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[The Dance of Life]

“B-but why?”
The kid looked away. A gentle tear was visible on his hot-red glowing cheek. He bit on his lip while the tear had reached his chin and fell on his old clothes. Those which hadn’t been washed since he ran away from home. He stroke with both of his hands through his long, unwashed hair. Not out of vanity, but because he was confused.
He turned his back to the other person and ran away. As insolent as what, he wasn’t been raised like that. But he couldn’t care any less. Not even for the person he loved. He ran towards a door, an old and rotten door that needed only one strong pull before it would collapse. So he pulled it open and the hinges broke. The boy turned his head and looked the girl straight into her eyes, tears flowing out them. Tears were also flowing from his. “Nikki, I’ll probably see you when you see the truth too”. He ran through the exit and through the hallway.
As vague as it was. The kid knew Nikki would not understand it yet, but would eventually. Because those words were the last words that person would hear from him. Those words would be burned in her memory forever as the smell of burned flesh on a branded body. You’ll smell it forever, even if the smell disappeared.
The kid ran with tears flowing down on his cheeks like a waterfall would after a storm. He went to the lift, but there hung a sign: ‘Out of order’. He walked to the door of the staircases, which was next to the lift. But it was closed as well. He did not know why. That door should be open at any time of the day, because of safety reasons. He felt as if he was trapped, trapped in that little hallway which he hated for so long. The hallway that he had to walk through for several months. Unhygienic, gross, filthy. He wanted to get out, to be free.
Suddenly he felt an rush going through his head. His mind got all worked up, as if he just drank several cans of energy drink in a row. He got the feeling that he could do everything he wished for, everything that he could have only imagined. He covered his face with his arms and pulled up his legs and jumped out of a window that was facing the main street. When the glass broke, he fell three stories down as he was pulled down by the gravity. He wiped his remaining tears off with his sleeve. He spread his limbs, intimidating the laws of nature.
The little pieces of broken glass were dancing around him, enjoying their flight. He landed on the sidewalk and the paving stones beneath his feet cracked and crumbled. “What’s this?” He never thought that he would get out of that without having at least a broken leg. Instead of that, he broke the paving stones. His astonishment gave him another rush, it gave him the strength to believe in himself, after all those miserable months of being a tramp. Even giving him the strength to realize and do the impossible.
He stood up and looked for the highest building in the area. “There…” He saw the huge plaza hotel at the end of the shopping street. He wanted to commit suicide because his life was so awful. But now, because of that confidence he gained by those sudden rushes, which he still did not know where those came from. He wanted to cut himself loose from this reality.
The kid looked forward and ran like a madman through the crowd. Pushed and pulled the mass away so he could move forward. The crowd seemed to get thicker and thicker the further he went.
He gained another rush, one more powerful then the other two. “Where are these coming from?” He jumped on the frontages of the stores in the shopping street and ran over bricks and windows. The crowd was staring at him. People were whispering things to other people, about how such thing could be true. Some people said that they were dreaming. The crowd even mentioned the word ‘Alien’.
The boy ignored the crowd, and enjoyed his unlimited, but still unknown powers. He had no idea where it was coming from, if something or someone gave it to him. It just wasn’t normal.
He jumped to the middle of the street and landed on a car, where he left a deep dent on the roof. He ran and jumped from car to car, from van to van, then to a truck in the front of the line that was waiting for the traffic light to turn on green.
He gained another rush, and speeded up while running on the truck and jumped to the frame that was carrying the traffic lights. He almost slipped, but managed to get a stronger grip on it. “Another limitation. Tch!” He lifted his arm and slammed the traffic light. The traffic light turned green and the vehicle’s drivers kicked on their gas pedals and drove forward, to their individual destinations.
Smoke rose up and flew into the kid’s nose and lungs. “Rotten…”
He jumped down and ran into the plaza hotel, pushed and pulled rich people aside and went to the staircases. He tried to pull the door open, but he gained another rush, and pulled the door out it’s hinges and swung it in the main hall of the hotel. He gazed at the door that landed in the middle of the main hall. Where fortunately no people were standing. Yet again was the crowd whispering to each other and staring at the boy. He decided to ignore them once again and entered the staircases. The Boy ran up forty-seven stories, which was the top of the building.
He ran to the edge of the building and dove off of it without hesitation.
It was like the time slowed down. Everything was exactly as he imagined. He did not get any flashbacks from his life. Time just slowed down and forced him to think.
Which he purposely didn’t. He would not think of this as ending his life, but as ending these miserable lies and opening the bright truth. He jumped because he had only one wish, only one dream: ‘Freedom’.
Three hours or so passed. He could observe every single person who was moving aside for him. He could look every single person in the eyes and read their feelings: astonishment, fear. He was only a few inches from the ground. When suddenly time continued in normal speed.
“Goodbye… World…”
He did not fall apart on the ground, but dove into nothing, not in the dirt, not through the paving stones. He Just disappeared.
The only person which he didn’t see was the girl he loved, Nikki. She tried to grab his ankle, but she was too late. The boy already disappeared.
Nikki stood up, and looked into the sky. Clouds were forming a storm. And so it began to rain.
Her long fire-red hair was soaked from the rain, as were here fiery eyes from her tears.
“Goodbye bobby.” She said with a smile on her face while a tear was rolling down on her cheek.
“Or should I say Limbed now?”

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