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The Centaur Database


I'm going to try, with your help, to gather in one place all known facts about centaurs.
Where do they come from, how and where do they live etc etc...

Basically, I'd ask you to edit this page to include things you know and where did you get that knowledge from.

Any titles of movies, books, comics, games, internet sites where centaurs appears are welcome!
You are allowed to put there all your pictures/drawings/paintings and such dealing about centaurs, as long as you give credit to the artist if you didn't do it yourself!

Please put your name next to any information you add so I can thank you for your help afterwards! And I say, the more the better!

I'll be giving this "pin's"(to put in your description) to each person contributing!!

Try please to put up nice pictures and sort the information so it stays clear and easy to browse for everybody!

Thanks in advance for your contribution!!!

Origins and existence at the beginning of time...(Mythology)

Where do centaurs come from...? That is the question...

Anatomy and related issues (Skeletons, Muscles, and how the whole thing work!)

Evolution of apparence and behaviour

With each and every artist centaurs have been evolving. Tell here what has been changing in the ways centaur acts troughout famous(or unknown!) artists' work

Centaur Names

Know any centaur names? Famous or not? That's the place where to write it!!

Centaur in the Art

You know any movies, books, comics, games where centaurs appears? Write the title and author here! Want to put up a picture of centaur you did? That's the place!

Other matters...

Any category I forgot above? Any suggestion? Please write that in here!

Do not hesitate to advertise this wiki-page around you. More visitors mean more information!!!!

The Centaur Database

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2003-12-10 [LadyWillow]: *Scratches head* I can't really think of any way for me to do that...It seems to me that you have a fair bit of information here!

2003-12-10 [May-lea]: dunno. Put the drawing you have in your drawing slot in Centaur in the Art ^_^

2003-12-10 [LadyWillow]: My sister deleted it from my comp. Can I just move it? Is that possible?

2004-01-01 [Keeper of Darkness]: k, so I am horrible at html. and I joined The Realem of the Felines  and was asked to help set up the page can anyone mail me and tell me how to update pictures and change the name so its spelt right? It would be a great help!! Thanks

2004-01-01 [Keeper of Darkness]: Happy Early New Year!!! (It's only 9:16 here)

2004-01-03 [Piggly_wiggly]: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2004-02-09 [Piggly_wiggly]: er...hello?

2004-02-09 [May-lea]: ?

2004-02-21 [Tollbooth]: you probly already know of Centaurus

2004-04-27 [fairygurl69]: hey cool wiki! i am new and i am really confused.......please tlk to me and clue me in....i'm just confused!!

2004-05-18 [SeLoCeS]: very interesting i will be watching stuff here .... and may add later

2004-05-18 [May-lea]: Nice! thank you!

2004-07-17 [Ankh]: I just put a link to here from a wiki of mine is that ok?

2004-07-23 [Nyaah*]: can i upload a cetaure made by me? :)

2004-07-25 [May-lea]: Sure! upload it and put it in the "centaur in the art" section

2004-07-25 [Nyaah*]: done. thankyou :)

2004-08-03 [Erestor]: if you want ot read a story in progress about a centaur go to SotC

2004-08-26 [May-lea]: Ok, thanks, I will as soon as I have enough time. I've been away for too long...

2005-02-01 [Sunrose]: Lookie lookie: Taur Contest!

2006-06-01 [kay-chan]: I think 'centaur' should be a race for ET! ...that is all... *disappears*

2006-08-24 [Zab]: Is this wiki alive?

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