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The Black Pearl


Jazon walked onboard.

Jack walked on board and saw Jazon. "Oi. Jazon. Did you fix up the boy?"

"I'm waiting for him to get dressed."Jazon said unemotionally.

Crow peered out, he looked around feeling awefully swamped in these clothes, they seemed alien to him since all he had ever worn were rags.

Jazon looked back."Come on Crow."He knew that the baggy clothes that he himself always wore,would mostly always be falling off the poor lad,but thats why he gave him a belt.

"Perfect." Jack said as he started walking towards the bow of the ship looking for Sarah's ship.

Crow smiled slightly, clothes only hanging on him thanks to the trsuty thick belt, he followed Jack, wondering what they did on a boat. He'd never been on the sea before and found this hole experience rather exciting.

"You're looking for Sarah again,arent you Jack?"Jazon said to Jack,knowing the answer.

"Ay." Jack said calmly still staring out at the open sea.

"Whose Sarah"? Crow was standing, sort of bent over in a floppy fashion, he looked a little dazzed, like the sea was getting to him.

"Sarah is the Captain of The Luck of the Irish ship.He has a crush on her."Jazon said blankly.

Jack heard Jazon and quickly he turned and got directly into Jazon's face. "Ay lad. More than a childish crush. This is love."

Crow looked a little suprised, love, that was a strange thing, it did weird thing to people. He decided to not get invovled at all.

"I didn't know the Great Captain Jack Sparrow was able to love."Jazon teased.

Jack hated being teased. He qucikly turned away from Jazon and making his hair whip Jazon in the face.

"Ow!"Jazon growled as a bead in Jack's hair hit him in the face."Thats one reason why I hate long hair you girly man.."He smirked,teasing Jack even more.

Jack, for the most part, ignored the comment and lightly laughed. He continued looking out to see for Sarah. "Damnit where is Gibbs?" He yelled turning around and looking around the ship.

"I don't know."Jazon shrugged.

"Uhh.. Cap'n.. I'm behind ya" Gibbs said from behind Jack. He smirked. "Girl got yer thoughts has she?"

Jack jumped and turned around looking at Gibbs. "No!" he said defensively.

Gibbs chuckled. "I seen that look before Jack" he elbowed Jack teasingly.

Jack ignored Gibbs and turned to his crew. "SET SAIL MEN!" He yelled.

"Must ye yell so loud Jack..?"Jazon growled and blinked.The accent is rubbing off on me...

"Ay lad. See on a ship, you must be loud." Jack teased Jazon as he walked towards the storage room for the rum.

"E's got that wrong lad.. If yer Jack Sparrow, ya gotta be loud.." Gibbs laughed lightly

Jack smirked wildly with his back turned to Gibbs and Jazon. "Gibbs." He yelled as he opened his compass and it spun around crazily.

Gibbs went over to stand beside Jack after hearing his name yelled. "Cap'n?"

"We have a heading!" Jack yelled once again in a drunken tone. "We go.....THAT WAY!" He said pointing in a random direction. (If i misspell its cuz im watching a movie as well as typing)

Gibbs sighed. "Alright Cap'n, if you say so" he muttered

Jack snap closed the compass and looked blankly at the sea.

Orochiba walked over to Jazon. "Are we setting sail yet?" He asked excitedly. He lovedbeing up in the Crow's nest.

"Yes Orochiba..We're settin' sail.Our drunk Captain found a heading..."JAzon walked over to Jack."But if yer lookin' for Sarah...Shes that way."He pointed at a little dot on the horizon

Jack looked where Jazon was pointing. "Of course. I knew that." He points drunkily. "THAt'A WAY!!!!!!!!!"

Jazon sighed.He wondered why he even bothered being on this ship.

Jack put his arm around Jazon's neck. "So lad." He threw a bottle of rum in his face. "Drink up."

"Jack,you know I don't like drinkin..."Jazon said,pushing the bottle away from his face.

"Suit yourself." Jack laughed and opened the bottle for himself and started chugging it down.

"Rum will be the end of ya,Jack."

Orochiba chuckled.

Jack noticed the dock moving further away. "Good." was all he said.

Orochiba yelled from in the crow's next. "Cap'n Jack. The Luck of the Irish..Right ahead."

"Aye lad. I see." Jack said as they came right up next to the Luck of the Irish.

Sarah docked onto the ship. "Well well, what brings you here Jack...?"

Angelo jumped on after her, and pulled Celeste on after him.

"Angelo! Let go of me!" Celeste growled, hitting him on the back.

Angelo laughed, putting her down, "Here's you herb, I saw it was the new one, sorry 'bout that."

Celeste straightened her red bandana, and her red top and red shorts. HEr red boots were still intact, despite Angelo, she took back the bottle, "Sarah are you alright? I heard you clashing swrods with someone."

Sarah smiled. "Don't worry, its just a little cut on my arm..."

"Clasing swords eh Sarah?" Jack asked with an odd smile. "With whom?"

Jazon saw Celeste and smiled.

Carmen tackled Sarah."SARAH!!YOU LEFT WITHOUT ME!!"

Sarah smiled. "Captain Norrington, an old 'friend' of yours." she winced when Carmen glomped her.

Angelo chuckled, walking over, taking Cameron gently off of Sarah, he smiled at her, "Let's go back to the ship shall we?"

Celeste rolled her eyes, tucking away the bottle, and walked right into the mast, "Ow!"

Angelo looked over at her, "You alright Cel?"

"Just fine," Celeste chuckled, "Just being teh clutz I am."

Angel chcukled.

Orochiba jumped down from the Crows nest and landed right between Sarah and Jack. "Ahh. Infamous Cap'n Sarah."

Sarah smiled. "Hello there. You guys can go back to the ship iif you want... we need to organise everything after that little raid."

Carmen squirmed and blushing up at Angelo.

Angelo smiled at Sarah, "Most of it has all ready been done..a few of the navy men are taking care of it."

Celeste bumped right into Orochiba, "Sorry about that.."

Carmen whimpered."Sarah left me.."

"Ay, sorry 'bout that love, was partically my fault as well," Angel smiled down at her.

Carmen smiled and kissed him.,

Sarah looked over at Jack and smirked. "So, why are you following me...?"

Angelo kissed her back, smiling at her, "Let's be back to our ship ey?"

"Ay."Carmen purred.

Angelo smiled, hopping back over to The Luck of the Irish after picking up Camern.

Jack walked around Orochiba to Sarah and put his arm around her shoulders. "Sooo. Dear Sarah!"

Sarah looked over at Jack and smirked. "So, why are you following me...?"

"Im...Who said i was following you?" Jack said in his odd tone of voice. It was obvious he was drunk but then again when isn't he.

Sarah chuckled. "Don't give that. You're drunk again..."

"Am i?" Jack asked stupidly as he fell forward right there on the deck.

Sarah sighed. "Yeah, you are. Gibbs, Im taking him to his room so he can sleep it off. Hes had a wee more than usual." Sarah helped him up and slung one of his arms over her shoulders.

Ochimaru saw Sarah carrying Jack. She wasn't sure who Sarah was so she went to Jack and sarah slinging jacks other arm over her shoulder. "I can take him."

Sarah smiled. "Nah. I will. I have a few questions for him when hes sober anyways."

"Need some help captain..." Adrien asked landing over the railings beside her, "sorry it took me so long..I was taking inventory of what we got from the interceptors raid..."

Sarah chuckled. "Nah, I'm good." she said, putting jack on his hammock in his cabin. She sighed. "Such a lugheaed." she looked down at her shoulder and noticed it was still bleeding. It stung, but it didn't bother her.

"He's too drunk to walk isn't he..." Adrien muttered picking up an nearly empty bottle of rum, "be still..." he whispered pouring some onto her cut.

Sarah winced. "Are you sure thats healthy to do that...?"

"It's's fine as long as Jack doesn't see..." Adrien replied chuckling slightly.

Sarah chuckled. "Yeah, he'll think its a waste."

"What's a waste is the way he drinks...he doesn't even savor the taste...just chugs it down..." Adrien replied shaking his head slightly.

"I don't even like rum..." Sarah chuckled softly.

"'s not strong enough for me..." Adrien replied with a shrug.

Sarah chuckled. "I just perfer whiskey."

"I know...I stole it for you when we were kids..." Adrien muttered laughing slighly.

Sarah chuckled. "Yeah, you always were taking my things like a brother would."

"Yeah...I took it from that old man too..." Adrien whispered.

Sarah chuckled. "Jack is almost the same age as me."

"not him...the old man that raised me..." Adrien corrected laughing slightly.

"Oh ahahaah. Well, your always callin Jack old, so I didnt know." Sarah smiled, looking over at Jack, who was seemingly passed out.

Jack opened his one eyes slightly and realized Sarah and Adrien standing over him so he shut his eye once more pretending to still be asleep.

Sarah looked over at Adrien and smiledd. "I take it you've always liked whiskey then if you kept taking it from the old guy.

"'s the only thing strong enough for me.." Adrien replied smirking darkly.

Jack layed still waiting for them to talk about him. He wanted to know how she felt about him.

"Is it just me....or is he unusually quiet to be asleep..." Adrien asked loking at Jack oddly.

Jack was shocked but still pretended to be asleep. He started a slight snore from deep in his throat.

Sarah shrugged. "Hey, people can sleep quietly.... "

Adrien smirked, "yeah I suppose..." he whispered drawing his blade, "we can be sure though...."

Jack jumped up. "AH! everyone is in my room. WHY?!"

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Fine. Next time you pass out on the deck, I'll leave you there for everyone to step on." Sarah growled, walking out of the room angrily. Ungrateful bastard!

Jack jumped up from his hammock and ran after Sarah. "EH! Sarah! Don't do this!" He stumbled over basicly every step he took.

Sarah turned around. "Get your ass back in that hammock. Your in no condition to be up." she sighed, pushing him back towards his bunk.

"Not till you talk to me!" Jack Demanded.

"I'll talk to you if you lay down, damnit!!" Sarah kept pushing.

"Allow me captain.." Adrien whispered taking hold of part of Jack's braided beard and dragging him back to the hammock.

Jack yelled in pain. He pushed Adrien away and sat in the hammock frowning. He started rubbing his chin.

"Lay down..." Adrien grumbled.

"Not till i talk to Sarah!" Jack yelled at Adrien pushing him.

Adrien frowned drawing a small blade and pressing it to Jack's throat forcing him down into the hammock, "shut up she will talk to you when you're sober..."

Jack squinted his eyes angrily.

"I'll listen to the words you wish to speak Jack, only if they actually have meaning." Sarah said, pulling up a chair and sitting down.

"I love you Sarah!" Jack yelled to her.

Sarah blushed brightly. "Wh-what...?"

Jack smiled. "Wasn't it obvious?" He said in his typical tone.

"How can I be sure you actually mean it Jack. Your always flirting with women and telling them you 'love' them just so you can get them into bed." Sarah said unemotionally.

"Did that kiss mean nothing to you?"

"It meant a lot to me, but did it mean anything to you, for once?!" Sarah growled.

Orochiba smiled at Celeste. "It's aight. No worries." He had a sweet accent in his voice.

Celeste smiled up at him slightly, "Uh, I wasn;t watching where I was going," she took off her bandana, her long balck hair flowing loosely, which was rare for her. She looked up at him, stumbling a bit, she blushed slightly, "Uh..I'm Celeste, The Luck of the Irish healer.."

Orochiba smiled through one corner of his mouth. "I'm Orochiba. The lookout here on The Black Pearl."

'Weel, it was nice to meet you Orochiba," Celeste smiled, stepping up onto the rail.

"N-nice meeting you too!" Orochiba said with an odd clildish smile.

Celeste'e bandana flew out of her hand and toward Orochiba. Celeste gasped, watching the wind take it after trying to catch it.

Orochiba grabbed it just by simply reaching up and grabbing it. He always knew it would be good for him being tall.

Celeste hopped back down and walked over to Orochiba, "May I have my bandana back?"

Orochiba held it over his head. "Only if you can get it." He teased her.

Celeste glared playfully at him, "You really don't want to test me..."

Orochiba chuckled and bright his arm down and held out the bandana too her. "Here ya go."

Celeste smirked, grabbing her bandana, "Thanks."

Orochiba nodded with a fake smile.

"You alright?" Celeste asked, frownng a bit.

Orochiba smiled. "Yea." He looked up at his crows nest then back at her. "I'm fine."

"Ay, duty calls," Celeste nodded, and tied the bandana around her wirst, turning back to her ship.

Orochiba frowned watching her walk off.

Kittie walked up to Orochiba. She looked almost identical too him.

Celeste walked over to the railing of the Black Pearl and put her leg up to hop over to her ship.

Kittie noticed Orochiba staring at Celeste. She wapped him in the back of the head and yelled to Celeste. "Hey. You forgot sumin!"

Orochiba fliched when he got hit by his sister and looked at her when she called to Celeste. "What are you doing?" He said between his teeth so Celeste didn't hear.

Celeste looked back, "I don't think I forgot anything, but thanks anyway."

Kittie shrugged and looked at Orochiba. "Eh. I tried." She said loud enough the Celeste could hear.

Celeste looked at her, hopping down from teh railing, "Tried what?"

"My stupid brother here likes you." Kittie said acting as though it was nothing.

Orochiba looked at Kittie his eyes wide. "Will you quit it!"

Celeste chuckled, but not loud enough to Orochiba to hear, but Kittie could. "Sure doesn't seem like it," Celeste smirked.

Orochiba growled at his twin sister. "Stop it." He looked at Celeste. "She's lying. Right Kittie?"

Kittie chuckled. "Oh poppicok!" She said slapping her brothers arm. "He's totally got a crush on you."

"That would explain why he's getting so defensive," Celeste laughed, smiling.

Orochiba growled again.

"Aww, too bad, maybe I liked you too," Celeste winked, turning back to the railing.

Orochiba perked up in a cute sense.

Kittie looked at Orochiba and giggled. "You lost your chance bro." She turned around patted his stomach as a sign to give up and she walked away.

"Wait!" Orochiba yelled running to Celeste. "M-may i accomplany you to the other ship?" It was highly obvious he was nervous.

Celeste shrugged, "If you want to, Orochiba." She smiled.

Orochiba smiled and nodded. "OK. Lets go."

Celeste hopped over the railing and onto the The Luck of the Irish.

Jack jumped up from the hammock pushing away Adrien. He grabbed Sarah in his arms as his hands rested on her sides. He kissed her cheek gently.

Sarah looked up at him, blushing brightly.

Jack smiled. "You still think i don't mean it, love?"

"I-I'm not techincally sure... but I guess... I can believe you." she smiled.

Jack smiled in a way that was truely unseen before.

"Finally!" Adrien shouted sighing with relief, "I thought you would ignore him forever..."

Sarah blushed. "Shut up Adrien..."

Jack smiled again and started to head to the deck dragging Sarah behind him.

Sarah meeped and followed him.

Adrien laughed, "don't have too much fun you too..." he yelled laughing even louder, "hrm...I wonder if he has any whiskey in here..."

"STAY AWAY FROM ME RUM!" Jack shouted knowing that Adrien was going to be sorting through his stuff.

"I used the last of that on Sarah's cut..." Adrien called back laughing.

Sarah chuckled. "Don't worry, we got extra rum at port... my crew goes through it like water."

Jack stopped walking and his eyes widened. "My-my- MYYYYYY RUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Kittie jumped and looked at Jack. "Uh oh. Someone drank his rum."

sarah rolled her eyes and pulled a bottle off her belt. "Here."

Jack grabbed the bottle and hugged it like a child would hug a teddy bear.

Sarah smiled and chuckled softly.

"You got any whisky down there?" Adrien asked laughing.

Jack looked up at Adrien. "So i look like a man that would own wiskey?"

Sarah sighed and threw him up her bottle. "Here. Theres more on the ship too. Just don't drink it all."

"I was asking Sarah...dumb ass.." Adrien whispered under his breath catching the bottle.

Jack was took busy with him rum to notice what Adrien said. He was drinking the bottle down quick but looked at Sarah through the corner of his eye as he drank it down.

Sarah chuckled. "Don't get too drunk again..."

Jack dropped the bottle from his lips and let it swing at his sinde in his hand. He chuckled and smiled his typical stupid smile.

Sarah chuckled and rolled her eyes. "You don't need to be dragged to bed again."

Jack smiled and walked to the wheel. He rested his hands on it and pretended to be steering.

Sarah looked back at her own ship. "I should be getting back..."

Jack nodded. "Yes." He looked around. "MEN GET READY TO SET SAIL!"

Sarah smiled slightly. "We'll meet up again." she said, going over to The Luck of the Irish.

Orochiba jumped back over to the ship and looked at Jack.

Jack looked over at Orochiba. "Where have you been?" He yelled.

"Sorry jack...but I don't wanna get stuck over here too.." Adrien muttered runing up his back and kicking off his shoulders. The luck of the irish

"Wrecthed child." Jack grumbled.

Jack paced around his ship with a bored look on his face. With each crew member he passed he yelled at them for something.

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