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The City of Dowen


(from google)

As you enter this city, you are struck by its beauty. Intricate carvings and structures line the streets.
The city is crowded with people who bustle about carrying out the tasks of their lives.
The nearest structure to you is the Looking Dragon, which appears to be a tavern.
There are many other shops and buildings lining the streets.
Though the people are busy, you can see that the war has had a toll on them; some seem to be subdued, others seem hostile.
There is also a change in the children, as very few play in the streets or go far from their parents.
There are black banners of mourning on many of the housings as well.

The Grounds of Seletar

The Looking Dragon

The Potions Shop

The Blacksmiths

The Adventurers' Guild

Dowen's Temple

Dowen Farm

Dowen's City Market

Dowen's Black Market

* Note cannot access the black market unless I say otherwise,so ask first

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2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: "Where is she?"

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "On a farm near here... Garathias is with her there..."

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: He stiffened. "Why is he with her?"

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "He told her he was going to change his ways..."

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: He shook his head vigorously. "He lies...and she might be in danger!"

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "She's strong... she'd be able to protect herself..." Elyria frowned, worried nonetheless.

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: "I hope so..."

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "Why would she be in danger?" Elyria asked.

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: "Father... is no longer mortal...he is a wraith, one who can drain life force to gain he tried to do to me..."

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "You think he'll do the same to Raven?"

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: "I don't know...possibly..."

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "She needs to be warned..."

2010-10-02 [Silver Moon]: I know..."

2010-10-02 [Ravendust]: "Will you come with me to do so?"

2010-10-03 [Silver Moon]: "Yes. I want to meet her anyway..."

2010-10-03 [Ravendust]: "Its straight through town..." Elyria said, leading the way.

2010-10-03 [Silver Moon]: "Lead the way."

2010-10-03 [Ravendust]: Elyria nodded and headed back through the streets.

2010-10-03 [Silver Moon]: He followed

2010-10-19 [Ravendust]: Elyria led the way out of town and back towards the farm.

2010-10-19 [Silver Moon]: He followed

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