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Warning: If you dont like the mushy stuff, don't join! :P

The story line: NY Jameston High is your average High school, full of drama, love and chaos. This is a role play about high school relations, so there will be fights, romances, and friendships, and maybe some betrayals. The school is HUGE.

Think highschool people. We all know how much drama and fun there is in highschool. Can't think of a character? Maybe use yourself and your experiences as examples :)

Original Owner: [twitchboy] (Now is being revived by Tsome XD)
New Owner: Main Programer: Deserves all the credit: [XxTsomexX]

The Heart's Key: Revised Sandbox!!! Go here to chat and/or ask me a question :P
The Heart's Key: Revised Memberlist GO HERE FIRST
The Heart's Key: Revised Character Bios
The Heart's Key: Revised Rules
The Heart's Key: Revised Badges

Different Classrooms:
1st Floor:
THK:R Math Class
THK:R English Class
THK:R Science Class
THK:R History Class
THK:R Gym Class
THK:R Art Class
THK:R Music Room
THK:R Study Hall
THK:R Cafeteria
2nd Floor:
THK:R Nurses Office
THK:R Teacher Lounge
THK:R Councelors Office
THK:R Vice Principal's office
THK:R Chemistry Lab
THK:R Principal's Office

Other Places:
THK:R Girl's Bathroom (Because we all know there is ALWAYS drama in the girl's bathroom.) (2nd Floor)
THK:R Boy's Bathroom (2nd Floor)
THK:R Grounds (Anywhere non-sport)
THK:R Football Field
THK:R Tennis Courts
THK:R Pool (Located on 1st Floor)
THK:R Softball Field
THK:R Baseball Field

Teacher sign ups: (number signifies how many people can sign up for it)(three teachers per person)
Vice Principal(1):
School Psychologist(1):
Math(4): [XxTsomexX]
Gym(2): [XxTsomexX]

Any more I missed you can add.
Teacher profiles go here: The Heart's Key: Revised Teachers

~*THK:R Announcement Page WATCH THIS PAGE!*~

For the original RP in all it's former glory, go to The Heart's Key

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