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The History of Inari archive page


A kitsune with a shrouded past, he is the founder of his training community for kitsunes known as the Order of Inari. Suffering from a loss of memory which he contstantly fights to regain, he acts to help as many people as he can while waging an endless battle against those who are a threat to a peaceful society. He has carried many weapons, though even since the day when he first awoke without any past, the Sword of Memories has been carried at his side, along with a staff he was forged shortly after swearing never to kill (unless necissary) again.
Appearencewise, He is approximately 6' tall and of a slightly above average build. (More info on his appearance will be available after the Inari Contest closes)

~This is the collection of works centered around the hero and founder of the Order of Inari~

~The Legeands of Inari: Act I~
~The Legeands of Inari: Act II~
Chapters completed: 3

~All work has been halted until I can find a way to work on it some more. Acts III-VIII, and a good bit of The New Legend: Act I, have all been outlined and several more concept drawings (Demonized Atara Lota in Act VII is awesome.), and a whole new generation of characters for the new legend are all things to look forward two, ([for all zero of you who actually watch or read this page! =D])


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2005-05-22 [-tsukasa-]: [Wes Foxx] Dear, Wes Foxx if you need help with some drawing of the characters of the story. I'm at your service

2005-05-24 [Wes Foxx]: Tychus is the only one I have trouble drawing, what I really need is cover art for the stories. I enjoy drawing my characters myself, as they have their own page in Foxx Galary IV

2005-09-08 [AnubisX32]: I read the first act, and I'm getting to the second one now^^

2005-09-08 [Wes Foxx]: wow O.o Ya know ya didn't have to try and read it all in one go ^^;

2005-09-30 [Stephen]: Looks good! ^^

2005-09-30 [Wes Foxx]: thanks! Its been a long time since anyone took notice of it ^^ I need to get around to writing more of act 2 x.x

2005-10-03 [Stephen]: Good! More to read. :D

2005-10-05 [Wes Foxx]: cant...resist...WoW long enough @_@

2005-10-06 [Stephen]: WoW?

2005-10-06 [Wes Foxx]: World of Warcraft. a M.assively M.ultiplayer O.nline RPG

2005-10-10 [Stephen]: lol

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