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sorry......can't cyber here anymore........any cybering that occurs here will be deleted. If you want to cyber that's your own business, just can't do it here. again sorry for any inconvenience.

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[Aleka]: fascinating

[Yanaba]: hello people!

[Animal*Girl]: hi;)

[theblade]: lol sounds fun

[Yanaba]: i, being a really lazy person, decided not to read any of the above comments because..well, i'm lazy, so i just decided to put "hello people" and start a new convo

[Aleka]: missing out berni

[Yanaba]: eh....i'll read it.....someday

[Aleka]: ....i doubt you

[Yanaba]: woah......i just read it.....

[Aleka]: lol yeah

[theblade]: that blows

[Aleka]: ....8{ i know... but et is on our asses to do something so we're trying to figure out what that something will be

[Yanaba]: she wanted to make everything private forums....i'm only suggesting this and maybe the pictures to become private. If that doesn't work then it might have to go.

[Aleka]: ehh.. cybering never did anything for me anyway... just a way to pass the time

[Yanaba]: yeah....honestly, i just made it so no one would do it on the main wikis anymore....that was kinda.......shocking.......that's an appropriate word

[Aleka]: yeah... some things should only be done in pm... not in the public eye... and they always did it right in the middle of a conversation, it was freaking frustrating to come back and have to search for the last thing some one said to you with all the crap in the way

[Yanaba]: i said i don't mind it being a private thing or just getting deleted.......for the sake of everyone else though maybe a private thing, but.....i don't really care....i felt kinda guilty everytime i had to do it anyway.......

[Aleka]: i didn't feel anything... i got really bored with it though... people would just do the same things over and over and over again and pretty sooon i was like okay ummm i'll bite you just b/c i've got nothing better to do but moan

[Yanaba]: well, i'll see what lerune says and delete it if i have to

[Aleka]: cool cool... w/e works

[Animal*Girl]: boring

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