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The Art of Fighting

Taught by: Son Goku

WELCOME one and all and prepare to learn the ART of fighting.

In a fight anything goes. So lessons will include "moves" from almost all martial arts. One thing to always keep in mind: if it works, use it. 

Small disclaimer notice ^^: if you follow what i say, and you end up getting's not my fault. You should've practiced more... :P and you shouldn't have listened to me...

Before proceeding, it's a good idea to read the stretching and stance pages. Real fighting happens in real situations. So every lesson will be presented through situations! This is an experiment^^ hopefully it is more engaging and fun than just reading a "how to..." page. Give ideas if you want to learn ANYTHING. Give commentary whenever possible so ALL ways of fighting are approached in the situation. Things will remain relevant and realistic.


---Warming up---

The Technicalities of Warm Ups

(The more intense the workout, the longer you need to warm up)
It's a very good idea to do some jogging/light running before you stretch. Arm circles, light number of push-ups, and a few sit-ups. This helps to get not only the body, but the mind as well into an "action" mode. 



Remember to do can't ever be stressed too much...



(Learning requires one to THINK, some things we have to figure out by ourselves. the people who made the martial arts were, afterall, human like us. With a clear mind, actively participating in learning, we can make discoveries as well)(some things here require one to experiment for ourselves...) This page is kinda technical....



---The first lesson will be on a street sidewalk---

The First Lesson
This lesson has Methods for Disarming embedded


NORMAL PUSH-FIGHT lets establish position.
bad guy is in front of you.

He pushes at you, you know he's up to no good, so the best way out is to fight...
(you're not supposed to get into a fight just 'cause it's exciting!!!! (tho it is a bit tempting:) ) heehee....) fight because it is the best alternative to anything, and everything, else.

1) Both arms extend towards you.
2) You "reach", get your forearms or wrists, anything, inside of their arms with both your arms.
3) REDIRECT them away from you, like in a circle motion (NOT a push). (keep your elbows close to your body and use the least amount of space you can.)
4) You have all his weak spots all lined up and pretty and ready for you to take (or use). ^^mmm, just like a buffet (:D
5) punch, poke, grab, rip (ouch), or impress them with a joke depending on the situation.


I'll give notes on pressure points and weak spots later on. truthfully, they're easy to find. just experiment on yourself. punch here, poke there, if it hurts take notes....u know.

Remember that this type of stuff has to be practiced. you don't gain speed by thinking about anything. you gain speed through practice! Challenging useful practices!
(learn to distinguish between "hard" and "challenging and useful." It will eliminate many unecessary flourishes in your movements.

Beginner-type people seem to need to learn to avoid street fights where they are just being robbed, and also they seem to be in just normal push fights. Whether you are just showing off your huge ego, or are in a real "protection" situation doesn't matter to me. But truly consider backing away. THAT in itself is an art.


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2004-11-16 [Son Goku]: *yawn*.....

2005-01-04 [Son Goku]: haven't been here in a while... sorry, to anyone who actually reads this stuff

2005-01-26 [Iselin]: Suggestion for increasing your speed, play with a cat or kitten as you have to be faster than them or they'll scratch you. The only problem the cat or kitten will probably sulk after a while as you'll get them frustrated.

2005-01-26 [Son Goku]: haha. now that's the way to do it! ;) awesome!! 

2005-02-12 [M_Sinner]: Lol... I have tried this once before, but after it bit me in my sleep because I was rolling around... I thought that it might be wise to decist.

2005-02-12 [M_Sinner]: 5 ways to avoid an attack: 1) Avoid the situation... If you know that someone wants to "meet you at the flagpole" after school, don't go there. 2) Walk or run in the opposite direction... who cares if you look like a sissy? These are potential life/death situations. 3) Talk your way out of it... Try to reason with the lout. If he is attacking you, he's not the brightest, so you can probably outwit him ;) 4) Use control techniques... push him aside when he rushes, put him in an armlock, anything to make him realize that you are trying to avoid violence (though at this point, it's usually too late) 5) Use force for force, first dangerous, then deadly... He asked for it...

2005-02-12 [M_Sinner]: Srry about putting that... when you talk about "the art of fighting," the idea of all forms of combat is to stop the fight with the least amount of force possible, and that list matches the philosophy perfectly from all angles I have pondered it.

2005-02-12 [Son Goku]: Great comments [M_Sinner], and (haha) you dont' have to be sorry at all!! thanks, I also think people need to know that kind of stuff! It's true, sometimes we get carried away by the adrenaline rush of the situation without pausing to think of the consequences that will arise afterwards. The greatest fighters appreciate safety and wisdom. take comfort in learning to be deadly, but then, only use it as a "backup" to who you really are inside. Put your SELF forward in a confrontation, not all your forms, or knowledge, or ego. Many times, that in-and-of-itself will work out your problems. fight only if you need to... simplicity is always best.

2005-03-19 [Son Goku]: *yawn* and i've been keeping it all real simple lately... :) ... no new stuff because of school and spring break. sorry to anyone who actually reads all of this stuff.

2005-08-22 [Son Goku]: and boy does this page need to be tidied up ....

2006-05-23 [Son Goku]: *grin*

2006-05-23 [Hermelin]: Just a curious question, without implying anything; what are your qualifications for teaching this, what have you practiced and for how long, and so on... ^_^

2006-05-25 [Son Goku]: :) lol, good question. I've been practicing for...about 7 years. of those seven years, probably more like 4 of them are hardcore training and the rest are "school-time" stuff which doesn't really count... I took a few months of Aikido, but besides that i have't had any formal training. Just lots of practicing. 

2006-05-25 [Son Goku]: oh, and types of fighting? aikido.... shoot, nah, don't even count that. Just whatever works.. that brings them all under one roof ^_^

2006-06-05 [Hermelin]: :)

2006-06-05 [Hermelin]: And o.O, do you mean you have actively been picking fights for seven years?

2006-06-07 [Son Goku]: (aaaahahahaahahaaa! ((Sorry that put a smile on my face :P))) lol, no, just training and sparring with friends. ^^

2006-10-09 [Lady of Lore]: ^^ I didn't even see that you'd made a classroom of your own :P Wow, this is really nice! Good job!

2006-10-11 [Son Goku]: haha, I made this a LOOONG time ago... ^__^

2006-10-16 [Lady of Lore]: ^^

2007-03-13 [Son Goku]: A little bit of tidiness? Spring's coming after all...

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