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The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home review

Peter David (script) and Jae Lee (illustrations) continue on their epic path to set Stephen King's The Dark Tower series as a collection of graphic novels.

The Long Road Home tells how Roland, Alain and Cuthbert manage to escape back home from Hambry - a tale that is little known for the readers of the books.
Roland's mind is trapped inside of the Glass, a mysterious crystal ball, where the Crimson King tries to break him. Cuthbert and Alain have to fight alone with the last men of John Farson, who have sworn to kill them on sight.

This comic consists of five chapters (five magazines) and the narration swifts from the Roland's nightmare world to the view of his friends. Occasionally we see the simple boy Sheemie and what happened to him and how he helped Roland's ka-tet on their journey - something new for us all.

This second graphic novel is a bit more complex and harder to follow. The reasons might be the new story and the divided narration. It still looks great and I can't wait for the other books to be published and translated in Finnish.

As for the first one, I recommend this to the new readers who are just on their path to get to know Roland and his friends. And of course for all the fans out there.

/ [Caterin S.]

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