dicipate, "do you want Sarah to take back over?" he asked knealing down behind Kayden.

Celeste walked over to the mast and climbed to the crow's nest to see if their was any land in sight. She msiled slightly as the wind whipped around her hair.

Kayden grabbed hold of the wheel tighter. "No. I got it. I want to be the best there is!"

"Take it one step at a time hun, no need to rush. We have all the time in the world." Sarah smiled.

Kayden blushed. "H-hun?"

Adrien smiled, "she calls everyone that..even me..."

"O-oh." Kayden smiled once again.

"Why do you still seem so nervous around me?" Adrien asked.

"Me?" Kayden asked innocently.

"Well I'm not talking to Sarah.." Adrien teased, "so...yes you Kayden."

Kayden very faintly and was afriad too answer.

Celeste walked back over to the wheel, she smiled at Kayden, "how you doing kid?" She seemed to be over what had happened earlier.

"We'll talk later.." Adrien whispered in his ear as he stood.

Kayden smiled at Adrien and looked at Celeste. "H-hello."

"You're doing a great job steering, you'd put a lot of helsman by the time you're twenty," Celeste smiled, she turned and walked down the stairs to the railing, looking out peacefully at the sea.

Sarah blinked at how Kayden was reacting around Adrien, and it reminded her of something. "Hmm..."

Adrien turned to Sarah, "what is it?" he asked sighing, has she figured him out this took her longer with me...

Sarah gave a slight wink, letting him know she figured it out. "Nothing." she smiled sweetly.

Adrien sighed softly 'tell him' he mouthed inaudibly.

"How?" Sarah mouthed.

Adrien shook his head, 'later' he replied silently.

Sarah nodded.

Kayden frowned at the odd silence. "I-i'm going to go look around. Is that ok?" He held the wheel waiting for someone to take over.

"Yeah Sarah will take over..." Adrien said smiling, 'I'll tell him you know' he mouthed to her over Kayden so he didn't see.

Sarah nodded and took the wheel, smiling.

Kayden let his head hang as he walked towards Celeste. He threw his hands in his pockets and walked in a slow awkward manner.

"Come with me.." Adrien whispered taking Kayden by the arm loosely and walking towards the nose of the ship.

Kayden flinched when Adrien grabbed him. He was still not used to human contact other than the rape he had recieved in the home.

Adrien stared over the railings out to the sea, "Sarah figured you out..." he whispered turning his gaze to the boy, "and I think I have too..."

Kayden looked up at Adrien confused. "F-figured me out?"

"she figured out that you're gay..." Adrien whispered, "and I think I figured out why you're so nervous around me.."

Kayden's eyes widened. He was afraid to say anything. He looked up at Adrien slowly and then ran off on the ship hiding back in his little barrel he was found in.

Adrien sighed chasing after him, sitting down with his back to the barrel, "Kayden...don't be so's just me..."

Kayden sat in the barrel crying. His sobs were silent, which he learned to do at night so he wouldn't be hit.

Adrien sighed at the silence between them standing to peer into the barrel, "Kayden come out here..." he whispered softly.

Kayden sniffled and wimpered lightly. He stood up slowly in the barrel and his head was down so he didn't look at Adrien.

Adrien wrapped his arm around Kayden's shoulders sighing softly, "look at me Kayden.."

Kayden kept his head down for a few moment's as if he didn't hear Adrien. Finally, slowly he lifted his head and looked at Adrien. His eyes were teary and they shined dull colors.

Adrien smiled, wiping the tears that stained his cheeks, "don't be ashamed...I'm not..." he whispered.

Kayden didn't catch onto what Adrien was saying.

Adrien sighed softly, maybe it's better if he didn't hear me.. he told himself, "C'mon Kayden...if you want to be alone...go to my don't need to be down here with your allergies.."

Kayden slowly started getting out of the barrel but his leg got caught and the barrel fell forward with him in it. He fell roughly to the deck making a loud thud. An 'oof' like sound came from him and he suddenly sneezed.

Adrien smiled helping him to his feet and out of the barrel, "C'mon...if you want, I'll keep you company.."

Kayden sighed and nodded. "Ok."

Adrien nodded walking with Kayden to the deck and into his quarters, "you really don't have to be so shy around me.."

Kayden looked up at Adrien with a blank expression. "I'm shy?"

Adrien sat down on his bunk, "yeah...or atleast you are with me.." he whispered.

"I am?" Kayden asked blankly again.

Adrien shook his head, removing his sword and gun holsters, " are.." he said propping his gear against his bunk, "Come here.." he whispered laying back.

Kayden walked over slowly.

"You have a crush on me don't you?" Adrien said bluntly glancing over at him, "dont be embarrassed if you do...or ashamed.."

Kayden's eyes widened. "I-i-i..." He sighed and let his head drop. "I don't know."

Adrien sat up pulling him beside him, "you know...I really don't mind...I thought you were pretty cute myself..." he whispered.

Kayden smiled and then frowned again. "But youre-youre-.." He thought what he was going to say was rude so he stopped talking.

Adrien laughed slightly, "what old?" he asked still chuckling softly.

Kayden looked at him. "Y-yea." It was as if Adrien read his mind.

Adrien smiled, "yeah...I was thinking you were a bit young as well..." he whispered.

"I'm only 14. That's not THAT young." Kayden seemed to turn defensive about his age. All his life he looked about 6 years younger than he really was.

"I know how old you are, but the way you said that, made you sould like I thought you were older not younger..." Adrien whispered brushing his hand over kayden's cheek.

Kayden turned his head from Adrien's hand. It seemed to be exactly what the men before did.

Adrien noticed his uneasiness pulling away quickly, "I didn't mean to upset you Kayden..." he mumbled closing his eyes and laying back again.

Kayden frowned and looked back at Adrien. He didn't say anything. He turned around and walked to his bunk.

Adrien sighed rolling to face the wall, "I'm sorry.." he whispered closing his eyes and curling into a ball, like he had done since he left the orphanage.

Kayden frowned. He wasn't sure what to do. "A-a-Adrien?"

"Yes kayden?" Adrien asked turning to face him.

Kayden turned around and looked at Adrien. "Ca-can i sleep with you?" His face turned bright red but was hidden but thr darkness in the room.

Adrien's cheeks flushed slightly from the awkward question, "Umm..ok.." he whispered sliding closer to the wall.

Kayden climbed into the bed and layed on his side facing Adrien. He was mature when it came to one thing, and that was passion. He was punished from the men if he acted childish during sex. He knew how to be adult when it came to that one factor.

Adrien smiled closing his eyes, "what exactly are you wanting?" he asked sheepishly.

Kayden smiled and didn't answer. Instead he just hugged Adrien and held him as he fell asleep. It was like Kayden was using Adrien as a cuddle toy to sleep with.

Adrien smirked wrapping an arm around Kayden, what's with him... he thought drifting off to sleep soon after.

Kayden twitched every now and then in his sleep.

Everytime Kayden twitched, Adrien's eyes shot open thinking something was wrong, what is he dreaming about...and why am I so jumpy around him...

Kayden's eyes flung open. He looked around and saw sunlight pertruding through the windows. He gulped and stood up and felt his body wet. He was sweating all night even though it was extremely cold. He looked down at Adrien still asleep and krept out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Adrien asked with his eyes still closed.

"I-i need to use the bathroom." Kayden said looking down at Adrien.

"Then why were you trying to sneak out?" Adrien asked sitting up slowly and rubbing his eyes, "the bathroom's the door to the right of here..." he muttered standing now, "and hurry up, I gotta go too.."

Kayden walked into the bathroom and pulled his tattered pants down to his knees. He held himself in his hands as the piss trickled out. He let out a loud sigh of relief. He hadn't peed in awhile cause of hiding in the barrel. He finished and pulled his pants back up. He hated his clothes and he knew he needed new ones but knew he was nothing more than a slave.

Adrien knocked on the door from the outside, "oh Kayden...until we get to port, I left out an old pair of my clothes for you to change into..the'll be a little big..but atleast they are clean..."

Kayden blinked. Did he read my mind? He sighed and washed his hands. He opened the door and looked up at Adrien. He quickly and abruptly hugged Adrien tightly around his waist, which was as high as he came to.

Adrien smirked, "I figured you had been in those for a while since there from the I dug up some of my older clothes..." he said shrugging and turning to back into the bathroom, "now unless you're going to hold my hand....could you give me a sec.." he teased.

Kayden chuckled and let go. He stepped away and ran into the room to get the clothes.

Adrien laughed slightly, shaking his head, "that boy is going to be a hand full.." he whispered to himself as he pissed. A minute or so later, he came out and walked back to his room, "you dressed?" he asked stopping at the door.

Kayden looked down. All he had were the pants on. He had the shirt still laying on his bed so his top half was bare. "Yea. Come on in."

Adrien opened the door, "how do they fit?" he asked smirking as he walked in.

Kayden was holding the pants up. "Do you have a belt?" He asked. He was unusually skrauny. His ribs were very prominent and visible.

"Yeah...hold on.." Adrien muttered flipping his matress up showing a hidden compartment under it, "this is where all my junk is.." he muttered digging through until he found an extra belt and handed it to him, "there...oh have something else for you too.." he muttered digging around still.

Kayden blinked and took the belt. He started putting it on while still watching Adrien dig around.

"Ah ha!" Adrien shouted pulling out a dagger and sheath, " can't be a part of the crew without your own blade now can you.." he whispered strapping it to his waist.

Kayden looked down at the weapon. He gulped. "B-but i never touched a weapon before."

"Think of it more as a tool than a weapon...because you won't be fighting until you know how to use it for such...right now, it's just a tool to make things easier." Adrien whispered standing up infront of him.

Kayden smiled whole-heartedly. He looked down at the dagger and put his hand on the sheath. He looked back up at Adrien and smiled again. "Thanks."

"You're welcome..." Adrien replied smiling softly at him, "now finished getting dressed..." he added ruffling his hair as he walked by.

Kayden fixed his hair and threw the shirt on quickly. He ran after Adrien and jumped onto his back for a piggy back ride.

Adrien laughed hooking his arms around Kayden's legs so he didn't fall, "Comfortable?" he asked turning and smiling at him.

Sarah walked up to them. "Hey Kayden. I see you got your blade finally. I overheard your little chat about not knowing how to use a sword. Thats where I will teach you." she smiled softly.

Adrien smirked, "She's the only swordsman I've seen that's better than me.." he whispered, "but he would need a sword for that...and I don't have another...."

Sarah cocked an eyebrow at him. "Adrien, who are you talking to?" she smirked. Everyone knew that she had more than one sword. She had many hidden upon the ship where only she knew where they were. "I always have a spare." she chuckled.

Kayden giggled happily hugging Adrien's neck. He rested his chin ontop of Adrien's head looking at Celeste and then Sarah.

Adrien smirked, "Just thinking out loud I know most of your hiding spots... " Adrien muttered kicking the board under his feet as it fliped up and a blade was attached to the back.

"Well then, thats your advantage." Sarah smirked.

Kayden hugged Adrien again. For once in his life he nejoyed his happiness and wasn't being hit for smiling.

"Well...when should we start training him?" Adrien asked turning slightly to smile up to Kayden, "if you want too...I guess now if Sarah's not busy..."

Sarah shook her head. "Nope, I'm not busy at all." she chuckled and smiled.

Adrien nodded pulling the sword from the board and letting it fall back in place, "here you go Kayden..." he whispered holding the handle out for him to take.

Kayden took the sword and slid off of Adrien's back. He held the sword in the two of his hands admiring its beauty. A smile crossed his face as he looked the sword up and down.

Adrien smied drawing his own blade and slipping his hand into the guard, "Until Sarah is ready, I will show you the basics...but know that I won't hold back ok?"

Kayden wrapped his hand around the hilt and struggled to hold the sword up. "o-O-OK." He gulped slightly.

Adrien smiled softly, "swing the blade towards me like you're trying to cut..." he whispered holding his blade defensively.

Kayden nodded and gulped. He held the sword over his head and brought it down right near his arm. He attempted to miss but hit his arm. He dropped the sword. "I'm-I'm sorry!"

Adrien smiled as the sword blade clanked against the metal gauntlet on his arm, "it's ok...I'm a fighter remember...I'm always prepared.."

Kayden frowned. "I dont want to do this anymore." He left the sword where it was and ran into the room. He jumped onto his bed and held his knees against his chest as he sat against the wall.

Adrien sheathed his blade, following after Kayden, "what's wrong?" he asked softly, "you didn't hurt me, I promise..."

Kayden looked up at Adrien. "It's not that." He wimpered.

"Then what is it?" Adrien asked sitting down beside him, resting his hand on Kayden's knee comfortingly.

Kayden grabbed Adrien's hand and slid their fingers together. He looked at Adrien to see a reaction.

Adrien smiled, "why didn't you just say something?" he asked holding to Kayden's hand.

Kayden gulped and looked down at his knees. He was more nervous then anything. He moved closer to Adrien so their bodies seemed to mend together as his head rested on Adrien's chest.

Adrien smiled running his other hand through Kayden's hair, as he layed back against the wall closing his eyes.

Kayden tilted his head back to look up at Adrien. He noticed the door still being wide open but ignored it completely.

Adrien opened his eyes, glancing down to Kayden, "is the door being open bothering you?" he asked softly.

Kayden shook his head. He didn't say a word, instead out of pure instinct he leaned up alittle and kissed Adrien lightly on the lips.

Sarah happened to walk by the door, and without looking in, shut it.

Adrien smiled returning the kiss, "she knows me too well..." he whispered.

Kayden wimpered when he realized what he did. He kept his body against Adrien's but turned his head away.

Adrien brushed his finger under Kayden's chin tilting his face back to him, "don't be embarrassed..." he whispered.

Kayden gulped and threw his arms around Adrien's shoulders as if going for a hug but instead placed a heavy kiss on his lips.

Adrien's eyes widened at his forwardness, before he returned the kiss wrapping his arms around Kayden's back.

Kayden broke the kiss and pushed Adrien back onto the bed. Kayden, with his small stature, climbed ontop of Adrien, straddling. He brought his body down onto Adrien's and kissed him once again.

Adrien arched up against Kayden subconciously, as he deepened the kiss. "Kayden...wh-what are you d-doing?" he asked breathlessly.

Kayden smiled down at Adrien as his hair feel to each side of them making a type of barrier around their heads. "I don't know." He said with a large smile on his face. "But..i like it."

Adrien smiled, "I do too..." he whispered pressing his lips to the others softly.

Kayden smiled and gently kissed Adrien back. He pulled himself back up and took off his own shirt. He was still unbelievably thin but still had a very nice body. He ran his hands up Adrien's shirt feeling the mans muscles and smiled brightly.

Adrien shivered slightly, "K-Kayden...your hands...are cold..." he whispered slipping his own shirt over his head.

"S-sorry." Kayden blushed. He leaned back down and kissed Adrien again.

Adrien returned the kiss, a bit more vigorously this time, "how far are you wanting to take this?"

"Depends." Kayden started sounding more mature than ever. "How far do you want it to go?"

Adrien smirked, "it matters not to long as I have you..." he whispered.

Kayden blushed even brighter and licked his lips. His fingers slid against Adrien's body as he kissed Adrien deeply. He slid his tounge across his lovers lips.

Adrien parted his lips slightly, arching his hips into Kayden's grinding against him as well.

Kayden slid his tounge into Adrien's mouth letting their tounge's gently touch.

Adrien moaned slightly, wrapping his tongue round the others.

Kayden slid his fingers down Adriens chest to his pants. He unbotton his lovers pants as he continued kissing him.
Adrien's room
Carmen walked around deck,sighing.she looked at the sky."Where'd Angelo go...?"

Angelo stepped back up onto the deck, "Carmen?" He looked around for her, "Where'd she run off to?"

Carmen sighed and leaned against the railing,staring into the water.

Angelo walked up from behind her, he grinned, "There you are!"

Carmen whipped around and glomped him."WHERE WERE YOU!??I was sooo worried.

Adrien growled walking out of his room, "this better be good Sarah...what do you need?" he asked, still grumbling under his breath.

DAmion stumbled around the ship with a horrified look on his face.

Kayden walked out of the room. He put his old shy looking face back on. He was so embarrased about being walked in on.

Adrien turned to Damion, fumbling his rapier in his grasp annoyedly, "what was the problem?" he asked in a sharp, snippid tone.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Damion... why did you interrupt them...? There is nothing wrong..." she patted Adrien's head. "Now now, control yourself."

"But captain!" Damion said pointing up to one of the sails. There was a large hole in it. "I don't think that can go untreated!"

Kayden looked over at Adrien and the others. He smiled as he looked at Adrien.

Adrien gave Damion a bored, uninterested glare, "well..why didn't you fix it?" he asked, "hopeless seadog..." he grumbled pulling his pistol and shotting the rope that held the sail up watching as the others slid out of place and the sail fell to the deck, "have the back up put up, and you Damion, sew this one back up, after that, swab the decks, and I'll come up with something else when you're done..." he grumbled handing his pistol over to him, "oh and reload this while your at it..."

Damion nodded and took the pistol. "Yes sir." He ran off.

Kayden walked over to Adrien. "That wasn't very nice." He chuckled.

"If he needed to come get me over a torn sail, then he needs some experience..." Adrien whispered smirking as he turned to Kayden.

Kayden giggled. He jumped up on Adrien in a hug, wrapping his arms around his neck. His head rested on Adrien's shoulder and he wrapped his legs around Adrien's waist.

Adrien smiled, wrapping his arms around his waist, "You're not so shy anymore I see..."

"Not with you i'm not!" Kayden chuckled. He liftedhis head off of Adrien's shoulder and looked deep into his eyes.

Adrien smiled wider, kissing kayden quickly, "good.." he whispered, "now should we finish what we started?"

"I dont know bout you but im a bit sore." Kayden laughed.

"You're sore do you think I feel?" Adrien whisred laughing slightly.

Kayden laughed slightly and jumped down off of Adrien. "Lets just go stare at the sea." Kayden hyperly ran to the side of the ship and sat down on the railing.

Adrien chuckled softly, shaking his head as he followed after Kayden, "ok ok...slow down.." he muttered smiling as he walked to the railings with him.

Kayden dangled his feet off of the side of theship and he stared out at the ocean.

Adrien smiled leaning back against the railings, "don't fall off.." he whispered smiling to kayden.

"I wont." Kayden said. "Unless its intentional!" he joked.

Adrien smiled, "good..." he whispered, "and if you do it on perpost and I have to come after you....well let's just say you don't want to know what would happen...."

Kayden smiled widely. "What if i do want to know whatll happen." He smirked evily.

"Let's just say i'd be very upset..." Adrien whispered turning to face him with a devious smirk playing at his lips.

Kayden played anothed evil smirk as he hopped off the railing and stood on the rim just off the side of the ship. He held the railing looking at Adrien on the other side. "But i feel like going for a swim."

"A swim?" Adrien asked turning to face Kayden on the other side of the railing.

"Yes a swim. Don't you want to?" Kayden asked leaning back from the railing.

Adrien shrugged, "not really...can you wait until we get to port?"

Kayden smiled. "Ok. Only if you...." He paused for a moment. He leaned over and wispered into Adrien's ear. "Only if you fuck me." He leaned back away with a sweet smile on his face.

Damion stood not too far from them holding Adrien's gun.

Adrien blushed slightly, "when did you get so forward?" he asked before turning to Damion, "yes?" he asked.

Damion held the gun out for Adrien. "Here. Fully loaded."

Kayden hopped back over the railing and looked at Damion.

Adrien nodded taking it back, "thank you..." he whispered smiling softly, "If you need help with the sail, ask one of the grunts..."

Damion nodded. "Yes sir!" He ran off once again.

Kayden grabbed Adrien's hand and drugg him to the room.

Celeste bumped into Damion, "Sorry..." she muttered, and moved to step around him till she saw the sail, "How'd that happen?" She walked over to it, and sat down, "Can you go me some of teh spare sail?" She looked up at Damion.

Damion smiled and nodded. "Y-yes mam!" He ran to get the extra sail.

"Mam?" Celeste raised an eyebrow, as she sat crossed leg on the deck. She took out a needle and some thread.

"Sorry...." Damion said laying down a piece of an old sail.

"For what?" Celeste took teh sail and started to mend it.

"N-not sure mam." Damion said. He watched Kayden and Adrien leave and he sighed.

"So you say sorry for nothing?" Celeste smiled good naturedly, finishing mending the sail.

"Y-yea. I guess so...." Damion smiled in return.

"Seems like a silly waste," Celeste chuckled, and stood up, "There all finished."

Damion nodded. He turned his head towards Adrien's room. "I wonder what they are up to now..." He sighed. "A child...with a grown man."

"Kayden is, my guess would be, almost 16, 15 right now. And Adrien is only a year older than me. They choose to be together, then let them be," Celeste shrugged.

Damion sighed. "Kayden is hardly 14. He shouldn't be having sex at such a young age. How should he know what he wants?" Damion sighed again. "What ever." He started walking away from Celeste. He had other things needed to be done.

"And how old are you?" Celeste asked.

DAmion sighed and turned back around looking at Celeste. "21.." He smiled. He had the appearance of a 16 year old.

"And you're older than I am," Celeste laughed, "As is Angelo, but age doesn't matter. What matters is love, right?"

"What is love?" Damion asked as a hypothetical question. He walked off passing by Adrien's room slowly and not hearing a sound.

Celeste walked after, heading for her room, "Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day." She smiled and walked to her door.

Damion listened to Celeste. He sighed and walked to the side of the ship and looked at the ocean. "I had that...once...." He frowned and looked down at the water rippling out.

Carmen nuzzled Angelo."I was so worried."

Angelo chuckled, huggin her, "Well I'm here now.."

Carmen smiled and kissed his cheek

Angelo chuckled deeply, and picked Carmen back up, "Come one, you're supper's done."

"Im not hungry.."Carmen whined

'Well I made, so at least try it?" Angelo mocked pouted cutely.

"Aww..Okay."Carmen smiled

"Alright then, let's go," Angelo smiled, walking to the kitchen.

Carmen giggled and held him.

"Kayden...I'm not gona go anywhere, you don't have to drag me.." Adrien said laughing the whole time.

Kayden smiled. "Sorry." He stopped and the door to the room and smiled. He opened the door and stepped into Adrien's room

Damion continued staring out at the sea rippling away from the ship. His mind drfited back to three years ago. He frowned deeply. His arms folded on the railing and he rested his chin down on them and let out a sigh.

Sarah walked up next to him. "You realise your really getting on Adrien's bad side..."

Damion lifted his chin and looked at Sarah. "Yea..I realize..."

Kayden saw Sarah and Damion and ran over to them. "Hello Sarah, mam. And...Damion."

Damion looked down at the skraunny boy who didn't have his shirt on. "Hi Kayden..."

Adrien walked up soon after, his vest still unbuttoned and his hair messy as always, "morning Sarah..." he muttered before turning to Damion, "morning..."

Damion sighed. "Hi Adrien. Sorry about earlier."

Kayden raised an eyebrow.

Adrien smiled softly, "it's ok...but if you do it again, I will shoot you instead of just at you..."

Kayden smiled. He realized Adrien was being nice about it.

Damion was shocked at the smile. He settled and nodded and looked back at the rippling water.

Adrien smirked, now let's see him try that again...

What do these people think love is? DAmion sighed thinking to himself. "There is no such thing." He muttered not realizing he said it out loud.

"There's no such thing as what?" Adrien asked quirking his brow slightly.

"Huh?" Damion asked.

"Well you said there is no such such thing as what Damion?" Kayden asked curiously.

DAmion sighed and started walking away. " such thing as love."

Adrien frowned, "why would you say that?" he asked grabbing his arm before he left.

DAmion growled. "Because i know from experience. Love doesn't exist." He said in an angry depressed tone. He turned to face the two men. "And it never will. For nobody!" He yelled pulling his arm from Adrien's grasp and walking off.

Adrien growled motioning for kayden to stay as he stormed ovv after Damion slamming him up against the railings, "who the hell do you think you are yelling at?" he hissed annoyedly, "I was only nice because kayden wanted me to be and you will not act an ass aboard this ship. Or I will throw you overboard my damn self!"

"You will do no such thing Adrien." Sarah said. She had followed them. "Damion, I advise you to keep your cool while your here, or i'll hang you up by your toes on the main mast. And Adrien, you should control your own anger."

"I am controlling my anger!" Adrien shouted through clenched teeth, "if I wasn't you know he would be dead by now!"

Kayden frowned and jumped up on the rail waiting for Adrien.

Damion pulled himself out of Adrien's grip and walked away. "Whatever...." He said in a monotone 'i dont care' tone.

Adrien snarled, drawing his sword and bringing it to Damion's throat, "if I won't let you talk to me like that, what makes you think I'll permit you to speak to my captain as such!" he shouted.

"Adrien...?" Kayden asked bashfully from behind them.

Damion growled and closed his eyes. "Why would you listen to me anyways. You believe you love him right? Then why have a random outsider intrude on your feelings. Afterall...i can have an opinion."

"This has nothing to do with my feelings it's your bladent disrespect to me and my captain, not to mention my love by speaking as such infront of him!" Adrien spat out tilding his blade, digging it into his skin slightly.

"ADRIEN!" Kayden screamed seeing that Adrien would really kill Damion. He ran off into the room and locking it behind him.

Adrien sighed, bringing his blade away and resheathing it, "You are lucky he is compassionate Damion, you would not see the same from me if he wasn't.." he whispered walking to his room and knocking on the door, "Kayden, let me in.."

Kayden slowly opened the door. "Did...did you hurt him?"

"Other than that knick on his neck, no I didn't hurt him..." Adrien replied sighing.

Sarah rolled her eyes.

Kayden hugged Adrien after swinging the door wide open. "Ok."

Damion walked over to Sarah. "Sorry captain."

Adrien smiled, hugging Kayden back, "now come back out on deck..."

Sarah sighed softly. "Its alright, but don't let it happen again, okay?"

"Okay..." Kayden replied to Adrien.

Damion nodded. "Yes Cap'n."

Adrien smiled stepping aside so Kayden could walk out, "now, what do you want to do?"

"Well i want to do a few things but i think we should wait alittle while for that." Kayden joked as he walked onto the deck squinted at the bright sun.

Adrien smirked, "yeah, that will have to wait..." he teased.

Kayden smiled and ran to where he had left his sword. He picked it up and looked at it wonderously.

Adrien smiled following him, "do you want to train again?"

Kayden grabbed the sword's handle and pointed the tip of the sword at Adrien. "As long as you don't go easy on me." He smirked evilly and brought the sword back to himself holding is horizontally infront of his face and stood in a fighting position.

Adrien sighed and nodded, "alright, just be careful.." he muttered drawing his blade and taking up his own odd stance.

Kayden, without any hesitation, thrusted the sword forward towards Adrien's stomach.

Damion watched the two from a distance.

Adrien sidestepped the blow, bringin his blade out stopping it just infront of Kayden's throat, "you leave yourself open with your thrusts..."

"Is that so?" Kayden asked is in smart tone. He slashed the blade towards Adrien cutting a whole in his shirt. He smirked cockily. "And are you."

"I left myself open on perpose love, that would have been a fatal blow had I not stopped my blade..." Adrien whispered tapping his chin with the side of it before pulling away winking.

Kayden grinned and realized he still had the dagger on his waist. He swiftly grabbed his dagger and within a second the dagger was right infront of Adrien's eye and the sword sheath back.

Adrien smiled, tapping the back of his blade against Kayden's chest, "you said you didn't know how to use a blade..." he whispered.

Kayden shrugged. "I practiced in the orphan home when noone was around. Which was very rare."

Damion walked up clapping slowly. "Nicely done."

Adrien growled under his breath as Damion walked up, "well you're a decent swordsman, so unless you just want a sparring partner, you don't need to train.."

Kayden lowered his dagger and looked at Damion.

Adrien sighed, "What do you want Damion..."

"Oh! Nothing!" Damion siad in a rude tone. He was carrying rum and almost all of it has already been drinken.

Kayden looked at Adrien hoping he wouldn't do anything. He realized Damion was drunk.

Adrien twitched slightly as he resheathed his blade, "Damion, I suggest you lose the attitude..." he whispered harshly.

"Awww. Wittle Adrien gettin maad?" Damion said approaching Adrien more.

Kayden stepped between the two men and held his sword pointing it at Damion. "Step any closer and I'll kill you!"

Adrien sighed, reaching over Kayden and jabbing his finger into a pressure point in Damion's throat, "what did I tell you last time about disrespecting me?" he asked walking around Kayden and forcing damion back against the outside wall of his quarters.

Damion's head hit the wall. He passed out from the combination of hitting his head, having a pressure point hit and being drunk. The rum bottle slid from his fingers and shattered on the deck floor.

Adrien sighed as Damion slid into his arms, "I'll let him rest in our quarters..." he whispered setting Damion in his bed.

Kayden sheathed his sword and ran to get a broom to clean up the glass.

Adrien walked back out, "we have to change the sheets on your bed for the two of us, I don't think he'll be waking up today..."

Kayden smiled and nodded. "Okay." He swept the glass into a pile near the edge of the ship and put his finger to his lips saying 'shh' to Adrien. He quickly brushed the glass off the ship and into the ocean.

Adrien shook his head chuckling softly, "you are crazy.."

"I know...Isn't it lovely." Kayden laughed.

Adrien laughed hugging Kayden.

Kayden smiled and looked up at Adiren. "I love you."

Adrien smiled leaning down and kissing kayen softly, "I love you too..." he whispered.

Kayden chuckled. He hoped up onto the rail and pulled Adrien closer to him so now he was between his legs.

Adrien smiled, pressing up to Kayden further, "don't tease me" he whispered.

Kayden smiled and started kissing his cheek working his way to his neck then his ear. "But's no fun..." He teased sliding his tounge along Adrien's ear.

Adrien shivered, biting back a moan, "K-Kayden...n-n-not n-now...." he stuttered.

Kayden smiled kissing his neck and slowly working his way down.

"K-K-Kayden..." Adrien whispered s a soft moan slipped past his now parted lips.

Kayden chuckled and licked Adrien's skin with the tip of his tounge. He moved make to looking at Adrien. "Nobody is watching so what's it matter?" He laughed.

"I-it's not that...oh hell.." Adrien muttered sighing before kissing Kayden roughly.

Kayden kissed Adrien back opening his mouth slightly.

Adrien slid his tongue past the other's parted lips, just barely touching Kayden's tongue with his.

Kayden's eyes closed as his tounge slipped out further swirling around Adrien's tounge.

Adrien grabbed Kayden's waist, as he ground there lower half together wantingly, "I want you.." he whispered.

Kayden smiled. "Is that so? How bad do you want me?" He teased.

Adrien let out a low growl, "don't make me tear your clothes off here..." he whispered bfore kissing him passionately.

Kayden broke the kiss and leaned back alittle. "Show me how bad you want me." He continued to tease.

Adrien smirked, pressing up against Kayden as he quickly unbuttoned his pants.

Kayden chuckled letting Adrien do all the work. He wanted to test Adrien to see how far he would go.

Adrien kissed Kayden again as he started pulling his pants down quickly.

Kayden deepened the kiss and left his hands on the rail so he didnt fall off.

Adrien stopped after he unbuttoned his own pants, "room..." he whispered picking him up and walking towards there room.

Kayden wrapped himself around Adrien's so he didn't fall. He laughed. "Damion is in there."

"I don't care, he won't wake up if were quiet.." Adrien whispered winking as he walked into his room with Hayden wrapped around him. Adrien's room

Adrien drug Damion over to the railings of the ship, "now talk..what's going on?"

"Maros..." Damion said. "She died a few years ago. On the morning of our wedding."

Adrien nodded, "I'm sorry for your loss, but this brings up another question....why the hell were you in there with us if you're strait?"

Damion looked away and to the water. "To be honost. I'm not even sure."

Adrien sighed, "you're not sure, I don't buy that honestly.."

Damion didn't look up. "It's just been a while for me. And i guess...i kinda enjoyed it."

Adrien nodded, "well you acted like you liked it, but it seemed awkward for you as well..."

Damion chuckled. "Yea...just alittle."

Adrien smiled, "so what are you going to do now?"

Celeste walked out of her room, locking it. She turned and saw Adrien and Damion, she smirked, raising an eyebrow. She turned to walk past them.

Damion had no idea how to answer Adrien's question so he turned his gaze to Celeste. "Hello Celeste. How are you today?"

Adrien frowned, he was never one that liked being ignored, "I"m going back to my room..." he whispered, grumbling as he walked in, almost slamming the door behind him. Adrien's room

Damion blinked then looked at Celeste once more then ran after Adrien.

Celeste watched htem, I wonder what's going on..though it's none of my business...

Sarah sat on the railing, humming and sharpening her sword.

Kayden walked out of the room and onto the deck. He looked at Sarah and walked over to her. "Hello Captain Sarah." He said in his child voice.

Sarah looked up and smiled softly. "Hello Kayden."

"How are you captain Sarah?" Kayden asked with a sweet smile.

"Just making sure my weapons are sharp. Oh, and you can just call me Sarah." she chuckled softly.

"S-" Kayden started shyly then smiled. "Sarah!" He said more chipperly. He hoped up on the railing and swung his feet back and forth. "So when are we hitting a port?"

"Soon, and then we're going to go to an abandoned island and see what we can find." Sarah smiled softly, ruffling his hair.

Kayden chuckled and hoped off the railing. "Ok. Thanks...Sarah! I have to go...before Adrien worries i jumped off ship." He laughed.

Sarah nodded and smiled.

Kayden then ran back into Adrien's room

Kayden's head was in the toilet as he continued throwing up when Adrien bust the door in. He held his hair back with one hand and held the toilet with the other so he was at least up straight.

"Kayden..." Adrien whispered kneeling behind him and holding his hair for him, "you're sick...what happened?"

Celeste heard Kayden throwing up, so she rushed over, kneeling next to him. "Kayden, what happened?" She looked up at Adrien, to see if he knew.

Carmen walk over."Is he okay?"

"What the hell?!?" Adrien shouted, covering him and Kayden quickly, "privacy please!"

"Oh like I've never seen two naked gay guys before."Carmen crossed ehr arms.

Adrien growled, "just go..." he whispered looking away slightly.

Carmen put a hand on Adrien's shoulder."Let me help..."

Adrien sighed, "I don't even know what's wrong with him...I'm so stupid!" he shouted, wrapping his arm around Kayden's waist and laying against his back.

Carmen hugged him and smiled."Your not stupid.'

Kayden finished throwing up for now and looked up seeing so many people around him. He noticed two of them were girls so he quickly covered himself up with a towel he saw laying on the floor. "I'm- I'm fine...I promise. Just got alittle sick is all." He was blushing bright red.

"Its okay Kayden."Carmen ruffled his hair softly.

Adrien still layed against his back, "I'm glad you're ok.." he whispered, Even if your lying...

Kayden sat up and held Adrien's hands. "C-can i....get washed?" He looked at the crowd around him and started to feel embarrased.

Adrien nodded smiling slightly as he stood, "alright love.." he whispered before turning and pushing Carmen and Celeste out, "thank you but privacy please.." he muttered as he closed the door behind them. "do you want me to leave too?"

Carmen meeped as she was pushed out."Pushy,yes.Adorable,yes."

Kayden shook his head. "You're ok." He tried to smile and then stood up. He went to the sink and turned the water on and splashed it into his face. He put some of the water in his mouth and swooshed it around alittle then spit it back into the sink. "I think we had too much 'fun' today. That's why i got sick."

Adrien blinked, "I think it's something else, because I went as many times as you did."

Kayden shrugged and turned around. He was thinking about how he had gotten tested just before he ran away. He never got his results to find out if he was postive or not. He was really hoping not.

Adrien blinked, suprised that he was shrugged off so quickly, "Kayden...just tell me what's wrong..."

Kayden had started crying when he was turned away. "I....I think i'm terribly sick Adrien." He dropped to his knees and started crying into his hands, his back still to Adrien.

"Kayden...what are you talking about?" Adrien asked knealing behind him.

"They didn't tell me! They didn't tell me the result!!" Kayden said nearly screaming in his crys. He was rambling to himself and forgot anyone way around him. "I don't want to die! I can't be sick! I CAN'T!"

Adrien wrapped his arms around Kayden's waist tightly, pulling him to him, "Tested for what Kayden?" he whispered paling at the thought of the possibilities.

Kayden shivered in his lovers arms. "I'm sorry Adrien." He said looking up from his hands to the other man's eyes. "I should have told you...."He looked away and started crying again. "I.......i might have aids..." He said in a low sorry tone almost at a wisper.

Adrien blinked, "what's that?" (A.I.D.S. wasn't found until the 1940's)

Carmen heard Kayden screaming and knocked on the door."Whats going on in there!?"

Kayden sniffled. He didn't know what to say. (We will just say exist cuz i need this one to work! XD)

Adrien sighed, "even if you are sick, I'll still love you.." he whispered.

Kayden looked up into Adrien's eyes. "E-even if...i...die?"

"Don't say that my love.." Adrien whispered.

Kayden blinked then quickly threw himself back over the toilet throwing up.

Adrien sat down, rubbing Kayden's back and sighing softly, "everything's going to be fine love...."

Kayden stopped throwing up and lifted his head looking at Carmen. He didn't care that he was still naked.

"Kayden...come back to the room...ifyou are as sick as you say, we need to talk to Damion about it..." Adrien whispered.

Kayden looked at Adrien and nodded. "Ok." He said. He stood up and stood at the sick washing his face and then washing his mouth out. His naked body was limp and his ass a perfect roundness. He was too sick to care about who was looking at him.

Adrien smiled faintly, but it quickly faded as his mind wondered around what he had been told. What if he is sick...he will die...what if Damion and I are sick as well...this is nerve wracking...I'll go insane before we find anything out at this rate...

Kayden cleaned up and turned to Adrien grabbing his arm. "Lets go."

Adrien nodded, faking a smile to hide his concern as he followed kayden back to there room.

Sarah sighed softly and stepped up onto the rail, looking out at the sea. "I wonder what hes doing right now..." she said softly to herself, thinking about Jack.


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