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“Too long has the world been wild, too long have these beasts inhabited productive lands, too long has the product and the purpose gone to waste, too long have the fires of industry and progress been smothered by magics and mysticism. It is time for us to take what is rightfully ours”
Antiscius Orator

It was raining when the first human opened his eyes for the first time, as humans rose from the depths of consciousness they found themselves stripped from all memory, from their Nai'ithar ancestry and Thadre's treason. Soon, they abandoned the hollow Yath'al and went forth to live on the rich plains of South Rysallis and the hills of Kaerul. Soon, the human hardiness came to play, as they were resourceful, though frail and short lived; they soon colonized and expanded their dominion. However humans were scattered and weak, they often engaged in fights with each other and were still reduced to a barbaric state.

Nearly 10 thousand years passed since and the humans were once and again forced to a nomadic life by stronger races, to the north the Lizards and the Catfolk considered humanity as little more than a nuisance and quickly destroyed human settlements along the borders of Rysallis. To the west the sea was dominion of the Merfolk and made quick death of any weak human port town as well as the poor fishermen that ventured into the treacherous seas. To the south the humans feared the darkness of Skarrad and the silent Dah`kin assassins who butchered and stole the souls of the few brave miners who dared seek the hidden riches of Skarrad, hence giving birth to the soulless ones, living humans with no consciousness, who wander the mines as part of the Dah'kin twisted idea of fun. To the east the Humans were hallowed by the Exhodroid, an almost extinct race of old.

However as time went by the human genius proved superior and slowly the human race began settling defined borders and challenging those who used to destroy their early settlements, soon enough 5 kingdoms were set, in South Rysallis was the kingdom of Deepwood populated by stealthy rangers and mighty druids which forced the Lizardfolk deep into North Rysallis and the Catfolk Lands, the Deepwood dwellers were fast to forge a friendship with the wild catfolk. In the fertile lands around Yath'al the kingdom of Ravilla was set; the mightiest amongst all, their forces were always clad in metal armor. Further east, in Kaerul hills it was established the Kingdom of Xiadom, the land of the sword and the slayers of Exhodroids. On the Tyla desert near Skarrad it was established the Kingdom of Caerham where its people were one with the desert. And finally to the west, along the Taiat coast lied the Reign of Lochmore, land of sailors who drove Merfolk away from the shores and into the pearl ocean.

Nevertheless the human race was far from danger, soon, as the external enemies were sundered, the humans, reliving the ancient greed of the Nai'ithar turned on each other, finally, after years of struggle, Ravilla established dominion over the other 4 kingdoms and became and empire, the first emperor, Lucius Orator established four guards in the Ravilla empire to assimilate the strengths of the former kingdoms, the Sword Guard was formed by the soldiers of Caerham, the Petal Guard was formed by the warriors of Xiadom, the forest guard made by the rangers of Deepwood and the Naval Guard, created by the seasoned Lochmore sailors. The peace lasted for a long time, up to 10 years ago, the Emperor at the time was Titus Orator, and had two children, the heir to the throne, Falco Orator and his younger daughter, the 9 year old Claudia Orator. Shortly after the empress's death, the emperor fell ill and soon it was decided that Falco had to take his Father's Place, shortly after the young prince's coronation, Titus died. A few months later however, a stranger from the north arrived at the Capitol City of Decima, the stranger claimed to be the emperor's illegitimate son, Antiscius Orator.

Antiscius quickly gathered supporters amongst the nobles and pledged his claim to Falco, to be recognized as a son of Orator. Although Falco and Claudia did not wish for Antiscius to ascend to power, the pressure amongst the nobles was too great. As soon as Antiscius rose to power, he used his pet nobles to convince Falco to start a campaign against the Soulless ones who spreaded through Tyla desert from the Dah'kin domains of Skarrad. However, once in battle Antiscius arranged Falco's fall, and as the young Emperor was taken deep into the Darkness of Skarrad, Antiscius crowned himself emperor. However the devious Antiscious did not see in Claudia a threat, as the princess was only 14 at the time. Claudia, who held the loyalty of the Petal and Forest guards, exposed Antiscious's betrayal and he was forced to flee to the south, there, Antiscius met the Lizard King Calvas. Antiscius and Calvas forged an alliance in exchange for the swamplands of Rhoa to the southwest of Ravilla, where the Lizards could reform Scaurus. Soon, with the aid of the Sword and the Naval Guards, as well as his Lizardfolk warriors, Antiscius forced Ravilla into a civil war and gathered for himself the lands of Rhoa, Taiat and Tyla, where he founded his kingdom of Nerva. Meanwhile the new Empress Claudia Orator managed to retain the lands of Yath'al, Kaerul and South Rysallis and renamed them, Caessen.

Barely two year ago, Lord Antiscius of Nerva led a great army northwards, to find an ancient power in Ki'afisal. He unwillingly released Thadre into the world once more. Antiscius and his army were exterminated, as the War of Corruption spreaded through the Realms. Empress Claudia Orator then joined forces with the Dah'kin Nim'ael and the Cat Queen, Shalar Angeti and defeated Thadre. However there are other matters to resolve. Nerva is submerged in anarchy, part of the country, known as the blue guard, struggles to anex Nerva to Caessen and so reform the mighty Ravilla. The red guard on the other hand believes Nerva should remain independend. Meanwhile the lands on the North of Caessen have been destroyed by the war and it appears that the Empress's former Dah'kin allies are turning on her. Intrigue and deceit plague the human kingdoms.

Lochmorian Humans - Very tall humans with white skins. Their hair is usually blonde or red and their eyes are blue or green.
Xiadom Humans - Oriental looking humans. Their eyes and hair are usually black.
Caerham Humans - Arabig/African looking humans. They have dark, tanned skins and usually posses brown or black hair and eyes.
Rysallis Humans - Elvish looking humans. They usually have golden or green hair and eyes and are slender.
Ravillan Humans - Roman looking humans. They usually have tanned skins and black or brown eyes and hair.

Rysallean Culture
Ravillan Culture
Lochmorian Culture
Xiadomian Culture
Caerhamian Culture

Racial Skills:
Human (Lochmorian):
- +1 to STR and CON, -1 CHA and DEX
- Start with the High Morale Skill
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

Human (Xiadomian):
- +1 to DEX, - 1 CON
- Starts with the Discipline skill
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

Human (Rysallean):
- +1 to DEX, -1 STR
- Starts with the Handle Bows skill
- +2 to Attack with Ranged Weapons.
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

Human (Ravillan):
- +1 to CHA, - 1 STR
- + 5 Bonus to any Charisma based skills.
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

Human (Caerhamian):
- +1 to INT and MAG, - 1 STR and CON
- 20% XP discount on Scroll Scribbling Cost and Enchanting.
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

Allegiances - Humans can follow Nerva, Caessen, any non human allegiance or none.

Realms of Lemire
Races of Lemire
Classes in Lemire
The world thus far...
Maps of the Realms
Rules of Lemire
Lemirian Art
Characters of the Realms
Forth to Lemire

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2005-12-31 [Blood Raven]: humans don't begin with a free skill point, do they?

2005-12-31 [Duredhel]: Yup

2006-01-06 [Silverbullet]: eh, what does "discount on Scroll Scribbling Cost" (For Caerhaminans) really mean? Like, in the skills list, scribbling scolls doesn't seem to require any payment of sorts... just says success or failure is determined by inteligence..... Oo

2006-01-06 [Duredhel]: As well as enchanting, it has an XP cost

2006-01-06 [Silverbullet]: .....can i dare hope that doesn't go for glyphs?

2006-01-06 [Duredhel]: nope, glyphs are another thing, they only cost MP

2006-01-06 [Silverbullet]: goodie!

2006-01-28 [Veltzeh]: Seems my program needs changing again >_> I didn't notice Lochmorians get the bonus to both stats! X)

2006-03-01 [xido]: This page link added to Human Races on the WFR Char Race Page..... Thanks!

2006-09-13 [Veltzeh]: +2 range with any ranged weapon or a ranged weapon?

2006-11-28 [xido]: Hey Dur, didn't you have a picture of a lineup of Lemirian Humans at one point? Or am I remembering something from your Elfwood gallery?

Am I delerious?

I am seeking WFR Member or ET member contributions for all of the Human Races, because that page currently has no media at all. :(

Comment on the page, or msg me for more info on the races of the current WFR if you have any questions or issues. All media should be on non-lined paper, it's my only requirement. ;)

2006-11-28 [Silverbullet]: You could check Lemire Art out, Xido. It doesn't have that lineup of humans you talked about (and I do remember seeing one at one point..) but it has other human drawings.

2006-11-28 [Duredhel]: I'm gonna re-do that lineup after the hiatus, as wells as drawings for all the other races ^^

2006-11-28 [Silverbullet]: Ouh, great undertakings to be done ^^

2006-11-29 [xido]: Wonderful! I will check out that page, and of course I will look out for a human lineup, which will help on that page. Please feel free to consider Jashnian humans as well if anyone is interested. I will provide any knowledge any artists need for concept work, and I look forward to the artwork from everyone! Holiday season will be productive for me too, I think.

2006-11-29 [Silverbullet]: Blah, I tend to get lazier over the holidays XD

2006-12-05 [xido]: lol!  That happens!  :P

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