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2007-01-14 16:10:48
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The Few, The Proud, The Members

Join at your own risk! ;D

Members of Cowboy Bebop:

[Phoenix Tears]: creator of this wiki
[Velvet Muzzle]: Man of the house. Pass that shit!
[paradox twin]: nut of the house lol
[Cloudwatcher] i love ed! ^o^
[Cliché] I love CB!!! I even have my own wiki Ed and Ein Fans!! (Just had to put that in there)
[DarkAngel3] YAYNESS!.....Bebop AWAY!
[Wirey] Oh ya.... CB baby.... how could I NOT join this one? ^_^
[trodahawk] oh yea
[Chel.] Spike is so cute! He needs a hug! ^^
[Pillowthief] You could live your life by this show...I sure do
[do not exist] hope ya dotn mind if i join but CB rox my sox! im just like edward!cirles and eyeballs circles are pretty, tasty ad wonderful just like black eyed peas!
[lenardo]Cowboy Beop is awsome
[I don't exist anymore!] Jet is MY MAN!!!
[crows the raven ricky] mmmmm spike, *drool, lol
[Katisama] Ed rules XP
[Princess Carwash] you cant mess with this wiki!!!
[Vyse] Ed is the best
[Mario57] Faye is damn sexy
[Ryo003] Cowboy Bebop Rocked!
[Chiharu] You know it ^_^
[Bulma] Faye is the sexest bitch!!
[Melody "Yami" Anizamu] SPIKE!! ^^; I love that kid! :3 Cowboy Bebop is awesome
[Kyo-kun] ED IS AWSOME
[.X.X.Lips Of Deceit.X.X.] I love Spike, he is hott! Ed is awsome! Ein is adorable! Faye kicks major ass! Jet has the cool arm!
[Sweet_lil_kitty] edward is my hero!!
[Ktcm] I love ed <3
[Kuyashinaki_] Cowboy of the best.....
[InuzukaKiba] it's hard to describe how good this show is
[Phoenix_phyre] It speaks to the inner depths of my soul.
[kamikame] i love ed
[Devils Night] lymphasidasidalyphasida
[It's Not A Perfect Day For Bananafish] i wish my hair was more like spikes...then again i wish i was spike
[Fetish Dolly Koneko™] gotta love the Bebop. ^_^
[Sachiko] I wish I was Julia, she fecking rockzzorzz except for the whole, dying thing. . . you know? I <3 BEBOP!
[cookie_monster] cowboy bebop rocks! me loves ed ^^
[Wastedsacrifice] Ed and Ein are GOD!
[Snakes on a Plane]Spike....enough said...
[Roma] Rock on, Bebop. XD
[Fearless Ferrett]
[PuFFiN] Cowboy Bebop is one of the masterpieces of ANIME!!!!
[Firesong k'Treva] Ha-ha ^.^ Ed is the ultimate comic relief character!!!!!
[Ayame the Snake]3...2...1...Let's Jam!

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[Princess Carwash]: omg! i have been looking for this wiki... not really but i have thought of it! i love bebop!

[RezaLution]: Love the wiki, love Cowboy bebop! keep up the good work!

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