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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born review

Script writer Peter David and illustrator Jae Lee begin their journey on telling Stephen King's main work of The Dark Tower series in a form of a graphic novel.

Roland's tale begins when he's just a boy and boldly takes the tests to become a gunslinger younger than anyone before. Later on his father and the other old gunslingers send him and his two best friends Alain and Cuthbert on an exile mission in a far away town called Hambry.
But in Hambry there is a little more than young gunslingers have been prepared for. The villains are easily fought back, but true love is much more difficult to fight or forget.

This first comic book (or graphic novel, if you prefer) consists of the seven chapters (magazines) put together. It follows mainly the story of Wizard and Glass, but reveals some unknown facts and creates faces for the characters with Jae Lee's vision.
This is always a risk, as there is a massive fan base on the Dark Tower series and everyone has their own vision how Roland, Susan, or the Crimson King should look like.

All in all, this book sounds enough like Stephen King to be part of the saga. The illustrations are dramatic and the frame composition excellent.

This is a good way for someone not familiar with the books to get to know Roland from the beginning. And of course it is for all the fans out there.
Once more we start our journey with Roland to the Tower.

/ [Caterin S.]

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