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The Angel Tribe


The Modern Angels

The Angel Tribe is actually called the Bewinged who are small portionally and have the wings, feet and tail of birds of prey. Other then that they look like normal humans. Their eyes however are black and dark brown for females and yellow, light brown and gray for males. They live in the Amazon basin and do not always raise children, causing their numbers to stay small over the years.


User: [Aeolynn]

Name: Alvara "the Tribal Mother"

Age: 23

Description: Small and petite, Alvara is 5'2" with medium length brown redish hair, with dark black eyes set in a round face. She is a barn owl Bewinged with blue-ish gray and white feathers with black stripes and light brown specks along the wrist.

Personality: Blunt and first to share her opinion. She is a tough Bewinged and very secretive, but at the same time she loves to explore and being the leader of her tribe she is naturally called to deal with things. Alvara takes care to not to show her emotions to the tribe and to be their strength.

Abillities: Flight, able to lift 3/4's her weight in flight, has a mind connection to birds as the Tribal Mother and has the natural instincts of a bird of prey.

Special Fact: A Harpy eagle named Hoktl accompanies the current Tribal Mother

History: Born in the village, her parents died at a young age and the last tribal mother took her under her wing.

User: [Steel Mal'ak]

Name: Kapalphatau "The Prophet"

Age: 32

Description: Tall for his kind, standing at about 5'8", and quite muscular. A rare color mutation has given him dark brown, almost black skin with chestnut flecks on his thighs. His striking yellow eyes are serious but kind. His feathers are a deep chocolate brown with flecks like those on his thighs spattered on the underwing coverts and tail feathers. Everything about his body is chiseled and angular. His claws are rough and sharpened, as he is an avid hunter.

Personality: Responsible, deep thinking, and honest. He takes every decision very seriously and has great pride in his people. Quiet most of the time, as he believes words are a gift not to be wasted and a great responsibility. He enjoys long flights, exploring caves, and dive-fishing. Has a wingspan of fifteen feet.

Abillities: Excellent dive-fisher, tracking, hunting, and mapmaking. Can hold his own with most weapons.

Special Fact: Kapalphatau has an interest in human women, and will sometimes spy on the women of human tribes...he is, however, rather ashamed of this and keeps it secret.

History: Kapalphatau was born to Tengotep by Zebuul. His father raised him to be a hunter, and his mother (whose left wing had been broken before and had rendered her flightless) taught him to be kind and wise. When Kapalphatau was seven, he met a young human girl in the forest while out playing. They becames friends and often played in the jungle together. But when Zebuul found out of this, he forbade Kap from mingling with humans. After that Kap had a normal Bewinged upbringing.

User: [The Femme Fatale Problem]

Name: Zusoir “The Scholar”

Age: 24

Description: 5’6” to 5’7”. skin bronzed by his environment, although not too dark (compared to Kap, he’s rather light). His eyes are amber yellow and his hair is reminiscent of a tortoise shell design: it varies from a rich brown to a speckled blonde. His wings and tails are along the same pattern, but tipped in black. He is not of a warrior build, but he does have some muscle definition. Zusoir also wears a loin cloth.

Personality: Very gentle and caring and rather upbeat and loves to laugh He is very friendly with strangers, though not entirely willing to let them in completely. In the human paradigm, Zusoir would seem to have more feminine qualities than masculine qualities.

Abillities: He is fairly smart and knows a lot about the world around him, as well as in depth knowledge of his own culture.

Special Fact: When he “came of age,” Zusoir tattooed himself with the Bewinged word of “knowledge/wisdom” on his chest, as it is something that is very important to him.

History: Zusoir’s father had died during a hunt when Zusoir was young, so he missed out on a lot of male activities, and spent a lot of time around his mother, Vuvrainia, who enriched his mind with all the knowledge she could find. Vuvrainia encouraged Zusoir to get out and explore things to further his conception of the world.







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2007-10-08 [Steel Mal'ak]: Huh? What changed?

2007-10-08 [Aeolynn]: I made a line tag for the rp... so i installed it ><;

2007-10-08 [Steel Mal'ak]: Oh, I see. I was all confused.

2007-10-11 [Ravendust]: hi new member! XD... nice character... ^^;;

2007-10-11 [The Femme Fatale Problem]: Hello there! And thank you!

2007-10-11 [Steel Mal'ak]: Indeed! I suspect that he and Kap might be friends, do you think?

2007-10-11 [The Femme Fatale Problem]: I don't see why not ^_^

2007-10-11 [Steel Mal'ak]: What with you being a scholar and my being a prophet.<img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2007-10-11 [The Femme Fatale Problem]: Exactly...they can be best friends forever! *cheesey music plays*

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