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2006-05-30 00:58:58
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This is also another area where I'm trying to make into a cyber city(not that internet sex shit) type thing. Just put your name and the posistion u want to be...

we may be the "bar type drunks"....but we get drunk *hiccup* fancily....

Bar Tender [This Profile No Longer Exists!]
I'm the Band [purplegirl1818]
Horrible Drunk Karaoke Singer [loser_wannabe]
Pshycotic Drunk Stripper [sorceress cleo]
Another Bartender[Intolerant Of Hatred]

[This Profile No Longer Exists!] walks in and grabs herself a drink, and looks for Bai-Bai, and Beth....
[purplegirl1818] orders a round and begins 2 set up...
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] asks Bai-Bai "Is the pic of the pub too much?"
[purplegirl1818] tells alyssa "no, but if u can find a better one u might wanna lighter atsmophere"
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] yea...*hiccup*
[purplegirl1818] *takes stage and startes warmin up* mind makin me a drink?
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] sure wat will it be?

[purplegirl1818] just gimmie somethin strong at this point it dont matter
[This Profile No Longer Exists!]*passes Bailey some Vodka and a glass of orange juice*
[purplegirl1818] Perfect damn my guitar is outta tune (im playin it right now lol)
[loser_wannabe] I wanna Screw Driver 2!!!
[purplegirl1818] do we have sucirity? i think we need it if we let that fruit cake in here
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] *passes Beth a screwdriver* Nope we really need a bouncer. We should get Mike to join. He can be our security guard/bouncer.
[loser_wannabe] *drinks it and says great music Bailey* and ask he prolly would join
[purplegirl1818] hunny im not playin yet
[loser_wannabe] You said u were like 4 messages ago..
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] hahaha no she was setting up...and tuning her guitar. lol
[loser_wannabe] O well She was doing a good job tuning it lol
[purplegirl1818] haha u cant really do a good job tuning, its just annoying
[loser_wannabe] Quit making fun of the drunk people!!!
[purplegirl1818] no ones drunk yet
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] Shhhhh I can act like I'm drunk. *Maniacally Laughs* Muhahahaha
[purplegirl1818] i can play like im drunk! *strums random strings and strums out deep purple
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] *throws a beer bottle at bailey!*
[purplegirl1818] WTF ALYSSA! i find you ur lost sister type person adn u throw a bottle at me? ass hole! LOL
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] *throws a trash can full of rotten fish guts at baileys head*.......yea.
[Intolerant Of Hatred] Sorry to interupt everyone... but could someone who used to bar tend out of state possibly join ya'll here?
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] Lets see.....what should we hire you as....
[Intolerant Of Hatred] Doesn't matter to me :) Whatever you can put me as, a bartender would be preferable
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] Now all we have to do is find some bathroom maitnence[sp?] Bai-bai dookied on the floor...hehehe
[Intolerant Of Hatred] That's no good...Hehe
[This Profile No Longer Exists!] lol I think we should strat writing in the comments area...I'm getting sick of writing my whole user name up

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2006-05-30 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: Ok here we go....

2006-05-30 [loser_wannabe]: ur so funny alysa maybe if u didn't have such a long sn u wouldn't have that problem... lol

2006-05-30 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol shut up...I like my come up with one that's short, amusing, and

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