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The Blair Witch Project review

Directed by Myrick & Sánchez

Starring Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams & Joshua Leonard

So three friends go out on a "Blair witch hunt", so to speak, and think it's all fun and games until they get lost in the woods, hear scratching noises outside their tent, and one of them goes missing. Spooky, right?

It's filmed "documentary style", and was arguably the first of its kind. The actors were giving "clue cues", but none of it was rehearsed, and they'd wake up in the morning to find drops of clues, items, etc. Not only that, but most of the spooky noises and stuff were the directors and their minions hassling the actors. They had to cut down a lot of the film, and only used a small portion of what they shot.

S'oke. I mean, it was the 90's, and it became a "cult classic" in the way that people who grew up around my time always heard of it, even though I think barely any of us watched it. The movie was a bit of a disappointment, but I think that's due to the unnecessary hype it received. I'd give it a 2&1/2 out of 5.
/ [Akayume]

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2011-07-08 [Sideways]: I think it was just too long and boring. But it had a fantastic and thought provoking ending. Plus if you first watched it as I did, as a ten year old child while the movie was still being pushed as real, it was fucking terrifying. Watching it now, it does suck pretty hard. And we have TBWP to thank for steaming piles of crap like Cloverfield and Quarantine. Still, I'm a Blair witch fan.

2011-07-09 [Akayume]: I was never allowed to watch it back then. :P

2011-07-09 [Sideways]: It was a movie that scared the hell out of me as a kid. And I was a kid raised on Freddy, Jason, chucky, and pennywise the clown...

2011-07-09 [Akayume]: I saw the previews, and those scared me. But never the actual movie.

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