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The Great Division

Excerpt from the Book "Okalani" ©2004 by Giannis Mpafatakis aka [Rochala]


He entered a room that had nothing original in it. The walls were wooden and plain and the floor was covered by a woven rug. There was a fire burning in the middle. He'd travelled long to get here and she look at his two Fairy companions disappointed . What she expected was a hint for what had happened in the Beginning, before the worlds divided.

Suddenly the walls of the room altered and depictions of trees appeared on them, animals running
wild among them. A deep voice that made him want to kneel down with respect spoke out of thin air.

"The story begins many years ago when the worlds were still one." the ceiling opened to the skies and snowflakes found their way in. He found it weird because she was sure there were several floors above them. "Once upon a time humans and fantasy creatures lived in harmony together, that’s what the two suns symbolize."

Two pieces of coal from the fire jumped in the air where they danced merrily for a while before staying airborne. The snowflakes started
forming men and fairies and while the voice was talking they were picturing the story.

"They lived happily. The humans lived in peace with the fairies and demons didn’t exist because bad thoughts were something unknown. The fairies would create food and water with their magic so nobody was deprived anything. Unfortunately the days of bliss were soon to end. In a man’s heart, whose name we do not speak out of disdain, but just call him Phonias, envy was born." Both fairies spat at the mention of the name "Envy,
greediness, hatred, wickedness and lust for power and magic. Along with these, the first demon, Dolmeira, was born. With his aid, Phonias created the first weapon, the Expunger, a dagger that erased humans’ memories." the snowflakes took the form of the Expunger. It was a knife with five centimeters of sawy blade and a skull carved on its handle. "The same night the first sin took place. Latanya, the fairy Queen was sitting in a hut,
playing with a newborn child, when Phonias entered, closely followed by Dolmeira. The Expunger fell and got stuck in the Queen. All the fantasy creatures felt the disturbance at the balance of powers, felt the first slaying and a part of their magic passing to a man. The newborn who was the eyewitness, was so horrified at the sight of the murder -that was something unfamiliar to him and to the rest of the world- and that was the moment when the Great Division occured.

When the first Queen was deleted from human memory, her magic was divided into three. The first was taken by Phonias and created Orenda, the world of Wizards. The second and the third one remained in Okalani, with the Queen’s first daughter getting one piece and the third lingering sealed in the Queen’s heart, which was calcified and is now known as the Sphere of Dominance..."

As suddenly as everything had changed, the fire went out and the walls melted away. They found themselves on the palace’s roof and she could still see the gate through which they had got in although they had never left the first room. That discovery about the Great Division would change the three worlds forever...


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