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Welcome to


where those of us with no lives, no boyfriends, or BOTH can enjoy wasting our sweet time in writing joyous stories about a man we will never meet! Ain't life GREAT??

Lw's:   It seemed like just an ordinary night as Josh zipped up his jacket and opened the front door. A cold burst of midnight air hit him as he stepped outside and closed the door behind him, no bothering to lock it as he was in a safe neighborhood. Shoving his hands in his pockets he strode across the lawn, through the front gate, and out into the sidewalk for a stroll to clear his mind and refresh his lungs. He had always been a night person.
   All was silent as he quietly padded down the cold street with only the street lights for companions until suddenly the one he passed by flickered and faded into darkness. He looked up at his silent companion with raised eyebrows yet kept plodding along. Oddly enough, the second light he passed unded also spurted and died. He stopped and looked around for a source of these occurences but found no help.

Btn's:   He saw a lone gas station that had its lights lit. He ran as fast as he could before reaching the door. A tall girl with brown skin appeared at the door and opened it.
   "Can I help you?" She asked.
   "Yes, do you-----"
   "Wait a minute, I know you!" The girl gasped. "You're Josh Groban!"

Lw's:   Another girl, tall, brunet, and half asleep, appeared in the dark doorway squinting from the station's lights. "What's going on--*gasp!*--Josh Groban!" she exclaimed, suddely quite awake dispite the late hour. "Come in, come in!"
  Josh walked into the room. Behind the station was a large somewhat Victorian style house set back several hundred yards and the two girls quickly shut down the gas operation and led him to it. No one was willing to pay $3.50 for a gallon of gas that late at night for fear of causing a fatigue and shock heart attack.
   The handsome ageing-white house loomed up over them as they strode the path to it. It was no doubt right out of the Victorian ages with long fences around several patios and porches along the different floors and a couple peaks of spiral-pointed roofs. There were likely hidden rooms and secret passageways that led to a disguised basement as most houses of that era had (probably not), Josh thought to himself as the first girl opened the back door.

Btn's:  "This is a nice place you got here." He said in an uneasy voice.
Lw's:   "It's a quaint place," the brunet, Jenna, replied, missing the wariness in his voice. The other girl led them into a cosy living room. "Now what can we help you with?" Jenna asked.
   "I was out for a walk and felt like I was being watched. I just wanted to get out of the dark and back into a public area."
   "Funny," Jenna grinned. "You know this area is haunted, don't you?" Josh raised an eyebrow and glanced from either girl's faces. "About one hundred years ago a mass murderer one night went from house to house and murdered one person in each. Some people say he was insane, others say he was after someone he never found. In fact, this is the only house left where someone was killed. All the other houses mysteriously burned down, crumbled, and even one was hit by a stray semi."
   Josh gulped. "Who died?"
   "A young girl in her early twenties, late teens was taken into a secret passage and the murderer slit her throat after a time..." she replied quietly and pulled the long coat she was draped in tighter to her neck.

Btn's:   "Not only that, but this house seems to have a thing with the spirits of dead childern," The other girl said (who's name was Blaze.) "You see, during the time when the girl died, her little sister was so disraught that she ended up killing herself. She jumped out in front of a car. After that, her friends started dropping like flies. They say that their spirits haunt the backyard of this house."

Lw's:   "Yeah," Jenna agreed. "The murderer was caught, tried, and hung a fe days later."
   Josh suddenly felt very cold and he shoved his hands into his coat pockets and shivered.
   "In fact, the one hundred year anniversary of the murderer's death is coming up." Jenna mentioned.
   "Oh, when?" Josh asked, trying to make conversation.
   "It's tonight. Some people who knew people who remembered it say the murdered vowed to come back the night he was killed to once again reak havoc. He will use a live body to come back in. Maybe it will be tonight."
   Josh jumped to his feet. "Well ladies, it's been fun, but I really should--go."
   The other two jumped to their feet. "No, please stay. I'll go make some hot tea. It's too late to leave and far too cold and dark. You must stay here. Don't let the stories get to you--they are just stories." Jenna briskly said and then strode from the room to the kitchen. Josh watched her walk and noticed as she turned the corner a long hem of silk around the bottom of the dress under her coat.
Btn's:   "We have a living room. You could come and sit in there if you'd like." Blaze smiled hopefully.
   Josh smiled uneasyliy again and went into the living room. Blaze sighed and followed him. He sat on the red and golden couch while Blaze started a fire. She poked it with the burner.
   "Why do the two of you stay here?" He asked suddenly.
   Blaze turned to look at him.
   "Jenna and I are all we have really. Without each other, we're nothing." Blaze said forlornly.

Lw's:   "True," Jenna said as she walked into the warming room carrying a tray with a tea pot and cups. "We started this gasoline buisness because we had a lot of land and wanted to make a good living without leaving our home."
   She poured Josh a cup which he took quietly. Thinking, he flipped a curl out of his eye and asked, "Why don't you want to leave?"
   Blaze and Jenna exchanged glances. "We don't like the outside world much."
   "How did you know who I was?" he asked and took a sip of tea.
   "We have radio and TV in the gas station. We know what's going on." Jenna grinned. "Anything else we can get you?"
   "Do you know the time?" he asked and leaned back into the warm, confining chair.
   "Almost midnight. Careful, midnight is when all the scary things happen in ghost stories," she winked.
   Josh gave her an indignant glare. "I'll believe a ghost when I see one..."
Btn's:   "Jenna, can you start something for dinner?" Blaze asked.
   "Sure!" Jenna said and went back into the kitchen.
   "So why don't you like the oustide world very much?" Josh asked.
   Blaze was silent for a second before she said anything. She looked at Josh with a sad look as if she were trying not to cry.
   "It's nothing really," Her voice qavered. "It's just------after my parents died, I didn't have anywhere to go."

Lw's:   "Joshie--do you mind if I call you that?" Jenna asked as she poked her head around the door. Josh smirked and shook his head. "What would you like better? Chicken or chicken?"
   "I'll take the chicken."
   "Excellent choice," Jenna smiled. A few minutes later she came out with a platter full of sliced chicken, steamed vegetables and crackers. She set it down in front of Josh and Blaze and they dug in.
   "So you'll believe in ghosts if you see one, eh?" Jenna asked and crossed her arms. "I'm sure we could arrange that."
Btn's:   "Jenna, be nice!" Blaze adopted her cheery outlook again. "We don't want to scare the poor boy! Remeber what happened last time?"

Lw's:   "Yes well, at least he's still alive. It could have been much worse. He could still be brain dead."

     "Jenna!" Blaze laughed. "You're scaring him!"

SBH's: Another person appears out of no where.
     (yawns) "what'd I miss?"
   She notices the new boy.
     "OOooh, who's this?"
   She pokes him, and examins his dark curly locks.

Lw's:   "This is Josh Groban and his curls are mine." Jenna answered. "Josh, this is a friend of mine. She hangs out here often."

Sbh's: Bowing, the new arrival smiles and responds.
    "Have my friends been bothering you?"
Btn's:   "We haven't done anything!" Blaze said.
    There was a loud crash as the window across the room broke. Chairs fell over and the floor began to creak. A huge baby grand from across them began to play an eerie tune.

Lw's:   "What's going on?!" Josh cried just as Jenna skittered into the room.
   "Looks like it's midnight," Jenna replied. "Oh, good, Jess is here--she's the local Ghost Hunter--she'll get rid of him."
     "Okay, I'm-----I'm very confused!" Josh was shaking. "What is going on?
     "Calm down!" Blaze got up. "It's okay!"

Sbh's:   "Uh, yeah...totally."
Jess looked around the room uneasly.
     "Perhaps we sould move to a"
She took Josh by the hand and ducked out the doorway.

Lw's:   Blaze and Jenna followed closely behind as they ducked out of the door and flew down the hall. Jess seemed to be leading them downstairs and they quickly raced behind her. They found themselves in a dark basement lit by a few candles and lanters. On the edge of the floor was white chalk which Jess informed that it was for evil ghost protection. Jess gave Jenna a sly glance as she emphasised 'evil' and then she let out an slight cry.
   Josh looked up at the exclamation and gasped as he took a step back. In their haste to escape, Jenna's coat had blown open and hung off one shoulder and the whole front of her lace dress was covered in blood from the neck down.
   "Dear God are you alright?" Josh exlaimed in horror and he ran up as if to catch her if she fell.
   "I'm fine."
   "But you're covered in blood!"
   "Come on, Josh. You're a smart boy. Figure it out," she grinned and then fell into his outstretched arms as Jess rolled her eyes. Josh looked down at the blood that spilled from a gash in her neck as she walked her fingers up his torso with a childish grin.
   "You're a ghost," he whispered.
   "You've been working out," Jenna grinned and poked at his pecks.

   SBH's: "JENNA, you're going to scare him away like the others, remember...the OTHERS"
Jess took the piece of chalk and doodled. "Joel" she drew a boy with curly locks, "Brenden Zinc", a boy with a baseball cap and a a muscular build, ALL THE BACKSTREET BOYS.
Jenna glaired at Jess a moment.

Lw's:   "Come ON, Jess," Jenna glared. "You forgot Daniel Radcliffe...And I only liked THREE of the Backstreet Boys."

Btn's:   "Blah, blah, blah!" Blaze said. "What about my needs here? First, you scared off Gackt when he came here for his American tour, then you scared off Hugh Jackman along with Billie Joe of Greenday and then, you scared off Mana who you mistook for a girl!"

Lw's:   "Gosh! I'm SORRY! There's not much to do when you're DEAD!!" Jenna grumbled and rolled her eyes, clinging tighter to Josh as his expression changed to uncomfort. "Well, in CASE you all forgot, there is a ghost upstairs who is probably my crazed murdered. And if you remember, he needs a body to use to return to his orginal state AND we happen to have a pretty man body (that's mine, she added) who needs protecting," Jenna said and Jess went to grab some items for his protection.

      "This can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening." Josh was curled up in a ball, chanting.

Lw's:   Suddenly they heard pounding of feet on the stairs. Jenna clutched Josh closer, pulling him out of his ball. "We need to do something about that ghost!"

Btn's:     "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?" Josh yelled. "I'M A HUMAN!"
     "He's right Jenna. There's nothing be can do!" Blaze said.
      "Yes, yes, yes! Listen to her, listen to her! She's the only sane one here!" Josh begged.

Lw's:  Don't you realize why the murderer ghost is going to do?!?" Jenna exclaimed, still clutching Josh. "He needs a body to become human again and he's GOING TO USE JOSH'S BODY!!!"
   "But I don't want to become a ghost!" Josh cried.
   "Don't you think it's odd that Josh just happens to show up at the perfect time? Josh, why did you come here?"
   "I felt I was being watched," he answered.
   "See, the ghost planned it all."

Btn's:   "Look, Josh. Just calm down!" Blaze patted Josh's shoulder. "Everything is going to be okay!"
   "You're----------you're right," he said. "Everything's going to be okay."
   There was a loud crash of lighting. Josh yelped and jumped into Blaze's arms.

Lw's:   Suddenly a horrific man appeared before their eyes as he walked down the stairs. He wore a leather mask over his eyes that glowed red. He sneered with pointy teeth and looked over Josh with a grin.
   "Woah, no. He's mine," Jenna growled, glanced at Blaze, and added, "ours."
   The ghost man let out a deep laugh. "You think a simple protection spell will stop me? You have underestimated my powers."
   Josh's eyes arched in fear as he looked at the ghost hunter who was rumaging through her bag of hunting tricks with no luck. "Somebody come up with something!"

  Blaze put Josh down and closed her eyes. A huge ring of fire surronded them. Josh gasped and looked at Blaze. She smield at him weakly.
   "I'm not called Blaze for nothing."
   "How did you----------I mean-----" Josh began to twitch.

SBH's: "I feel it's about time for me to interfear....again"
   She pulled the bag off of her back and began to rummage though it. Sizing up the ghost the whole time.
"yes, hum, possesive, bodyless....dead for some time now, this required more than a hoover to catch"
   Jess glanced over at Josh being clutched between Jenna the ghost and Blaze the human.
   "Oh for heaven's sake!!! He's MORTAL you freaks, you've all seen the sixth sense, you know how COLD he must be standing in the midst of YOU two!!!"

Lw's:   Josh's eyes flicked over to Jess. "Cold, oh so cold," he whispered as he shivered.
   "But I don't want to let him go! I'll keep him safe while you figure out how to kill the ghost that is growing closer by the second, though slightly singed. Nice touch, Blaze."

     "Thanks!" Blaze smiled.
     Josh suddenly lept out and grabbed Blaze who topppled to the ground. The ring flickered but then grew strong again.
     "Blaze------------warm." Josh snuggled into her.
     "This is a bit akward." Blaze said turning a crimson hue.

SBH: "my dear HUSBAND Joshua Winslow Groban, if there is going to be ANY snuggling, it shall be with ME"
Jess flased her wadding band.

"DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK JENNA!! I have a pair of twins with his and my genetics to back it up"

Jess, in her fury, grabbed a random object from her bag and flipped it on. The evil ghost was thrown backwards with a sudden beam of light erupting from the insturment in Jess's hand.

She turned around "...woops"
the evil ghost began to convulse, and glow a strange green color. It than began to smoke and steam, and even grow in size.

     "Jess!" Blaze cried.
     She closed her eyes and the ring grew bigger. The ghost growled in anger as it tried to pass through.
     "Oh, I can't keep this up and he's getting angry! We need a place to hide!"
     The ghost roared and rammed the wall. Blaze closed her eyes, contrating harder as Josh held onto her.
     "Warm, warm, warm, warm, warm." He chanted.

SBH's: "ARGH!!" she fumbled with her bag again and tried to pull something else that would stop the beast. But the ghost began to fill the room,
Jess lead the way to the door.

     Blaze got up and ran out of the room while Josh ran after her. She got outside and Josh clung to her again.
     "You know, I'd feel extremely flattered if it wasn't for the fact that we could die right now." Blaze told him.

Lw's:   A loud bang sounded downstairs and Jenna clutched Josh who was still holding Blaze and chanting "warm, warm, warm," that soon changed to, "cold, cold, warm, cold".
   "Um, Jess, in case Josh is infested with the spirit of a dead ghost, do you have the "Spirit of the Undead Ray" to remove it?" Jenna asked and Josh started to shiver while Blaze glared at her.
   While Jess searched in her bag for the SotUR the great ghost began stomping up the stairs. The room became deadly (nice punn, eh?) cold so even Jenna shivered. The world seemed to become quited. And then Josh sneezed.
   "Josh, is coming down with something. How WONDER--terrible. We must take care of him! I'll make tea!" Jenna exclaimed, clearly trying to divert the room's attention to the ghost growing ever closer.

   "No wonder he won't let go," Blaze said. "How did he get sick?"

SBH: coughed a little and whiped her nose.
 "WHAT" she said as the others looked at her

"okay, so i may have given him a little sniffle when we were..ahem..."snogging" yesterday.

Lw's: "Josh, I'm so, SO sorry, but Jess thinks that she is married to you. It's a very complex thing." Jenna appologized. Josh nodded in understanding.

SBH: Josh unclenched himself from Blaze and faced Jenna.

"yes, I'm sorry too, you see, we actually ARE married, we have a family together...I-I'm so sorry, I don't want to crush you're feelings but-"

"JOSH, stop apologizing to her and HELP ME OUT" Jess rummaged through her bag again and pulled out some random items piecing them together.

"If I'm going to protect you I need to have you close to me"

Jess walked over to Josh with a look of concern on her face, "I- I'm sorry, its just...I can't let anything or anyONE *she threw a glance over her shoulder at the other two* get to you"

Josh stroked her hair lovingly and responded "I understand" they embraced. As Josh leaned in to kiss Jess' forehead the ghost bursted in the room, letting out a frightning howl.

They unlocked arms, Jess yelled to Jenna and Blaze, "I need you two to hold the ghost back while I try to assemble this, Blaze, use your "magic" on him. Jenna, you kick ass just do that!"

Lw's:   "I'll show you whose ass I'll be kicking," Jenna growled, rolled up her sleeves, and began to march over to Jess. Josh put a hand out to stop her. So she kicked his butt (his nice, taut, handsome, little butt!!). "I need to kill Jessica!!!"
   "I know, I know. Me too," Josh nodded. "After she gets rid of the ghost, until then we can use her."

    "Um guys?" Blaze sniffed. "I think I'm-------I'm----g---ACHOO!"
   Blaze sneezed. Not a normal sneeze but a big sneeze that had fire shooting out of her nose. Josh ducked.
     "What was that?" He asked angerly.
     "Sorry," Blaze rubbed her nose. "As I was saying, I think that-----that-----I----ACHOO!"

Lw's;   Jenna glared at Blaze and wiped the soot from her face and dress. "Coming down with something?" she asked grumpilly. "How amusing, half the people here are sick...Feeling ill, Jess?" Jenna asked and shot Jess a look that said she better not be.

     "Sorry!" Blaze rubbed her nose. "I can't help it!"
      She took a deep breath and tried to surpress her sneezes.
      "Anyways, we need to find a place where the ghost cannot go! A sacred place, like a church!" Blaze said.

Lw's:   "There's a church a block east!" Jenna answered and grabbed Josh's hand. Blaze took the other and they began to run to the front door with Jess standing with a confused look on her face and mumbling "Mine? Mine?"
   "Do you think we can make it in time?" Josh asked, his handsome curly locks whipping in the wind as they exited the house.
   "That all depends on how fast you run!" Jenna answered and pulled him harder.

     "Why isn't Jess following us?" Blaze asked.

Lw's:  "Jess has come to the realization that Josh is really NOT hers and the children she 'has' she imagined. It's tough on her when she goes through these periods. The first time she thought she was a chicken and when she realized finally that she wasn't, it was hard on all of us," Jenna answered, deep in tragic thought. "Let's keep moving, Joshie."
   "But I don't wanna die!" Josh exclaimed on the verge of sweet little tears.

   "You won't die if you come with us! There are places where ghosts cannot go to and we're going to one. Don't worry, we'll be safe." Blaze said, pulling Josh.

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2005-11-29 [Ladywood]: Jess and I have an ongoing fude. I used to pretend Josh lived under my bed when suddenly Jess got it in her little head to kidnap him and now she has him. When I tried to steal him back she claimed she was married and had twins with him. Like EW. So, it's just transfered over to here! Let's band together and declare her insanity!! Perhaps she has BRAIN WASHED poor Joshie!!!

2005-11-29 [Snowboarding Hobitz]: you're just jealous that i thought of it first

2005-11-29 [Blaze the Nameless]: Erm, okay. Still, that's not fair. How about we all are madly in love with Josh and have romantic fanstaies but Josh is afraid of us all?

2005-11-30 [Ladywood]: Ok, that is fair. HOBITZ CONFORM!!!

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2005-12-02 [Ladywood]: Flip out and run away screaming in horror....Today I sung two songs by Josh for my Christmas album! Believe and O Holy Night! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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