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The land was slowly recovering from it's many years without light. Surprisingly, many seeds sprung up almost immediately and the earth saw it's first flowers within a few days. Many of the demons had been vanquished, though some still remained- hidden in the shadows and coming out only when the sun set. Animal populations weren't as sparse anymore, and Now there were small villages all over the planet that could occasionally visit each other as they regained back their world.

Sakura now getting along in her baring another child of Azderias's. Currently is building a little of her old village. She had her daughter and give her the name Savanna. She had to beg and plea Azderias to allow her to go on her own and do some rebuilding. After serious arguing she did manage to get some kind of aggrement as she took Savanna who was about 2 with her and knows that her fiancee would join them in a few days.her thoughts wonder about Kehtale...he had not said so much a word...anyway Sakura is still not married..yet because she does not think it is fair to marry when her friend Sa'vere had to be alone for years. When she gets frustrated with her Fiancee she calls him Guard-dog.

Kehtale had moved away from Sakura and Azder, and now he was married to a young woman with shoulder length black hair. He hadn't contacted the others in a while to tell them that he had had a set of twins- two hardy sons. He honestly didn't know what they'd say if they heard that he had married, he knew that Sa'vere had to be out there somewhere, and his heart had broken when he'd heard that she had died, but he had fallen in love with another woman while waiting for her return. He would occasionally feel pangs of guilt when he looked at his healthy family, he would think of Sa'vere, and wonder where she was and if she was okay.

He was sitting outside one day when he caught sight of an injured woman with long blond hair. She seemed familiar to him, though he couldn't quite place it as he immediately leapt to his feet and down the porch steps, his todler sons at his heels, "Miss, miss, what happened?" He questioned as he stopped before her.

Her gaze remained towards the ground, "I don't know..." She murmured weakly before collapsing, unconscious.

"Momma...why do you and dady call each other silly names?"

Sakura smiles at her little girl. "Well dear you see your daddy and I always argued before you were born so we came up with those names."

They both continue working and Sakura can just hear Azderias's protest. She waves them away and still wonder about Kehtale.

Savanna giggles as she knows when her momma is thinking about Daddy. "I hope daddy don't get mad mommy."

Sakura sighs as she knows her insistant Fiancee's temper. "You and me both kiddo...hey we need to eat." Sakura gets out their lunch and they eat.

After he'd gotten her inside, Kehtale recognized her, stumbling backwards in shock, "Sa'vere?" He whispered to himself, no matter that he'd not contacted his friends in a while, he had to tell them that their friend was with him. Sakura! He hoped that distance would not affect his call to her.

Sakura hears Kehtales message but is puzzled on what to do. She did not want her finacee to see Savana left alone. Kehtales call sounds a bit urgent. Yes Kehtale...I won't be there until I get my finacee here...

I-I've found Sa'vere. Kehtale said as steadily as he could as his wife began to treat her wounds.

Azder meanwhile sat in a tree, he listened to the young boys protests as he examined a dark blade. The boy wouldn't tell him where he found it so he stayed out of the boys reach. *Is it possible my father is still out there?*He wondered.

Hmm interesting and somehow I imagine this is going to cause complications for you Kehtale..stay calm I will try to get there soon. Savanna looks up at her mom.

"Is something wrong mommy?" Savana asks in curiosity.

"No sweetheart I just heard from an old friend.Now finish your lunch." Sakura had finished her lunch and still worked some more.

The boy growled at Azder. "Give it back!" Azder shook his head taking a whiff of the boy. "'s you uncle.."
Vazerdain took his true form and attacked. Both fought each other drawing blood for blood. Zia who was near by ran to help Azder but before she reached him, both he and his uncle tumbled over the cliffs.
"AZDER!" She fell to her knees. "No.....please no.."

Zia reached Sakura's home a day later, she wasn't sure what to tell her.

Unknown to Zia Sakura all ready had seen the incident. "It's ok Zia I already know. What are you doing here?"

"Oh Sakura....I am so sorry...." Looks down as she sinks into a chair. "If I had been faster..."

Sakura puts a conforting hand on her shoulder. "Do not fret I do not blame you." Savanna catches on quick but hides her tears. "I need you to watch Savanna for me. Can you do that Zia?"

"Yes. Were are you going?" Looks to Savanna comfortingly.

"To see an old friend." Sakura hears rustling in the bushes. Oh no now who is going to appear?

Zia places a comforting and protective hand around Savanna. She narrows her eyes as well.

An arrow shoots out and hits the tree with a message. "Oh great somehow I don't think this is good."

Dear Sakura,

You didn't think you could get away that easily did you. Now that Azderias is out of the are free and since you didn't marry him...I will make you mine.

Signed Wouldn't you like to know.

Sakura shakes her head furiously but decides to put the note away.

"What is it?" Zia asks in concern.

Sakura decides not to bring it up. "It's nothing just a silly message..perhaps I should bring Savanna with can come too unless you have something better to do."

"No. I can come with you...will it be safe for her too?"

"I am her mother I have to protect her so don't worry. Thank you Zia for everything." Sakura feels guilty as the phrase since she didn't marry Azderias made it easier for him. It won't be safe to just leave her under one persons eye.

"You once said we were friends remember? We still are, so there is no need to thank me." Zia said as she gathered her pack.

Sakura nods as she gets both Savanna and herself ready. Should I even mention it was better that he didn't get tied down by me...Azderias...I'm sorry for everything. Sakura just keeps getting everything ready and gets ready for their journey. She still feels a familiar perverted glare. "Lets get going I don't want to dawdle."

Zia nods, knowing Sakura was troubled, but knowing better than to pry. "All right.Sakura.....if you need anything just ask."
Azderian walked in the woods, he wasn't sure what he was or even where he came from. He spotted a sword laying on the ground, and carefully picked it up. "Father?" He shook his head knowing it had to be Azderias's sword. He cleaned it and sheathed it.
He looked around not sure where to go.

Sakura, Zia and Savanna continue their way but something hits Sakura's arm. Oh this is getting old...KEHTALE YOU BETTER NOT TURN US AWAY WHEN WE GET THERE! Sakura guards Savanna and the person seems to be gone. They don't see much of anything since they are south of Azderian of course none of them realize it.

Azderian smells the scents, he finds it oddly familiar and cautiously moves that way.

Zia gets into a defensive crouch.

Sakura realises this is shaping out to be a trap. "ZIA WE HAVE TO JUMP!" Sakura finds a branch and grabs it.


Sakura entends her hand out to Zia and pulls her up then pulled up Savanna. The ground begin to form into a net and trapped some animal. Ok this fool wants me bad...this isn't good. I don't even know who it is. "Are you all right Zia?"

"Yes. are you? Savanna?"She asked and than stopped. She mutely pointed to what looked like Azder several feet away.

Sakura can tell the difference once she notices the resemblance. "Yes...we are both fine."

"He.....looks like Azder....but he isn't."zIa whispered.

Azderian stopped and sniffed the air. He let out a frustrated growl, and started to head their way.

Sakura holds Savanna close as she holds on to the tree. Sakura whispers, "Zia...will you be ok?" Sakura falls because she stepped back too far. She crashes on the ground. "OPH!"

Zia managed to catch Savanna and looked to Sakura in worry.

Azderian approached her cautiously. "Are you all right?"

Sakura nods but looks at like the wind has been knocked out of her. "Yes...I'm fine...why are you looking frustrated?"

He helps her to her feet. "I...can't find my father."

Sakura decides to forget tact. "You mean Azderias right? Do you think he is alive?"

Savanna smells him and realizes their are from the same father. "Zia...I think it is safe.."

Zia slowly sled herself, and Savanna down.

Azderian looked at Sakura carefully. "You know him?"

"Yes...but he fell from a cliff." Sakura allows Azderian to inspect her.

Azderian looked down. "I......felt it...I didn't want to believe it..." He sinks to the ground. "How.....did you know him?"

Sakura decides to allow the truth. "Well...I was a close friend of his and I was engaged to him..maybe he is still alive.."

Looks confused. "Oh.....I see." Gets up to go.

"What's wrong?" Sakura feels the perverted gaze down her back but decides to let it go.

Savanna walks over to Azderian and smiles. "Don't be sad...we aren't going to hurt you. The lady here is my mommy."

"I don't know.....what to do, I don't even know much about myself. All I know is that Azderias was my father....I had hoped he would have the answers to my past..."

Sakura looks at him sympathetically. "Well...all we know is he fell from a cliff...don't know if he is dead or not...perhaps you can still find him.." Sakura feels something hit her back and she falls down.

Azderian quickly shields all of them, it appears to be a black veil that covers them all. He quickly removes the arrow and tends to her wounds, as Zia comforts Savanna.

Sakura coughs but feels embarrassed too. "You don't have to do that... I will be ok..." This fool is starting to get on my last nerve...but what can I do...Should I just give myself up to him...who ever he might be.

The attacks seemed to stop as Azderian's eyes turn blood red for a moment. "I want to help..."

Sakura looks confused. "But...isn't your past important to you...I don't want to distract you from your mission." How interesting but really he should not even care.

"You need help right now, my quest can wait."Finishes healing her. He looks at Savanna closely. "So....I have a sister?"

Savanna giggles lightly as she touches Azderian. "Daddy would like you.."

Sakura can't help but laugh at her very honest daughter. "It would seem so.."

Azderian smiles slowly. "I hope he would..I never met him, I've been told he looks like me."

"Oh believe me you had Zia's heart jumping in her chest." Sakura smirks at Zia.

Savanna smiles at him. "I think Aunt Zia likes you."

Zia looks at them forcing a smile.

Azderian studies their faces closely. "I am sorry if I caused you pain." Looks down at Azderias's sword. "Was this his?"

Sakura nods. "You have not caused me any kind of pain. I just didn't know he had a son. I am being pursued by someone..who wants to make me his..."

Savanna smiles at Zia. "You not mad are you auntie Zia?"

Zia hugged Savanna. "No, I am not mad."

Azderian looked at them feeling awkward. "I see.....perhaps I could help?"

Sakura senses his awkward feeling. "Well..only if you wish to..I can tell you are not comfortable around us."

"It's not that......I have never had anyone want me around..." Looks down as though in shame.

Sakura nods at that but tilts his head to her eyes. "You will not be looked down upon by us. I thank you for offereing your help..I am going to be visiting an old friend." Sakura gets a semi evil notion in her head. "Savanna honey why don't you and I try to find some water." Savanna nods and eagerly follows her mommy leaving Zia and Azderian alone.

Zia swallowed, knowing what Sakura had just done. She looked over to Azderian and studied him carefully. *He looks so much like Azder......but Azder never had a son, who is he?*

Azderian leaned against a tree, looking away from her, he found her attractive.

Savanna giggles as she plays in the water. "I think they look cute. I wonder if they will kiss."

"Savanna honey you really are my child. Who knows honey?" Sakura continues to get water but feels something going to attack Savanna she pulls her out of the way.

Azderian gasped in pain as a jagged gash appeared on his chest.

Zia let out a curse. "SAKURA!"

Sakura manages to cause her persuaer pain and he flees. I am fine Zia...I think Azderian is hurt tend to him.

Azderian hissed in pain, as Zia tore his shirt off to expose the wound, she slowly started to tend to his wound, blushing a little at his muscled flesh. "Sakura....I need some water."

Sakura and Savanna head back to them. Sakura hands Zia some water and smiles in fond memory of her fiancee but again guilt burns in the note she is keeping to remind her about how stupid she is.

Zia uses the water to gently clean his wounds. She carefully bandaged them, after stitching them closed. "Don't strain yourself or it will open. She ordered.

Azderian slowly sat up. "All right....But....what happened? I saw a flash of something, than I am lying on my back wounded."

Sakura felt fear go down her back as she takes out the note and re-reads it. "You probably were attacked because this person knows you are Azderias's son."

"What person?" Looks upset.

Sakura decides to show them the note. "This person I don't know who he is."

Azderian and Zia both look angry.

"Do you think it is Vazerdain?" Zia asked.

Azderian looked at the note twice.

"It is possible, I wouldn't know Vazerdain's handwriting so that could be it...that would explain why the attacker aimed at little Savanna." Sakura groans as her head is hurting.

"HE AIMED AT HER!" Azderian looked furious.

Zia looked a little uneasy. "Is it safe for us to go to Kahtale?"

"I understand your fear but I am left with not a lot of options before me. Yes I pulled Savanna out of the way before he could hit her." Sakura coughs.

Azderian looked angry. "I will protect you as best I can." He grabs a shirt and pulls it over his head. Zia winced slightly. "Don't hurt yourself any further!"

"Zia gently pinch his left ear that will calm him down. You act so much like your even have his temper." Savanna gives him a hug.

Azderian gives a sigh and calms down looking at Savanna. "I am sorry.....I hate people getting hurt..." He broke off suddenly *I can't tell them, I shouldn't even be near them, what if I hurt them?* He wondered uneasily.

Zia looked at him worriedly. "What's wrong?"

Sakura looks him directly in the eyes. "You better tell us...because I can reach inside your head..but I would rather you tell me yourself."

Savanna just keeps hugging her "brother."

Azderian looks at her in shock and anger. He disentangles himself from Savanna. " the others....always messing with my head." He steps away from them in ager.

Zia looks worried. "No. We want to help you, we need you to tell us so we can help you."

Sakura just looks at him. "I am sorry that was rash...Please forgive my horrible action. You obviously have been hurt. I would not brain wash you...and perhaps...I am still sorry. I have something to...research excuse me" Sakura gets up and walks to the clearing. I can find out who is attacking my family. Savanna looks hurt at him and whimpers.."I was only trying" She follows her mommy in tears.

Azderian closes his eyes to fight back tears. Zia laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. "It's all right....we want to help you, not hurt you."
He pulled away from her. "I.....can't." He ran off into the woods, Zia looked down sadly and followed Sakura, she felt strangely hollow.

"Sakura are you all right?" Zia asked.

Sakura just walks out into the light. Zia stay back...Get Savanna...I am going to see who my attacker is...I am sorry that I destroyed his feel something for him.

"Ok I am here oh wonderful man you...why don't you let me see who I am going to belong too."

Zia held on to Savanna gently, trying to comfort her.

Sakura hears a grunt but hears the familiar laughter. "You actually think you can stay away dear Sakura. You all ready know who I am..."

Unknown to them Azderian watched them, unsure why, but he knew he should help in some way.

Zia held Savanna to keep her from going to Sakura.

"YOU NEED A LIFE LEAVE ME ALONE!" Sakura's heart beats in her ears. "General really you should look into a hobby."

Azderian looked to the man who spoke, he felt a chill go down his back as he recognized him as one of the people who tried to "Improve" his mind.

Sakura gets frustrated and goes to leave but an arrow is shot.

"You know what I want Sakura." He said in a deadly voice, as though angry. "I actually opened up to you, and you stab me in the back."

Azderian moved up behind him and attacked him. "BASTARD!" They both fell to the ground in a pile, Azderian's wound reopened. Vazerdain hissed in anger as he drew his blade and started to attack.

"I NEVER AGREED TO MARRY YOU! I only wanted to keep your nephew safe. VAZERDAIN YOU CAN'T BE THAT OBBSESSED!" Sakura uses her arrow to just knock the blade away. She feels the guilt start to rip through her..."You weren't the only one who confided some information. WHY DID YOU ATTACK MY DAUGHTER!"

Azderian panted in pain as Vazerdian pinned him down, he bent low so the others wouldn't hear and whispered in his ear. "Not now dark one. I won't take your life, your value is greater than that."
Azderian struggled in anger.

Vazerdain straightened up. "I didn't attack her, I wouldn't. But good help is hard to find Sakura."

Zia looked angry but kept a firm hold on Savanna.

Sakura feels some kind of connect between Azderian and Vazerdain. "I you can't just allow me to remain engaged or single whatever the case maybe...I thought you would have either been dead or moved on with your life."

"Well obviously you thought wrong lover. After all, you didn't marry Azderias." Smirks as Azderian struggles more, and the wound gets bigger.
He leans over him and grins. "Your only hurting yourself." He whispered, than as an after thought he added so only he could hear: "And your father...if he lives."

Azderian stilled looking at him in anger and hatred.


Zia wanted to argue but she knew that Savanna needed to be taken to safety so she did as she was told.

"I will release Azderian, if you come with me."Vazerdain sad looking at Azderian with a smirk.

"General...if I were to allow you to confiscate me...I want it in writting you will let Azderian go and leave Savanna and Zia alone too." Sakura knows this is the same road she travled. She is willing to do whatever it takes to give Azderian, Zia and Savanna safe.

Azderian yelled in angered protest. "Don't! He is..." A punch across his face silenced him.

"You don't trust me Sakura?"

"Need I remind you of the stunt you pulled with Sa'vere. You promised her to heal us but only fulfilled half of the promise. You are a shrew business man Vazerdain. I am not as young and naive as I once was." Sakura doesn't know if this will end well.

"Fine. I will do as you say, give me some paper though, I don't have any." He replied checking to make sure he did no permanent damage to Azderian, who lay unmoving beneath him. He nodded in satisfaction as he was insured that there was non. 

Sakura notices him checking him.Azderian I don't know what you are hiding just know that...I would never try to change who you are...just like I never tried to correct your father. Sakura finds something for him to write on. Even if you are dark there is a shed of light in you. Take care of Savanna and Zia.
"Here you are General."

Vazerdain took it and wrote out a contract that seemed to be foreword. He handed it over to Sakura for her inspection.

Sakura takes her time in reading it. "Are you comfortable General?"

"What do you mean?"Vazerdain asks looking at her.

"I am going to read this throughly so you might as well get comfortable." Sakura takes about an hour to read it. "It is good but I need to add one tiny thing to it."

"That would be?"Asks in suspicion.

Sakura smiles to herself and shows him the necklace Azderias gave her. "Since I am still engaged to your nephew..should he return the contract becomes nulinvoid."

"Very well. He won't though." He signed his signiture on the top line. "Your turn lover."

"DON'T CALL ME LOVER General!" Sakura signs but secretly writting something to the fine print. "There."

He narrows his eyes and reads the fine print. "You forget I read minds!"

"Then it should not worry you so much Dear now then is there any surprise attacks you have in mind." Sakura smirks because she knows how to match his arrogance.

Vazerdain's eyes narrow in anger as he reads the addition to the contract. "I can't allow that." He scratches the note away. "I am sorry but I can't allow that."

Sakura knows she has just committed herself to damnation but a part of her knew this would happen. "Well now you have me."

He grabbed her arm and vanished with her. Zia bit back a cry of protest and quickly went to help Azderian.

Vazerdain and Sakura appeared before an alter. A man stood there waiting for them. "Are you ready to be married?"

Sakura glares but just nods knowing this is part of the contract. "So General you are committing yourself this quick?"

"So you don't rush off on me again."

"Do you take General Vazerdain to be your Lawful wedded Husband?"The man asked as it got to her turn, after Vazerdain said his "I do's"

Sakura feels like she could be stabbed to death and that would be a kinder fate then what she is suffering through. "I do." may despise me and hate me after this but at least you never have to worry about marrying like this.

"You may now kiss your bride." The man said. Vazerdain grinned and kissed Sakura almost hungrily.

GENERAL BEHAVE YOURSELF! Sakura kisses him back, hoping for some kind of force to just kill her now.

"Where do you want our honeymoon to be?"He asked smiling, what looked to be a smile of genuine happiness.

"Don't matter to me.. General please you don't have to fake a smile. You have something up your sleeve don't you." Sakura feels the heated perverted gaze burn through her clothes.

"I am not faking a smile, I am truly happy, for the first time in my life." He leads her to a building. "I will not force you to do what you don't want to, I want you to love me."

Sakura looks at him in a questioning glance. "Then why resort to such forceful ways General?" Sakura feels really dirty now but at least she knows that Vazerdain won't hurt her child, Azderias child and Zia.

"I come from a family of forceful men."He leads her to a comfortable looking room. "But we will share a room."

Sakura nods and takes the item she used to bind her hair out. Her hair falls down to her back. "Azderias wasn't too forceful."

"He died a fool." He said angrily,his hand resting on the oak of his desk.

"I am just as much a fool if not more." Sakura brushes out her hair slowly.

"No you're not!" He gently kissed her neck.

Sakura shivers as his lips sent familiar sensations. "General I thought you...would have found someone else or just get mad at me as forgot about me.. You were angry."

"But I love you, I can't forget the woman I love."

Sakura feels really confused about this. "But you...and your brother hated my family..."moves hair back away from the neck.

"I never hated you or your family, I was forced to keep a facade from my brother." He gently kissed her neck again.

"How am I suppose to believe that? You have a connection to Azderian don't you." Sakura misses Azderias and feels bad she had tortured him like she did.

He let out a frustrated groan, realizing he shouldn't rush her. "I think you know that it is true, but.....if you don't I don't know how to convince you. I will give you time to think."
He gets up and leaves her alone with her thoughts.

Azderian laid next to the fire, he was still unconcious and Zia was very worried about him and Sakura. Savanna lay asleep, her head in Zia's lap. She had cried for her mother until she fell asleep from exhaustion. Zia had placed protective wads around their camp and felt alone.

Zia...please don't are all safe now. Sakura comes to grip with some things. "Vazerdain...why is it you make my heart beat just like Azderias did? Am I my cousin?"

Zia stirred the fire, not knowing of Sakura's troubles. She looked down at Savanna who stared into the fire. " long have you been awake dear?" Zia asked her.

Savanna shivers. "Mommy...had to marry that man to keep us safe.."

Zia places her cloak gently over her. "I know..I am sorry, we must find Khtale, he should be able to help....."

Savanna nods and falls asleep next to the fire. "Daddy."

Zia looked sadly into the fire.

Vazerdain came back close to midnight and laid down next to Sakura.

Sakura wasn't there she had stuffed pillows in that spot and was sitting near the window with tear stained eyes. I am just like my cousin. She looks at the stars and a small smile appears on her face.

Vazerdain frowned and shot up to a setting position, he visibly relaxed as he saw her at the window. "Sakura....what's wrong?"

Sakura just looks at Vazerdain with tired and sad eyes. "General do you agree I am like my cousin Kisura?"

"You are nothing like that slut!" He said looking at her lovingly.

"Funny I feel like I am." Sakura walks back over to the bed. "Vazerdain...I am so confused..."

He gently hugs her. "You are not. You are good, and wise."

She relaxes in his arms and alows her arms to wrap around him. "I don't think I am wise..." She wonders how Savanna and Zia are doing.

He holds her gently. "You are, you will need time to discover that."

Sakura looks in Vazerdain's eyes. "Do you really love me or am I puppet?" Her lips just inches away from Vazerdain's.

"I would give my life for you. I love you with every fiber of my being." He whispered in all seriousness.

A blush spreads across her face. "Vazerdain...I...don't know what to say." Sakura groans a little at her blush.

"Than don't." He kisses her gently.

Sakura stiffens a little but finds that she returning the kiss. Savanna be good to Zia...I will get to see you remind me of the sensations Azderias gave me..

Vazerdain pulled away looking a little troubled. "You loved him......why can't you forget him?"

Sakura feels his confusion. "Should I leave? Oh for the love of the Aurora..its been barely a week since he has been expected me to replace him like a toy...Vazerdain..." Sakura lays down feeling sick inside like she had done something horribly wrong. He expects me to just...I AM HORRIBLE I DESERVE DEATH!

Vazerdain looked down in shame. "I am sorry....your more kind than that. I shouldn't have even said that." He kisses her gently.

Sakura still returns the kiss as the sensations mix together..Vazerdain....I'm could be possible that I could fall in love with you.

"I want you to be you want to leave?"Sounds like he is fighting a battle.

Sakura looks at him in curiosity. "Vazerdain what's wrong?" She gently touches his face and sees what looks like Azderias's eyes. What is going on?

His eyes close for a moment than open, his eyes look like his own. "I......feel ill."

Sakura was confused and she puts water on his face. "Oh I'm sorry Vazerdain but did you try to combine Azderias's lifeforce with your own?"

"It.....was an accident."He coughed.

Sakura smiles at this and kisses Vazerdain tenderly on the head. "Why didn't you just tell me that before? You weren't the only one wanting me to marry."Azerdrias please stop hurting your uncle...your body may not be in one have to work in harmony.

"I.....thought you would think he was the only one who loved you."

Sakura tenderly cares for him. "I understand that now Vazerdain.." She smiles tenderly at him.

He closes his eyes wearily. "I am sorry..'

Sakura manages to cool him down. "Why are you sorry?" She lays down beside him and lays her head on his chest.

"I have coused you pain......and I forced you to marry...."

"I am not mad about it now. Now that I know the truth...I won't feel wrong...Vazerdain.." Sakura nuzzles against him.
"I'm sorry for all the cruel words I said."

"I deserved them...."

Sakura just kisses Vazerdain fully on the lips. She also wraps her arms around him.

He gently kisses back, after recovering from his shock. "I love you."

Azderian slowly opened his eyes and let out a grown as he looked around. Zia had fallen asleep, Savanna still laying next to her, and the fire had slowly died down.

Savanna smiles at Azderian and decides to move. She feels her mommy is going to be ok and that her daddy is still a live but in a the mans body that took mommy. Savanna covers up somewhere and lays down. I hope Azderian gets the hint.

Azderian looked at her uneasily and staired into the darkness.*I am the dark one......I chouldn't be with them...*

Savanna got up and stared at Azderian. "Do you like us?"

Azderian glanced at her. "What do you mean?I hardly know you."

Savanna looks like her mother when she groans. "Well do you like us in some way?"

Azderian looked away. "I.....don't know, I have never knwon any one who has really shown interest in me, without wanting to change me...."

"Well I like you and so does don't seem bad to me..." Savanna has that innocent look in her eyes.

He smiled a bit. "Thank you...but you shouldn't trust me....people.....get hrt around me.."

Savanna is also stubborn like her mother. "Momma says a little bit of pain only adds to the friendship...if you fear pain then you won't live. Momma's need to live."

Azderian grew a little angry. "If your mother is all wise than why did she sell her soul?Why did she go with a man who delites in torcher, when her fiancee is possibly dead or wounded?Why did she give in to him do you have that answer little one?"


Zia cought he quickly. "Savanna....what is it sweety?"

Azderian felt ashamed at himself and quickly snuck out of the camp, he knew he shouldn't have even involved himself with them, becouse of him, little Savanna had lost her mother.

Savanna doesn't answer she turns and tackles Azerdian. "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY! YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO HELP! Please don't leave brother.." Savanna still has tears in her eyes.

Azderian looked at her feeling even more ashamed. Zia looked between them. "I don't belong......" Azderian began. Zia cut him off. "YES YOU DO! For some reason they want you, running off by yourself won't help anyone, not even yourself!"

Savanna dries her tears. "You do like us but you are scared...please don't you too." Savanna goes back inside and just lays down on the floor.

Azderian looked down at his feet in shame. Zia layed a comforting hand on his arm. "We want to help you......if you want us to." She followed Savanna leaving it up to him. He sat down next to the camp fire to think.

Zia tucked Savanna in gently.

Vazerdain lay asleep next to Sakura, his fever had broken, but he still seemed ill.

Sakura gets up and made one of her concotions she made for her friends in the beginning. Sakura also looks pale but for a different reason. She mixes it and is quietly. Such discomfort...maybe this will help She hears her stomach growl.

Vazerdain woke up and looked at her with a smile. "Are you all right?"

Sakura blushes a little. "Yes I will be fine Vazerdain...I just have not had anything to eat in a day.. Um here maybe this will help." Sakura puts the mix into fairly warm water and gives it to him.

Looks ashamed. "There is food in that cabinet over there."

"Oh will you quit looking ashamed. Its not like I'm dieing." Sakura got some food out and eats. She gets some orange on her face.

He gently cleans it off. "No....but it's not good for you, to go that long without eating."

Sakura shakes her head. "Oh will you quit worrying...I am not...starving.." She eats some more. "Is my concotion helping any?"

"I think so.Thank you."Smiles at her happily.

Sakura still looks a little tired to you. "I'm glad that I did something right." Man I just had to do it.

" need rest.Please get some sleep." He said kindly, making room for her.

Sakura stubbornly states. "I'm fine really."

Vazerdain grabed her and pulled her into the bed, she landed on him in an awkward possition. "Ummmmmm.Bed."

Sakura blushes at this. "Um sorry about this." Sakura tries to move but ends up making it more awkward. "Er...ok then.."

Vazerdain sighed happily for a moment before he snapped back to reality. He carefully moved her so she lay beside him. "Now rest."

Sakura pouts but ends up falling asleep instantly. Just as bossy as Azderias...or Guard-Dog

He watches her sleep, after he was satisfied she was trully asleep he fell asleep too.

Zia woke Savanna up, and handed her her breakfast, she found Azderian asleep outside, she laid a blaket over him gently and let him sleep a while longer.

Savanna giggles as she eats. "I think he like you Auntie Zia."

Zia hid her blush. "Savanna.....he is allot younger than me.."

Savanna shakes her head. "What's the problem you both are young and both have problems..he likes you and you like him it is not that hard."

"I swear are to wise for your age." Mutters something more under her breath.

"And what do you mean we both?"

Savanna chuckles. "Mommy always said when both are each others halves you can always tell by their excuses. It is not hard to see."

"That's enough out of you, loud mouth." Zia said teasingly, trying to hide her growing blush.

She woke up Azderian and silently handed him some food. He nodded a thanks and started to eat.

Savanna plays outside for a little. Auntie Zia likes him. Savanna smiles as she can feel her mommy hugging her in some way.

Azderian silently helped Zia pack up the camp and get ready to move on. Zia turned to Savanna. "It's time to go Sweety." She called.

Savanna gets her stuff and just gives a mischevious smile to Aunt Zia.

*That child knows to much for her own good!* They start to continue on

Vazerdain woke up after awhile and looked at Sakura, he gently kissed her forehead and watched her sleep.

Sakura rolls over and you can't help but notice her tummy getting a little plump. She murmurs. "No more fruit...I will be fine just give me 2 minuets."

He looks away for a moment. *She is carrying another bastard child....*He quickly shook the thought away.

The thought registures to Sakura and she begins to toss and turn then she wakes up sick.

"Are you all right?" He asks in concern.

Sakura looks at Vazerdain and tears appear from her eyes. "You think I would do that...allow another man to have me in that way.." Sakura gets up and allows herself to relase the contents of her stomach.

Vazerdain looked at her not sure what to do. "No. But it's not mine."

Sakura groans in frustration. "It's Azderias...because he is the only one I have been with all this time."

"I know whose it is......but it's not mine......It's hard to try to raise another man's child."

Sakura feels tears flow as she whispers. "I'm sorry..."

He gently hugs her. "It's all right.....I should be the one apologyzing....I should be content."

Sakura just looks at him. "It's not easy being content."

"Sakura.....I didn't mean to hurt you love.I am sorry."

Sakura sits down beside him. "I'm so emotional it isn't funny."

He hugs her. "Was it like tha with Savannah?"

Sakura laughs. "No I was just sick more with Savanna. Poor Azderias stayed up endless nights worried about me."

Vazerdain winced at the mension of Azderias.

Sakura groans and shakes her head. "I'm sorry."

"It's all right...." Looks down.

Sakura looks him in the eyes. "Vazerdain...don't lie you can tell me the truth I won't break..." Sakura feels horrible.

"I am a horrible person......"

Sakura looks at him confused. "Why do you say that?"

"Becouse I hated my own son......Azderias.....he wasn't my brother's child.....he was mine."

Sakura falls down in the floor hurting her leg. "WHAT!"

Vazerdain sank to the bed. "My brother couldn't have he took mine.He raised Azderias the way he wanted......I tried to kill my son so he wouldn't suffer...."

Sakura is speechless but somehow not scared. "Ok so I wasn't and you fell in love with me...that is one interesting combination."

Vazerdain looked down sadly. "Yes.your children......are my grandchildren.."

Sakura lets out a laugh. "Oh the irony is thick. Well at least they won't be confused on who's who anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Sakura gives him a kind smile. "I had some kind of suspicion about your actions towards your son. You never would kill him instantly or unfairly. Only a father would hesistate in such a manner."

"I....didn't want him to have the life I had.....I wanted him to have a better life.His mother.....she would never forgive me..."

Sakura smiles at him. "I'm sure she would...I am able to accept it..she probably would too if given the chance. I still don't see how on earth you could fall for someone like me."

"You remind me of her.....his mother....she was kind, compassionate, you."

Sakura just laughs out loud. "Oh this is so twisted it isn't funny but...I'm ok with it...even though I'm sure Azderian is not going to understand this."

"Azderian......I should have ended his life too....he shouldn't even exist.."

Sakura groans and shakes her head. "Ok you know I don't think I can handle anymore details today ok dear."

"All right...." looks apologetic.

Sakura tries to get up but ends up falling down again. " I think I spraned my ankle.."

He gently and carefully picked her up, and sat her on the bed.He tenderly cared for her foot."Are you all right?"

Sakura nods and smiles at this. "My I imagine you were a bit of a romantic am I right?"

He straitened and looked into her eyes. "I..was. Why?"

Sakura blushes and couldn't believe she didn't make the connection. "Um well you see the women all gosip about this terribly handsome man who er sliced through his opponents and flattered women. I was only about 10 when I heard about this and well it became a fairytale love for me now...I get to see the man who caused my childhood fairytale romance."

Vazerdain laughed at that. "I am glad I inspired you."

Sakura just covers her head. " life is so twisted...I just didn't look at it in raw form. Great...I am really talented...maybe I should have...never mind."

"Maybe rest will do you good."He said soothingly.

Sakura shakes her head. "No...I need to still get know I should've have known by the way you act that Azderias was your son and not the dark lord."

Kehtale ran his fingers nervously through his hair as he sat out on the porch to get some fresh evening air. Both of his sons slept peacefully nestled against him, and he could still here his wife moving around, tending to Sa'vere's wounds. "How did she get injured like that?" He murmured to himself, touching his fingers thoughtfully to his lips.

After several hours his wife slipped out onto the porch, "That girl is seriously injured. I've done all that I can for her, but now it's up to her whether she lives or dies. If her body can fight off infection and heal itself." She murmured, sitting tiredly next to Kehtale.

"That girl..." Kehtale spoke softly, looking over at his wife with serious eyes, "She is a friend of mine from the dark era."

"Was she now?" His wife quirked an eyebrow curiously, "I've heard many a tale of how the light was returned to us, but I never heard you tell of it."

"I was with her almost from the beginning." Kehtale replied, "Of our journey to restore the sun to the world and to anhialate the dark lord."

"You went on that kind of a journey?" His wife asked in disbelief.

"Yes." Kehtale responded, "It was Sakura, Azder, myself, and our most important atribute- Sa'vere, the woman in which the fate of our world fell. She was the one born with the sun within her body. There were many trials in our journey, but eventually we made it to Aurora's alter, and there I died."

"Died, how can you be dead if you're standing right before me?" His wife questioned.

"Sa'vere's desire, her one wish, was for my life to be restored." Kehtale replied.

"She was in love with you." His wife said in understanding.

Kehtale nodded, "And I loved her. I was broken for a long time after I'd been brought back to life, I had contemplated committing suicide even. My life was empty and meaningless without her. And then I met you, and we had two beautiful children which we have raised beneath the warm glow of the sun."

"So that girl in there is Sa'vere, am I right?" Her jade eyes flashed calculatingly.

"It is. We have not seen or heard of her in years. Last I knew her lifeforce was combined with that of Aurora herself. I can't understand what could have possibly happened to her in that time." Kehtale said, nearly jumping out of his skin as the shadowy form of a woman appeared on the lawn, her figure was unmistakably that of the goddess, Aurora.

"That question I can answer." Her voice was slightly distant and her form shifted as though it were an illusion.

"Who is that?" His wife asked softly in awe.

"That is Aurora." Kehtale replied, "What happened to Sa'vere?"

"Her body was stolen almost three months after she resurrected me. I could neither find nor sense where it had gone. About a week later I awoke in great agony- Sa'vere's lifeforce had been torn from mine, taking with it a shred of myself as well. Ever since then I have felt and seen the pain that she has felt- the tortures she recieved from the dark lord and what remained of his followers. She escaped a week ago, and since then she has been heavily pursued and viciously attacked. I don't understand what they want with her anymore, their reign has ended and she is no longer the holder of the sun." She looked greatly saddened, "I have tried to come to her, to heal her, but my powers have proven to be ineffective on her. No magic can heal what time has handed her, and only time can close the physical wounds that she possesses."

"Is that... why my magic wouldn't help her then?" His wife stepped forward, her midnight tresses swaying in an unfelt breeze.

"Yes, Mianher." Aurora turned her gaze to her slowly, "That is why your magic would not work. I haven't much time left on this plane, I must return to my duties, I must continue to protect the sun from dark forces." She vanished, a light breeze flowing over the area, and it was as though she hadn't even been there in the first place.

"She's been a captive of that bastard this whole time and none of us knew about it!?!" Kehtale whispered in disbelief, angry tears forming in his eyes, as he forced his voice to remain calm, "Why... why couldn't we sense her danger?" He lowered his head as his tears flowed, and Mianher wrapped her arms around his shoulders, setting her head on his, being careful of the still slumbering children, as she comforted him.

Sakura begins to feel a cold spike go down her back.Oh Sa'vere I'm so sorry...please forgive me...I deserve death anyway.

Sakura, where are you, where's Azder? I've got some... information to share with the two of you. Kehtale could sense her thoughts in the air.

Sakura's heart bleeds again. Kehtale...I already know she was in danger for 3 months...I don't deserve anything...Azderias basically got himself killed and...his lifeforce is combined with Vazerdain...

She was in danger a whole lot longer than three months. Kehtale replied, Don't say you don't deserve anything, none of us knew... Maybe I can figure out how to seperate their life forces... I have a few books on the subject, I'll start researching right away.

Sa'vere is fighting an inward battle Kehtale. Seperating lifeforces is risky...and..I don't know if his body is in one piece...Vazerdain is really Azderias's father...Zia and Savanna are on their way to you.. Sakura still feels ashamed but knows he will figure it out.

Find his body. I will be waiting for them, and for you, understood? I don't know just what kind of situation you're in with that Vazerdian guy, but you'd better show up soon.

Sakura shakes her head. KEHTALE WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE THAT STUBBORN! YOU STOPPED CONTACT! There is one other thing apparently Azderias had a son named Azderian...I will see what I can do in getting to you.

I'm sorry for not contacting any of you in so long. He said, cringing.

Sakura groans mentally.Kehtale...I am married to Vazerdain...I just wished that you would have at least told us about your new life...

I couldn't handle being near anyone from the past. I was in the midst of a major breakdown and I just needed an escape.

Sakura feels tears fill her eyes. I guess we are a like but only I had to face events and I ended up losing Azder in the process.

I'm sorry... but as you've said- he's not really gone, I'm certain that I can help him.

Sakura coughs violently. You have enough on your plate. Don't worry about me...just take care of Savanna when she gets there.

I will always worry about my friends. You both helped me a lot after the final battle, so let me help you.

Kehtale you can help me by making sure Zia, Savanna and Azderian are safe. Sakura looks out the window as she tries to stay active.

I've made a promise, and I'll keep it. I'll watch out for them and research on how to help Azder as well.

Kehtale will you ever stop being so stubborn? I don't think Azder would forgive me for marrying his father...I've done enough damage to him... Sakura begins to feel lightheaded.

Take care of yourself, I'm sure we'll find a way around that problem too. Kehtale responded coolly, picking up his children, he sent a mental image to Sakura. Their names are Gabriel and Alphonse.

Sakura smiles at the image. Kehtale...I am...glad you.. Sakura passes out completely with no more mental message.

Sakura? Sakura!?! Kehtale called frantically.

She wandered down long, empty corridors, the silvery fabric of a light gown shifting together softly. Her long, golden hair was tied back into a braid and her heart pounded in her chest, she was running from something dangerous, something that had been hunting her, haunting her. She only wanted escape, couldn't understand why she couldn't just be left alone.

Sakura appears in front of Sa'vere with cuts and blood leaving her mouth but she offers her arms to Sa'vere.

"Who are you?" She whispered softly, shrinking back in fear, her body shaking.

Sakura has a gentle smile. "I was one of your friends Sa' name is Sakura..I was the last survivor of the Isinese village.

"I-I don't remember... Sa'vere- is that my name?" She felt lost and confused, she felt that her pursuers were near, "We must run!" She exclaimed, moving away as quickly as she could.

Sakura uses one of her arrows and stops them."Yes Sa'vere is the name you were given...try to remember us...I will protect you my friend even if you don't remember me.

"I can't... I've tried for so long now... I can't remember anything..." She murmured.

Sakura's blood falls to the floor as she fights off more of her persuers. "Don't worry my friend...we will help you.Please don't give up on us." Suddenly the woman is gone in a bright light. Sakura gets sick and does not move with everything silent to her.

She noticed the woman vanish and began to cry, she was all alone once more in that strange and frightening place.

Zia, Savanna, and Azderian spotted Kahtale's home. Zia and Savanna headed forward but Azderian hung back, feeling discomfort.

Zia rushed toword the house followed by Savanna. "Kehtale?! We are here."

Kehtale slipped out of the house as he heard them, "I am glad that you all made it here safely." He said, "There's some stew heating up on the stove if your hungry..." He noticed Azderian hanging back a bit, "That does mean you too you know." He said to him.

Zia glanced back at Azderian, who shook his head. " them here.Now I must go."

Savanna looked at him stuburnly. "You belong here. Mommy wanted you to come."

"I am not one to turn out a guest. Please, I would prefer it if you came inside. It's a chilly evening and foul creatures are afoot."

Azderian glanced back towards the woods as though uncertain. "I will only be a burden..."

"Please, don't speak that way." Kehtale said, "Let us all enjoy some stew, and there are other... matters to discuss."

Before he could argue, Savanna grabed his hand and pulled him towarsds Khtale. Zia smiled and followed.

Kehtale stood in the doorway, holding it open for them before following them inside and moving quickly to set the table and spoon out the steaming stew.

Azderian sank into a chair feeling confused. Zia sat down but noticed Savanna yawning. "I think she needs a nap first.."

"Would it be alright if she slept with the twins?" Kehtale asked.

"I don't think so. Where are they? I can take her there." Zia replied looking to Azderian, as though trying to figure something out.

"Straight down that hallway," He pointed, "It's the last door on the right." There was a small whimper from the couch and he moved over to it slowly, looking silently at the unconscious Sa'vere.

Zia picked up Savanna and looked at Sa'vere in concern. "I will talk to you in a little bit." She quickly headed to where he said to go.

Azderian looked at Sa'vere and a strange expression crossed his face.*She seems.....familiar...I dremt of her* He thought to himself.

A few minutes later, Mianher appeared with a bowl of water and a cloth, which she dampened and placed on Sa'vere's forehead, "Poor dear's running a fever on top of everything else." She said softly.

"Is....there anything I can do?"Azderian asked feeling some how partly responsible.

"You can help me by holding her when I change her bandages- she tends to thrash about..." Mianher said.

Azderian went over to help. "Tell me when."

She nodded as she began to unravel Sa'vere's bandages.

"Go away, just go away! I don't want to be here!" She shook as she slid down a wall tiredly.

Azderian gently held her down. He bit back a yelp as pain shot through his arm. *What the?* He gritted his teeth and tried to hold her.

When Mianher was about halfway through rebandaging, Sa'vere began to thrash, her eyebrows knitted together in frustration and pain.

The pain for Azderian intensified, but he still kept a firm but gentle hold on her.

"There, done." Mianher said, looking at him, "Are you alright?" She asked.

He closed his eyes fighting back nuesia as he released her. severe burns covered his hands.

"Oh my!" She rummaged through various medicines before pulling out a burn ointment and bringing over the warm water, "This may not feel too pleasant, but you really shouldn't use cold water on burns..." She murmured as she began to treat him.

He bit back his hiss of pain and kept still.He was used to pain, and knew how to hide it. *How did she do that to me?* He wondered.

Zia entered the room a while later. "What happened?" She asked in concern.

"I'm not really sure- he was helping me with Sa'vere and then suddenly burns appeared..." She replied slowly as she began to wrap them.

Zia looked to Khtale as though for an answer. *Do you think...we can trust him?*

Do not show doubt unless there is true reason for doubt. Kehtale replied.

*Why do you think he was burnt?* She asked trying to look relaxed.

Azderian looked from one to the other, knowing they were communing with each other, but unsure of what they said.

I don't know... but I don't sense any malice from him. Kehtale moved over to the table, "Why don't we eat before the food gets cold?"

Zia nodded and sat down at the table. Azderian carefully began to eat.

"Why are you guys interested in me?" He finally asked.

"I heard that you are Azderias' son." Kehtale spoke, "And indeed you bear a striking resemblance."

He finally glanced up from his bowl. "You knew my father?"

"We travelled together. We protected Sa'vere during her journey to ressurect Aurora and the sun."

"My father helped do that?" Sounds in awe.

"Yes, he did indeed." Kehtale replied, "He's a good man..."

"You mean he was...."He said glancing down at Azderias's sword. "He is dead...."

"No, actually, he's just in a rather... odd position at the moment which needs to be dealt with by some heavy reading on my part."

"What do you mean?" Frowns in confusion.

"Everything will be discussed after we've eaten." Kehtale said.

He nods and goes back to eating. *How come they know more about my father than I do?How am I suppossed to campare to him?* He wondered feeling out of place once more.

When Kehtale was finished he stood up from the table, walking away for a few minutes, before returning with several large books.

"May I help Khtale?" Zia asked as she finished.

Azderian paushed his bowl aside, he was still hungry but he wanted answers.

"I need to find a way to seperate two seperate, but joined life forces." He said pointedly.

"Oh....I will see what I can find." She said taking a few books to read.

Azderian looked at them curiously. "Why?"

"Because your father's lifeforce has inadvertently joined with Vazerdian's." Kehtale replied, flipping one of the books open.

Azderian looked pale and shrank away from them. " know...Vazerdain?"

"He's not really a man that I hold in my high graces you know." Kehtale said harshly.

Azderian closed his eyes feeling ashamed. He rested his head against the table. " sorry......"

"You have no need to apologize, I am sure that you have your own reasons to be wary." Kehtale replied softly.

"You have no idea..." He whispered very faintly.

Kehtale turned to his wife, who was wetting the rag that was on Sa'vere's forehead again, "How is she?"

"Still in pretty bad shape. I can't believe that magic is useless in helping her..."

"What happened to her?"Azderian asked still feeling somehow responsable.

"She's been the dark lord's captive for a while now- since shortly after she completed her mission." Kehtale replied.

~A flash of him in a dark room strapped to an alter filled his mind, he could see the girl on similiar one next to him. "You are to help us regian our power!" He heard a cold voice say to him, than he felt pain rip through him.~

Azderian gasped as he broke out in sweat, he tried to banish the memory, but it still lingured. He looked to Sa'vere feeling guilty. *I am responsible!* He thought, angirly to himself.

Sakura wakes up abruptly and coughs. Sa'vere...I'm sorry I had to leave you that suddenly...AZDERIAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU DON'T WANT TO! Sakura looks over at Vazerdain with curiousity on her face.

You do not have to feel responsible for what happened, it was not your faulter Azderian. The distinct voice of Aurora echoed in his head.

Sakura lets out a shakey sigh and feels completely torn inside out.

And you, Sakura, should rest your body. Aurora spoke again.

Sakura groans. Aurora...I'm not going to die anytime soon...I have already got myself in such a twisted mess how on earth am I going to rest.

Think of the child growing within you.

"Go away... go away..." Her voice echoed down the long hallways, and a dim glow- a mixture of violet and gold- encircled her body, moving slowly and almost without her notice.

Sakura feels confused and notices the light. I see...but there something about the child inside of me.

I'm not entirely sure... But there is something strange happening now. Sa'vere, Azderian, and very possibly the child within your womb may be in grave danger...

So my attempt was in vain then...It's true I'm hurting myself in the process...Sa'vere needs us all there...

I feel that darkness is spreading it's cold grip once more. Perhaps it means to use them to return to power.

I was lead into a trap by a general...we can still counter it..but I will need to drag the general with me to Kehtales...that won't be an easy task..

Probably not, but I've no doubt that Kehtale will be able to seperate their lifeforces. Azder's body is at the base of the cliff that he fell off of. There isn't much damage to the body, and the heart is still beating, though it's been slowing, if you move quickly you will be able to save his life.

But you told me to rest...should I jump and save him or what?

I know that I have told you to rest- do not injure yourself to help him. You need not jump in any way, there is a simple path that will lead you to him. And for the sake of keeping him hidden, and you being able to carry him, I will give him the form of a puppy.

What do you suggest I tell my husband without getting his suspicon going?

Tell him that you are going on a walk. You will simply 'find' an injured puppy in the process...

Vazerdain can read thoughts will he know what's going on?

Do not think upon the situation. Think instead about your need for a walk and some fresh air. If he decides that he wants to accompany you, just act all the more shocked when you find Azderias.

Ok but I was actually concerned about our mental conversation now...can he hear it?

No, I have put up a block on this conversation and all things pertaining to it.

Ok then...apparently Vazerdain claims that Azderian...should be killed but I disagree...Vazerdain also told me that Azderias is his son... so I'm confused about what is true... Sakura closes her eyes to rest.

He is most likely telling the truth about Azderias being his son, but keep him in check don't let him murder either of them...

I will I promise...he told me so much...he even told me he loves me with every fiber of his being...but I think I just remind him of the wife he will find Azderias but I would not blame him for not wanting anything to do with me once I do get him back in his body.

Please do not speak so.

Why not Aurora it's what I deserve...Azerdian was right...I'm foolish and sold my soul to the man who does torture but ironically is happy with me near him.

You made that decision to save lives and protect the people that you care about.

I still feel guilty about that...Azderias...has had enough pain under my love.

Wipe away your guilt, you've done nothing wrong. And if I remember correctly- isn't there a contract that you and Vazerdian signed?

Yes...I also made the deal that if Azderias returns...then the contract is nulivoid.

Exactly, dear. Try to forgive yourself, do not feel guilt for what you have done.

I will try but won't the marriage add complication to it?

I don't know. Now go find Azder and find a way to get yourselves to Kehtale's.

Sakura nods at that.She looks at her husband with a sweet smile. "Vazerdain I need a change of scenery...may I go for a walk?"

Vazerdain smiled gently. "Yes. It would do you and the child good. There is something I must take care of, don't stay out to long and be careful love."He said as he got up, he gently kissed her cheek.

Azderian fell asleep at the table, he couldn't remember ever being able to sleep without worrying about pain from his captors.

Kehtale stood slowly and stretched, "He seems exhausted." He said softly, "Do you want something to drink while I'm up?"

"Do you have some tea?" Zia asked glancing at him. *I wonder what goes through his mind.....why can't we read his thoughts?*

"Ah, we've got some freshly brewed actually." Kehtale replied, heading towards the kitchen. I don't know... perhaps it's an automatic defense on his part...

"Thank you that would be perfect."*Khtale.....I don't think he has told us the truth.....he looks like Azderias but something is not right...*

I know... Azderias' only children are mothered to Sakura. How could he have had a son without any of us knowing or being told? He may not be telling us the truth, but I feel that we should give him time to come around to us.

She nodded to him. *I wonder who he is the woods Sakura had siad she could get into his mind, he looked genuinely scared, he said something like: "You are just like them!You want to change me and mess with my mind!" it was close to that you think.....he spoke of the dark lord?*

Maybe... but I guess we'll only know the truth when he's ready to talk to us. Kehtale returned with two glasses of tea and went back to his research.

Zia took it and thanked him, than went back to studying.

~Azderian was in a dark room, the girl laid next to him. He wanted to help her but his pain intensified as he struggled."If you give in you will feel no more pain, you will be rewarded." Came a familiar cold voice from the shadows.He struggled further and someone pressed into his mind.~

Azderian bolted up right, sweating and panting heavily. His eyes slowly came into focuss and he looked around as though expecting to see his tormenters.

"Are you okay?" Kehtale asked, looking at him with concern, "Maybe you should go lay down or something..."

He shook his head as he forced himself to look calm, though his heart still beat wildly.

He got up and walked over to Sa'vere setting next to her, not toughing her. He started to watch her sleep.

A strange, hardly noticable glow surrounded her- a mixture of violet and gold.

Kehtale turned the page of his book, glancing over at Azderian once in concern before beginning to read again.

Azderian pulled back a little. *I am sorry I hurt you.....why do they want us to be in pain?How did you escape?*

"Escape? Escape what?" She looked around the hallway uncertainly, seeing nobody near her.

He frowned a little in surprise as he heard her voice, he coutiously placed his hands gently on her forehead feeling as though he might be able to help her. *Follow my voice......there must be a place you can break through. You are no longer in their clutches, you are with people who claim to be your friends.*
He said expecting to get burned, and readying himself to feel it.

And yet he wasn't burned, the violet glow swirled around his fingers slowly. "Where are you?" She stood shakily and began walking

*"I am in a house. A man named Khtale owns it."He saw visions of what she saw. "There will be a golden door through it is a large room...I think I am there."* He said to her hopping it would work.

"Kehtale? I don't know who that is... What is your name?" She asked as she caught sight of the door that he had mentioned.

*My name is Azderian.Please just follow my voice, I might be able to help you.*

"Okay..." She murmured, opening the golden door.

He apperaed before her and looked a little surprised. He held out his hand for her. *We need to hurry.....they will try to trap us both*

"They?" She stumbled forward and grasped his hand.

He held her close as he started to pull them both back to reality. *Our.....captors*

He gasped as he opened his eyes, he looked down at her in hope.

She opened her eyes slowly, her eyes dull and lifeless at first before she blinked and began to look around her strange surroundings.

"It.....worked..." He whispered happily before he collapsed, unconcious to the floor, from exhaustion.

She sat up slowly in silence, concern flashed across her gaze as he fell. Kehtale stood up quickly, "Azderian!"

Zia jumped up as well. She quickly checked on him. "I...think he will be all right."She looked up at Sa'vere and looked relieved. "Sa'vere, I am glad you are back."

"Who are you?" She asked softly, directing her question at both she and Kehtale, who had walked over behind her.

"You don't remember us?I am Zia, and that is Khtale."

Sa'vere shook her head, she couldn't remember anything.

Kehtale looked sad, "We should probably find a way to help her get her memory back as well as find the way to seperate Azder from Vazerdian."

Zia nods than thinks of something. "Sa'vere are you hungry?"

Azderian growned a little as he started to come to.

"Hungry?" She looked thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head, "No... I don't think so..."

Azderian slowly opened his eyes, than he looked to Sa'vere with a smile. "Are you all right?"

"I am fine..." She said slowly, "What about you?"

He slowly sat up rubbimg his head. " took allot to bring us both be honest I wasn't sure if I had enough energy to do it."

Zia sat down at the table to research once more.

"Why did you do it then?" She asked as Kehtale joined Zia at the table once more.

"You needed the help......" *We both suffered together*

Why can't I rememeber anything? She looked down at her hands silently.

*I don' know...I don't know much about my past as well*

Sakura goes down the path but feels a little worried about what Vazerdain is up to. Aurora's words are still in her head but she will not let them stay in her mind. "This path is lovely...something seemed to be on my husbands mind..."

As she reached the bottom of the cliffs she saw the "puppy" laying down, it's breathing shallow.

Sakura picks up the puppy and again that pang of guilt hits her hard but she shoves it down. "Aww poor thing." She nuzzles it and gives it water."You are an adorable little thing.."

The "puppy" drank and licked her face weekly.

Sakura gives the puppy something for his wounds that she had made for Vazerdain. I will understand if you never forgive me.

He closed his eyes as though to fevered to even hear her.

Sakura gets some roots and mixes them to cool the fever on contact and gives him a little. Now how to do the second part.. She walks back with the sick puppy in her arms.

When she got back she found Vazerdain reading some papers, he looked highly agitated. "Damn damn damn!" He muttered, not noticing her.

Sakura quirks her eye but decides not to bother him. She grabs a few things and decides to wait outside. She tends to the puppy while he was on his fury.

After a while he comes out and looks at her with surprise. "Where did he come from?"

"I found him injuried during my walk. He is also sick, isn't he adorable." Sakura tenderly cares for him and allows him to rest. "So should I ask about what was making you swear so colorfully?"

He sat down with a frown. "It's nothing.Where did you find him?"

"While I was walking down that path near here it's pretty peaceful. Is something on your mind?" Sakura looks at him questional.

He shrugged. "He has a familair feel.....Did you have a nice walk?"

"Yes it was very nice but I can tell you recieved something unpleasant while I was gone." Sakura prompts still curious about his expression.

He sighs knowing she would continue to be persistant. "It had to do with a bussiness I am working on.Plans aren't going as well as we hoped, and there have been complications."

"I should I leave you alone? I can tell by your expression you have a lot of work to do." Sakura begins to piece her suspicion but keeps a gentle smile on her face.

He kissed her gently. "No, I want you close."

Sakura does kiss him back. "Very well dear, you seem to long to have me near you more than you have been..will you have to leave soon?"

"Unfortunatley.....I may be gone a month, seems like I may be forced to correct these problems."

Sakura pales as she knows this complicates everything. "I see...tell me something I really remind you of the wife you lost?"

"Yes.But you have refreshing brother took her because he couldn't have children, he wanted to punish me for trying to disobey his order to give my son up.....she died because of me."

Sakura empathises with him. "Mind telling me those differences. I am curious."

"You both were your own person.You are more a warrior....she was a spell caster, she taught......she taught our son.You are more willful than she was, I think her up bringing caused her to break a little..and you are more outspoken than she was.'

Sakura seems a little shocked. " mean facing everything at once and making my head spin but finds a way through it all. You only went to the Isinese village once right?" Ok this is interestng...just like pouring salt on an open wound.

"I was there many times, you were the only one who peaked my interest."

Sakura pales further. "WHAT YOU WERE THERE MORE THAN ONCE! You...spoke with my father?"

"Yes.But he was uneasy about it. He said that he didn't trust my brother."

Sakura feels like she has been punched. "You mean you asked my father about my hand? but I thought he was pairing me with the other general?"

"No.He knew I was sincere.We discussed it, he didn't want you hurt."

Sakura manages to calm down. "You were the general that was asking for my hand? You were the one who sent all and my what one will learn."

"That was I."

Sakura shakes her head and just laughs. "What irony the man I made my fantasy romantic figure when I was 10 was asking for my hand all that time. Although I'm sure your brother would have rather died then to see that come true at the time."

Face clouds over for a moment. "Unfortunately....."He stood up and started to head inside. "I must go soon love."

Sakura knows this would be the defining moment she has to take this leap. She kisses Vazerdain passionately and whispers, "You wanted to make love to you still want me?"

He gasped in surprise than returned the kiss tenfold. "very much......if you want it too."

Sakura answers. " need something to calm your head." Sakura smiles to herslef.

He leads her inside. "Are you sure?Won't it harm the baby?"

Sakura gets something and drinks it to create a boundry so that it won't hurt her child. "Yes...Vazerdain tell me how much you have desired me?"

"More than life." He whispered pulling her over to the bed.

Sakura allows herself to be pulled. She kisses him and whispers, "I hope I will remind you of the one dearest to you." She allows her hand to explore his figure.

He starts to undress her swiftly.

Sakura chuckles a litte. "In a hurry General..." She can hear Azder's voice clearly through his passion.

He pulled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her.
"I love you."

Sakura murmurs "I hope I can make you happy at least once." Sakura kisses him and can feel Azder's touch.

"You all ready have."

Azderian sets watching Sa'vere for her reaction to his words.

So in a sense we are alike... She said softly.

*I guess we are....I don't know why they wanted you?*

I can't even remember who they are...

*Niether can I....I remeber one and that's it....*

Zia shut another book and rubbed her temples glancing over at the two. *Looks like he is letting her in Khtale.*She than turned her energy to Sakura. *Sakura....are you all right?*

Who do you remember?

"Yeah..." Kehtale said, looking over at them.

*His name is Vazerdain....he was the only one who showed himself.He kept tightenning the restraints.....he got inside my head too.*

I will be fine Zia...Vazerdain is leaving on a mission.

Vazerdian? I wonder why one would show themselves and others wouldn't...

*I don't know..* Azderian frowned in thought.

Zia hesitated. *Sakura....what is going on?You seem......out of breath.*

I'm fine...I'd rather not explain...I will find a way to you...

*If he is leaving why don't you try to leave after he is gone?*

I have to be careful about everything Zia...I did find Azder and he is alive...I don't know if he will forgive me after this but he is alive.

*Sakura, I am sure he would forgive you, you haven' given yourself to Azderian after all*

Zia trust me he won't. I have destoried myself...I will free him from Vazerdain but I will go into seclusion... I am now unacceptable to all of you. Sakura's tears fall.

*Sakura no your not! You couldn't have done something that horrible!So please stop torchering yourself*

Please Zia...I have done enough...I got the information you and Kehtale need. Sakura walks outside to the sleeping dog and pets him.

Zia bites her lip and looks to Khtale uneasily. *She.....couldn't have could she?*

Zia don't you know the answer...I have begun the transfer. Just do me a favor and tell Azderias once he is back in his body that I do love him but I am unworthy and tainted. Sakura begins the beginning of the transferring and gets the necessary items.


Zia...please calm down. Ok I won't go into seclusion. I will face what ever words he has to say. Sakura finishes and wonders if she should take off the necklace he gave her.

*What about your family?what about Savanna and your unborn child?Do you know what you are doing?*

I protected my unborn don't worry about that..I will face it Zia, and there is a darkness brewing. It is slowly gaining strength Azderian is their tool but he doesn't have to need to convince him that he does not have to be a puppet on the string. Sakura sees Vazerdain leaving so she brings the puppy inside and tend to it some more.

*How......I can't he doesn't trust us, he seems to trust Sa'vere but not us.*

ZIA! The more you say I can't the darkness will consume you too...We will have to work to get Sa'vere back. Sakura hugs the puppy gently.

Zia nodded and sat down to study, as Azderian stood up and stretched, still looking at Sa'vere.*Think we should trust them?*

I don't know... maybe. She replied uncertainly.

*Can we trust each other? You and I seem to be alot alike..I need someone to trust*

I would certainly hope that we could trust each other...

He smiled at her. *I am glad.I know I need someone to watch my back*

Same here. She smiled back at him.
Vazerdain stopped next to Sakura and kissed her gently. "I will return in about a month."

Sakura nods. "Hope all works out." Death would be kind but I won't be that weak. I will face it all.

"Sakura...are you having second thoughts?"

Sakura offers a smile. "Vazerdain please do not worry about my thoughts. I know I am not the one you loved first...and I gave you a memory of your love. Go now your mission becons." She notices the puppy licking her face. She feels confused but does not show it.

He nodded to her and left. The puppy laid down in exhaustion.

Sakura looks at him confused. Why are you still affectionate towards me? She places him in a confortable spot.

He closes his eyes in exhaustion, but for a moment Sakura could have heard: Becouse I love you.

Sakura tries to make him confortable. I must be hearing things. She is glad that Azderian is trusting Sa'vere.

He soon fell asleep.

She kisses on his head and gets a few things together. Sleep my dear Azderias...I hope I can at least give you...your body back
Azderian walked outside and sat down on the porch. *Perhaps I should stay...Sa'vere needs me*

Savanna walks outside and dances around as if she is happy. Mommy and Daddy are together...that mean man won't keep don't like me mommy..

Give him time dear...your mommy has done some crazy things these past few days...just try to let him know we love him.

Savanna smiles brightly. Ok mommy I will try.

Azderian looked at Savanna uneasily, still feeling guilty.

Savanna gets aggravated at that look. "Brother it's ok...Mommy does stuff out of love. Why do you look at me like that...I know that girl inside I think Sa'vere is her name needs you but I need you too.."

"Why?You have everyone else.You don't need me too."

Savanna looks at him with hurt eyes. "Because Daddy will need your help like you helped that lady Sa'vere...but if you don't like me then I'm sorry but know that your little sister loves you." Savanna walks back out to the play spot.

He grabbed her before she went. "I don't hate you.......I am very confused right now.....I feel like I am swimming in a dark see with no sign of land.I fear that any moment I will lose my stregth and be lost to the tide.."

Savanna smiles and gives him a strange looking light."Here this will light the way...I use to be scared of the dark but mommy gave me this and said it would light my way."

He took it gently. " it?" He asked in awe.

Savanna smiles and just says. "It's mommy's love." She leaves him to his thoughts.

He carefully created a madelion to contain the light, and placed it around his neck

Sa'vere merely leaned back against the couch, her expression blank. She was rather confused- she didn't know who she was, where she was from, or even who the people she was staying with were- and yet they all seemed to know her. She had made a fast ally in Azderian- but what of the others?

Savanna walks back in and smiles at Sa'vere. "Mommy said you were pretty and kind. Mommy knows a lot of things...but she had to do bad stuff to keep me, auntie Zia and Azderian safe."

Azderian walked in and sat down at a table, he picked up a book to study.

Savanna sits down and closes her eyes.

Azderian sat it down with a groan. he got up and walked out. He was really cofused, he trusted Sa'vere but why did he feel uncomfortable around her?
He decided to walk in the woods to clear his head.

Savanna smiles to herself. You don't have to feel alone brother.

He found a builder in a clearing and sat down. He rested his head on his hands and started to replay all the events of the past few days. He sighed realizing he still couldn't remember who he was.

Sa'vere smiled softly at Savanna, still remaining thoughtfully silent. She watched as Azderian went outside for the second time since she'd been conscious thoughtfully.

Savanna begins to miss her mother. Mommy I hope you come here soon.

Azdrian sat still listening to his soroundings thoughtfully.

"What's your name?" Sa'vere asked her, either she hadn't been told or she couldn't remember being told, her mind was far too muddled to sort through her thoughts properly.

Savana offers a gentle smile. "Savanna is my name."

"I see, a very pretty name." Sa'vere replied, leaning back against the couch tiredly.

Aderian slowly started to slep off to sleep, before being jolted awake by the feeling he was no longer alone. He shivered and looked around trying to pin point his unwanted guest.

*Do you think it is that easy to escape boy?Your worth is to great to let you go.*

He drew his sword looking about almost frantically. Please...not here please don't let them be here..

Sakura carries the injuried puppy and sees the house. She didn't see Azderian. Finally..I can finish my promise and work towards my punishment.

Azderian smothered his cry as a man he didn't know started to atack him. The clang of steel on steel rang out.

The puppy whimpered in pain, but looked in the direction of the fighting.

Sakura used the arrow and hits the steal weapon and she ready's a instant make shift trap. She attacks Azderian's attacker.

The man turned about stabbing Azderian who was a little to slow, inm the side. He quickly rushed forward and attacked Sakura.

She tricks him with a trick her fiancee taught her an puts the net on him. She throws some kind healing liquid on Azderian but gets knicked on her foot.

Azderian growls and climbs to his feat, he started to rush the attacker.
The attacker kicked Sakura in the side and vanished.

Azderian ran over to her quickly. "A...are you all right?"

Sakura nods and pants. "I'm find how are you Azderian?"

"I am was just a nick." He lied hiding the wound from her.Even though the potion had hit him, the wound was still bad and he had lost a decent percent of blood.

Sakura frowns knowing he was lying. "You know you shouldn't lie to a mother. You have been poisined." Sakura finds the wound and cuts the infection while pouring a stinging mixture on him.

He hissed in pain trying to pull away.

Sakura puts some water on it and the light Savanna gave him shines and heals him. "So your little sister gave you the light." Sakura smiles and lets him go.

"She isn't my sister...I don't even belong here."

"I all ready know why Vazerdain is hunting you. Your father was the same way but he didn't turn evil you have a choice. I won't stand in your way. Savanna loves you like a little sister would and a part of your father is in the puppy I brought with me.."

"A.....a puppy?" He said in dibelief and what sounded a little like scorn.


He glares at her angrily. "No. But a puppy?" *Laughs* "You expect me to believe he is a puppy?"

Sakura shakes her head and walks toward the house. It doesn't matter if he believes me or not.I will end up facing some kind of punishment.

She is mental, she has to be He thought picking up his sword.

Sakura bristles at his thought and wondered if she should punch him and show him the puppies reaction.

Azderian glared at her look. "What are you going to tell me that I have a brother who is a cat now?"

Sakura grabs the pendent around his neck and places it on the puppy then Azderias reveals himself. "Now smart ass what do you have to say now?"

Azderian looked at them in shock before setting on the ground hard. "B...b....but...that's not possible..."

Sakura puts the necklace back on Azderian neck and Azderias turns back into a puppy. "Why do you say that?"

He rubbed the sting from his neck and glared at her. "That has to be a trick......people can't turn into animals..'

Sakura throws her hands up. "I GAVE YOU PROFF AND YOU STILL DON'T BELIEVE ME!"

Savanna hears her mother. "MOMMY! DADDY!" She ran over and hugs Sakura. " Daddy doing ok?"

"Savanna take daddy inside and make him comfortable." Savanna gently picks up the puppy and calmly walks inside. Sakura sits on a rock.

Azderian hughs in anger and confusion and walks off.

Sakura shakes her head and wonders what is to become of her. Azderian still thinks I am wanting to fool him..but I guess it comes with the territory.

She felt a hand rest on her shoulder. "Long way from home my dear wife."

Sakura doesn't stiffen as if expecting this predicament. "I did not know that was home. Besides don't you have something to take care of Darling?"

He let his hand drop as though slapped. "sakura.....I thought you loved me."

"I was beginning to trust you. Vazerdain your heart belongs to your first wife. You are invovled in something dark and you didn't tell me the truth." Sakura looks at him with tears. "It does not matter I will go into seclusion soon."

He pulls her to her feet and kisses her. "My heart belongs to you.I am hurt that you disobeyed me. What do you think I am involved in?"

Sakura looks at him in confusion. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DISOBEYED YOU! YOU ONLY SAID YOU WOULD BE GONE A MONTH! One of your men attacked Azderian. You are wanting to restore the dark order."

He released her looking thourully hurt and shoked. "Not any of mine.Why would I want to restore the very thing that destroyeds everything I loved?"

Sakura groans and feels her head spin. "You can give up Azderias's lifeforce you know that right?" Sakura feels sick and hits the ground knocking her head. I deserve to be tared and fathered for all of this. She passes out wondering if death will come.

He picks her up gently, worried about her. Than heads with her to his camp. *What is wrong with her?* He wondered.

Sakura lets out a pained moan.

He gently laid her on the bed in his tent, and called for healers.

Savanna is tending the puppy while smiling. Daddy I am glad your safe. She nuzzles him gently.

He whimpers slightly, feeling that Sakura was in trouble.

Savanna looks at him and gives him some more medicine. Is something wrong daddy?

Even though it pined him, he tried to settle down, not wanting to scar Savanna.
Azderian saw Vazerdain take Sakura, even though he didn't trust her he still followed, not wanting her to suffer.

Sakura wakes up and feels the pain. Where am I? How did I get here?

Vazerdain gently pushed a few strands of her hair out of her face. "You collapsed love."

Sakura has lossed her memory she only remembers her name and the name Savanna. "Why did you call me love?"

"'s me Vazerdain, your husband."

Sakura looks at him confused. "My husband?"

"Yes.We were talking and you slipped and feel, you hit your head so I brought you here."

Sakura looks lost still. "We were talking about what?"

He hesitates. "Our....pasts.."

Sakura looks at him curiously. "How long have I been married to you?"

"Less than a month..."Looks down. He wanted to be honest with her.

Sakura does not know hardly anything. "You are upset with me...I should go..I think."

"No.I am not upset with you love....I am upset with myself." He said gently.

Sakura looks at him and gently hugs him.

He kisses her softly. "How do you feel?"

Sakura allows tears to fall. "Confused, lost and a little sick."

He jholds her close. "It's all right....I am here and I will help you now.Feeling sick is to be expected, your with child."

Sakura blushes at that. " are you sure you need me beside you?"

"I love you Sakura, of course I do."

Sakura smiles but still feels like she doesn't quite belong.

He brings her some food and drink. "This should help a little."

Sakura eats and drinks a little. He seems to be fighting within himself about something.

"You should rest love."Vazerdain said gently.

Sakura nods and falls asleep.

He sets next to her, gently stroking her hair, before he too fell asleep.

Chapter 2-light

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