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2009-11-16 17:11:18
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The Lost Crown Pc Game review

To say that that this PC game, a point and click adventure is boring would be very misleading. Normally a fan of games such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Zelda, this game really exceeded my expectations.

If you are a fan of Paranormal tales couple with stunning artwork then this is the game for you. It has many short quests, with a backdrop thats essential to Cornwall (or near enough) U.k Set in the fens.

You play a slightly oafish character Nigel Danvers exploring an old towm even featuring real-'life' E.V.P recordings and night vison ghostly sightings, which provides more than a few scares!

I cannot recommend this game highly enough. Its a sizable game to get your teeth into-albeit the acting unfortunately does leave somewhat to be desired, and the ending for me was slightly disappointing-but the gameplay, story and all the added features MORE than make up for this-Oh, and watch out for the owner of the antique shop! -'JEMIMA!'

A good mix of history and a very spooky twist of ghosties and beautifully eccentric characters make this game truely unmissable.

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