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Anka swung half heartedly, her feet kicking up dirt as she looked around the park once more. She'd been going back every day for the past two weeks and hadn't seen Nami again. She wondered if the other girl would ever come back and felt a sinking feeling in her gut.

Maybe if they met again, though, Nami would reject her. Sure she'd helped her find Yaryck, but in the process they had gotten lost and spent a good part of the evening in the darkened woods... "She probably hates me for that..." Anka sighed, releasing the chain of the swing and jumping to the ground.

It was lunchtime and her stomach growled hungrily, clutching it she wondered if she'd be able to sneak lunch today, how she wished she were old enough to make her own money and afford her own place... The day would come, she hoped at least, and she strived to ensure she'd be able to do so. But she was hungry now and looking to the future wasn't making her current situation any better.

"Anka?" A small voice asked hesitantly from behind.

Turning in surprise Anka felt her hopelessness fade away, to be replaced with hesitant joy, "Nami?" She murmured, not quite willing to believe that she was really there.

"I thought it was you!" The other girl's face broke out into a grin, "I didn't think we'd run into each other again..."

"Me either." Anka admitted, "Though I hoped that we would..."

"Least its not so late this time," Nami joked, jumping into the seat of a swing and thrusting her legs back and forth until she had a good sway lifting her parallel to the top of the set.

Anka joined her and the two enjoyed the rush of air and the thrill of their fall back to earth. They dove from their seats, landing on their feet a short distance away and laughed until they were out of breath. "I'm starved. Nami said emphatically, tapping her chin, "Want to come over to my house? Mom should be making dinner about now..."

"I'd love to come over... Are you sure your parents won't mind?" Anka questioned as they started walking.

"We'll ask to be sure, but I don't think they'd mind." Nami replied casually.

The pair left the park and headed over to Nami's where the smell of something delicious cooking permeated the air. "Mom, I'm home!" Nami called, "I brought a friend with me..." She slipped into the kitchen, Anka trailing somewhat apprehensively behind her.

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