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The Chocolate Fondue

Welcome to my brand new RPG wiki for chocolate-thirsty corsairs. The name of the ship's The Chocolate Fondue, and we also have a rowboat named The Cocoa Bean. We are still pretty ruthless pirates despite being unconventional, and fly the Jolly Roger, along with our motto, "Carpe Chocolatem." The Chocolate Fondue is also not a very large ship and just can't take a crew of more than 20. It is quite fast though. We have six cannons, three port, three starboard, but two can also be moved to places on both bow and stern if needed. Once we have a full crew, and before we set sail we shall elect a Quartermaster, a Sailing Master, a Boatswain, a Carpenter, a Master Gunner, a Mate, a surgeon, and a cook. Everyone else gets to be a sailor. If it's taking too long to get together a full crew, there's no reason we can't sail with half a crew.

Lets go for a ride
On the alabaster tide,
Just me and you,
And the Chocolate Fondue!

If you want to sail with us and do silly things like plan sea raids on Switzerland, add your character here below mine, but leave your Job spot blank for now. All other fields are required, in an effort to make all characters be three dimensional. If you have something else you want to add about your character that doesn't fit in one of the sections I specified, please don't hesitate to make an 'other' and put it there.

1. [maryanne]
Name: Anne Cocoa Marsh
What the crew calls you: Captain Anne
Job on ship: Captain
Appearance: Long straight kind of messy dark blonde hair, black tricorner hat, black eye patch on left eye (unknown if the eye is even missing), dark red coat
Age: Late 20s
Weapon of choice: Cutlass
Personality: Eccentric, possibly even mad. But in a fun way.
History: Formerly known as Bloody Anne. Ran away to be a pirate when she was 16. Quickly took to the life and was elected Quartermaster by the time she was 20. During a raid, the ship she was on captured another boat and she got to move on and become captain of it. This was not The Chocolate Fondue, but The Lark, which sunk in a sea battle off the coast of Florida two years later. The Chocolate Fondue was commandeered not long after The Lark sunk.
Possessions worth noting (including pets): A plain, dented, unpolished, brass spy glass with a small crude engraving of an elephant near the eyepiece. A large and beautiful but somewhat beat up locked treasure chest which is kept in her quarters below deck. She's had it for three years now and has not figured out how to open it, but it is too heavy to be empty and Anne is convinced it's filled with chocolate. Finding the key is always on her mind, despite how distracted she may seem to be.

Name: Lady Kimberly Claire Cornwall Cavendish
What the crew calls you:Crazy Kim of the Caribbean (or just Crazy at times...)
Job on ship:
Appearance: Long auburn hair that decides on whims whether to be straight or curly, eyes the same color of her hair, ivory skin, regal clothing, even if her attire is ungainly and not appropriate to the situation (we're going into battle now, I think I'll wear this lovely ballgown!).
Age: One year older than Captain Anne
Weapon of choice: My cunning intellect *slice* and my lovely jewel-hilted rapier.
Personality: Definitely eccentric. Definitely mad. Witty. Artistic in her insanity.
History: Crazy Kim is the captain of the Nimble Sethe, a marvelously regal and truly terrifying pirate ship currently plundering the Caribbean. Crazy has decided to go on a short hiatus, however, to visit her long-time comrade in piracy, Bloody Anne. She will return to her ship...sometime. Maybe now. No, not now. Later. Okay. She is feared throughout the region for her sharp sword and dress sense. And her crew is also...creepy.
Possessions worth noting: The Nimble Sethe, 984,986,276,134,603,849,486 pounds worth of hidden gold and gems (she might have exaggerated-some may be chocolate coins), and a closet full of skeletons in fancy dress attire (The bones of her enemies). Oh yes, she also has Pengy, a squishy stuffed toy penguin. Touch it and you die. No, really.
Other: She helped name Bloody Anne's ship and wrote the poem.

When you have a character, you can start interacting with the other members of the crew at Chocolate Fondue RPG.

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