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The Avengers review

Go. See. This. Movie.

Nuff said.

Seriously though, if you've liked even one of the recent Marvel films, get thine buttocks into a theater immediately. [shadow of darkness] and I saw it last week. We never miss the opening weekend of a Marvel/Dc movie and this one truly did not disappoint. It's funny, it's action packed, it's everything a geek wants out of their superhero experience. On a scale of 1-10 it gets an easy 9, if not 9.5. Nothing ever gets a 10 because I've yet to see the perfect film, though some come close, none recently have come as close as The Avengers. That being said, I have one or two tiny minor issues I would like to address.

The only one real thing being is that if Edward Norton had played Bruce Banner, the film probably would have gotten a 10 in my book. Then again I love Edward Norton, he's up there with my favorites. I've been a fan since Primal Fear and even though I felt he was a weee bit young for the role of inspector Will Graham in the film adaptation of Thomas Harris' Red Dragon, his role in that film is one of my favorites.

I think Mark Ruffalo did an... adequate job of playing Banner. As I scan his IMDB I realize that I've only ever seen him in one episode of Due South, "A Cop, a Mountie, and a Baby" and I couldn't tell you what his roll even was. I'm sure he's a fine actor, but if Norton was out, I feel like perhaps Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock or someone of that sort would have been a better choice. I just think they could have found someone a little more... more than Mark Ruffalo.

However, Lou Farrigno was featured as the voice of The Hulk again and hearing him roar always makes my day. For you dullards who are unaware, Lou was the original Hulk.

The other thing is that a prominent character in the film dies and that made me a sad panda. I won't tell you who, but the Marvel film franchise will not be the same without you.

In closing, if you like superheroes, action movies and BAMF's in eyepatches, go see this film. Joss Wheedon directed it and being the Editor of Marvel for a couple years really made him the perfect director for this movie. With John Favreau (Ironman) as executive producer, these two made a film that truly catered to the fans.

I give it a 9.
/ [Ravenclaw]

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2012-05-13 [NOOOPE]: All hail the Whedon! This movie rocked.

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: Indeed, indeed it did.

2012-05-13 [Nioniel]: Aw, I was a sad panda too, when that happened. I loved the movie!

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: It actually made me cry. I could have sworn the character was a robot.

2012-05-13 [Nioniel]: :(

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: I've used him as an NPC a couple times in one of my games and I made him a robot XD.

2012-05-13 [Nioniel]: :P

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