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The Last Hope for the Galaxy part III review

This third part of collection of the life of Luke Skywalker in a comic form continues of the story of a farmboy from Tatooine and how he became a legend. This book includes the comics Shira's story, Duel with a Dark Lady, Dark Empire and The boy I once was.

Shira's story (1982) situates in three years after the battle of Yavin. It's about a rebel named Shira and how he belongs to the closest of Luke Skywalker. Her life seems to be a tragedy and tragedy follows her in her path.
This was perhaps the weakest of the series, at least I didn't enjoy it as much as of the others. The illustration is a typical 80's Marvel style, not bad, but not mindblowing.

Duel with a Dark Lady (1985), set four years after the battle of Yavin, offers a nice continuum for the first story. Luke has to face a Dark Lady Lumiya, half a machine half a woman, who wishes to take over the remnants of the Empire.
The style of illustrations was quite bad and too simple for my taste, but this story offered a few good laughs and Han Solo (so much more interesting than Luke) with his personality, so points for that.

Dark Empire (1992) is an epic tale set 10 years after the battle of Yavin. This story brings back the biggest enemy of the former rebellion and new-founded New Republic: the Emperor. We see how Luke battles between the light and dark side of the Force and makes his choice.
This story was interesting, vivid and offered all the characters as in the original movies. The illustrations were superbe and colouring had a touch of watercolouric style in it. An exceptionally good comic.

The boy I once was (2000) is the newest and shortest of the book's comics. Situated in 25 years after the battle of Yavin, it shows in flashbacks a death of a dear friend, that we all shall miss.
A touching tale of a true hero who died saving a son of a friend.
This one needed a few times to read so all the little details were noticed as they should.

This third collection has so far been the best. Without the first story, it might have had even higher points.
For all the Star Wars fans out there - read this.

/ [Caterin S.]

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