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2009-05-04 14:06:45
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The Hunt For Gollum review

This is a 45 minutes long story with Gandalf, Strider, Gollum, orcs and stuff. It's made by amateurs, but they have made a very professional job even though I really miss some funny but stylish lines here and there. Does Gandalf really need hobbits to be funny?

The movie is about how Strider (Aragon) is hunting and retrieving Gollum when he has lost the ring to Bildo. So you know the story which makes it totally not exciting, but the entire film has a nice atmosphere and feeling to it. Some scenes were too dark for me, but that might work better with a better screen.

I recommend seeing it. It's totally free and you can see it on:

But I recommend downloading the torrent to save them some bandwidth, get a better quality and be able to watch it off-line:
Or the torrent-link directly:

PS: Don't miss the dancing orcs in the behind the scenes afterwards!

/ [Hedda]

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