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The Grounds of Seletar


These grounds lead to the The Tower of Seletar. To the left is the The Training Yard and to the right is The Seletar Stables.
As you are standing outside, you notice the beauty that surrounds you.
The woods echo with life and the whole world seems to be at peace at this moment in time, but you know that is untrue, for the war is creeping in and you have come to complete or start a mission.

The Lake of Seletar

The Woods of Semedia

The City of Dowen

The Tower of Seletar

The Training Yard

The Seletar Stables

The Hall of Seletar

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2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: a silver wolf dashed over. She was larger than Zateria and Zateria noticed she had Garathias' mark on her forehead.

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *A violent snarl ripped loose from her throat* You wear my master's mark on your forehead!

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: "Of course. He is my lover."

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: He is my husband

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: "He has a large harem. I am his wife too."

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria laughed and the sound was cold and cruel* Not for long... *She sprang forward*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: She snarled and attacked as well her teeth biting at her, Zateria noticed her teeth seemed to be coated in silver

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *She shrank back away from the cold metal and her sjhadows rushed to her aid* only a coward fights wioth silver. *Zataria snarled as she bared her white teeth*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: Coward? I can't help how I was born. These are natural, have you never heard of a silvered wolf? She now noticed her fur looked like silver was tipped on it. She attacked back her fur becoming deadly silver quells

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria growled. She'd never actually seen one but she'd heard the things. She circled her, studying her carefully.*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: She circled as well

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *With cool indifference Zataria noticed the fur was paler on the other wolf's belly. She threw her self against her, gritting her teeth as the silver fur burned her, and knocked her down, slashing at the belly with her teeth.*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: She snarled and rolled against her allowing the fur to bite into Zateria's flesh she slashed at her with her claws which were also silver

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria gritted her teeth against the pain and felt her strength draining away. She lunged deeper, driving the silver fur deeper into her gums until she had locked her teeth around the other's throat. She held there, a race against time for the silver slowly poisoning her*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: She tore with her claws at Zateria's throat

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria shuddered violently but held on as the blood filled her eyes and blinded her. She was determined to kill any rival even if she died in the process*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: The other Spirit's struggles were also labored. She tore at her again with her paws

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria was a limp body. Her teeth could hold no harder but her jaws had locked in place and even if she lost consciousness they would hold on. Even now darkness flicked at the edge of her vision as the poison flowed closer to her heart*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: Spirit went limp the life leaving her eyes

2010-03-27 [Lirerial]: *Zataria painfully let go, a whimper escaping her as she pulled away, only to collaspe beside her unable to move*

2010-03-27 [Silver Moon]: She felt warm loving arms pick her up. "Zateria..." Saverad whispered holding her close and trying to care for her wounds as he vanished with her

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