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The Dark Knight Rises review

I can't very well give as through a review as I'd like. At the time of this writing, it's been a total of 52 minutes since I walked out of the midnight showing, but I will be making a few vague references.

Vague reference #1 and biggest beef of the film: If you're gonna suggest he uses his real name... USE HIS REAL NAME!

Like I said I can't expound upon that point for obvious reasons, but still. If you see it, you'll know what I mean.

Vague reference #2: The plot twist that caused the woman behind me to gasp audibly, is obvious if you have a basic rudimentary knowledge of Batman villains.

All I'm going to say about that is that the only thing that could have made it more obvious, was if the word "beloved" been used.

I'm gonna knock it off with the vague references before I spill something I don't want to. I do have a few minor grievances about the film, but all in all, it was great. I can't say it was better than Dark Knight because the two films are so very different, but I did love it.

Plot, action, continuity, cast, all fantastic. All things I can't exactly talk about. Nuances between the comics and the film are subtle, but noticeable to hardcore fans. Keep an eye out for those little chalk bats, you might recognize them.

I loved the goggles and mask for Catwoman, pure genius in my opinion, but I had issues with the batsuit. [shadow of darkness] liked it, but I found it a little... I duno... The cape was very "off the shoulder" and that left the suit very visible, exposed... shiny. I prefer my Batman hidden in fabric and shadow, but in defense of the film, a lot of it took place during the day. That itself is a wee bit... meh, but it's fine. No big deal. I've never been 100% in love with the suits from these films. The first imho was the best, in the second the mask was a little closed in and this third... The adjustments made are understandable, just not my cup of tea. It doesn't make or break the film for me and I'm sure when I see it again later, it'll begin to grow on me.

As a big fan of Batman and this series, I'm pleased with the way that it's been closed out. The ending was just the sort of ending Batman deserved, though anyone who knows Batman knows it isn't over. Of course there won't be any more films staring Christian Bale as Batman, but those of us who understand how very obsessed Batman is, know better than to accept the very last moments of the film.

I feel that it could have been better in some places, but I'm about 85% satisfied with the film. I think my excitement was a little let down, but that doesn't mean the movie was bad. I just have very high standards when it comes to Batman and considering how fantastic Dark Knight turned out to be, the little let downs just sort of piled up for me. But these things that I had issues with are very small in the grand scheme of things. Vague Reference #1 I think was the biggest of them all, but I can't say anything about that without spoiling things. If you want to know more, just message me.

Again, I give this a... 8.5 out of 10. It's worth seeing if your a fan of the series. If you're just looking for a distraction for a few hours, the thing is 2:45 long. You may wanna pick something shorter. If you love Batman, go, if not, beware of how long it is. Especially if you have a butt like mine.
/ [Ravenclaw]

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2012-07-22 [Sideways]: Yeah I agree. I didn't really like the batplane, I'm surprised you didn't bitch about bane, who they pretty much did a fairly bad job with. A ton of the dialogue was phony and some entire sequences were more hammed up than a bacon on bacon sandwich. Especially the prison pit scenes. All in all it was an enjoyable movie that the acting (despite the dialogue,) really saved, because the script was borderline garbage. Honestly it's kinda weird that despite my gripes with the portrayal of bane, the villain once again saved this movie. Christian bale is a terrible, truly bad bruce Wayne. Whenever he's not in the suit interacting with someone, particularly getting his bat-ass bat-kicked, he's not a cathartic character. He's annoying. But when batman overcomes overwhelming odds, then I get invested.

2012-07-22 [Ravenclaw]: I didn't find Bane all that bad. The voice was surprising and a little annoying but all in all I think Tom Hardy did a pretty good job. I could gripe about a lack of venom and such, but in order to realistically adapt a Mexican luchadore chemist into the Nolan-verse, I can deal with the changes that were made.

I really like Christian Bale as Bruce. I've liked him since American Psycho, but he doesn't seem like the same actor he was a few years ago. I could have really done without the mouth breathing. 

2012-07-27 [Nioniel]: I'm going to go see this tonight. Wow, I didn't know it would be almost three hours, good to know, going into it, though. Val Kilmer is my favorite Batman. :)

2012-07-27 [Ravenclaw]: No offense or anything, I loved Val at the time he played Batman, but then I grew up and now, for that statement, you must die.

2012-07-27 [Nioniel]: *shrug* congrats on growing up?

2012-07-27 [Ravenclaw]: My Batman was Michael Keeton. I did go through a Val Kilmer phase shortly after Tombstone (93) which primed me up for Batman Forever (95), but as an adult, looking back on the difference between Keeton and Kilmer's Batmans, Keeton wins hands down. Though Forever will always hold a special place in my heart.

2012-07-27 [Nioniel]: Well, I just watched the new Batman, and I was not impressed. :/ Not that I expected to be, but it would have been a nice surprise. Christian Bale is a horrible Batman. And Bane's voice was fucking awful. Couldn't understand half of what he said. Also, I assume your Beef #2 was the same point that the entire theater of people gasped at. I agree, a very predictable "twist".

2012-07-27 [Ravenclaw]: Bane's voice I believe was supposed to be alarming and Christian Bale was a fine Batman in the beginning. But yes, that particular twist near the end, yeah.

2012-07-28 [Nioniel]: Meh.

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