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The Great American Moon Pie Handbook review

Text by Ron Dickson
Cartoons by Scrawls
Review by [hanhepi]

Originally started as a twelve page booklet to help educate people from the “culturally backwards regions” (those places usually covered by snow and ice) about the Southern superfood that is the Moon Pie. From a description of what a Moon Pie really is, to the history of the South's favorite snack, to the appropriate manners one should use while enjoying the marvel, this book explains it all. Ever wonder if you could use Moon Pies to help you catch a man? Ever wonder if there was a way to eat Moon Pies while trying to lose weight? This book will walk you through the processes.

Illustrated by Scrawls (Sam C. Rawls, noted cartoonist), who did a wonderful job illustrating some of the finer points of the book.

Now, this book ain't just for Moon Pie enthusiasts. Oh, no. This book is designed for those who have never had a Moon Pie as well. It's designed to get you hooked on them, and lists a lot of reasons that being hooked on the Crack of the South is a good thing, the proper thing in fact.

This book is an excellent light read... no heavy plots to follow, no complex characters to figure out. And at only 102 pages (many of which are mostly cartoons) it's not a long book either, so even if you don't enjoy it, it's not like you have to invest a whole lot of time finishing it just because. But I think you'll enjoy the book – if you can find it - so that shouldn't be a problem.

/ [hanhepi]

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