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Have you ever felt so claustrophobic.. so enclosed.. so alone, that you felt the need to literally spread your wings and escape..?
I feel like that every day. And don't get me wrong.. I love Ireland but I am growing up. I have been here 18 years and there is an entire world out there for me to see.. It is my goal in life to travel that world. See as much of it as I can before I enevitably die. So this is where I shall document my travels... Share my experiences with you.

If you feel the same, share my yearning to explore then let me know. Make a seperate wiki, like this one, so that together we can express how diverse our world is. Let me know and I will put a link here so that we will all be connected. That way, together, we will one day have seen as much of the world as we possibly can.

Check out my travels here! --

Luke's Adventures

And don't hesitate to let me know if you want your album added to the list below!!

Here is where you can find people who have joined with me in my goal to unlock all the secrets that the world has to offer. If you would like to have a gallery or a link placed here then let me know.

[merihevonen] - Heidi's Adventures - This is my good friend Heidi, a self proclaimed winterheart, she loves countries with cold weather and bridges! ^_-

[Khwaish] - Prem's Adventures

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2006-03-26 [Khwaish]: i'm back :P

2006-03-26 [particle boy]: So you are... Aw.. bless... I need your tales of grandiose to keep this wiki alive!

2006-04-09 [iippo]: Hmm, there is a photography-wiki called Go and see the world kid!, witha similar purpose. :) Spread the wiki love :) // And wow, how utterly weird coincidence! :O The two 'other' wikis are by someone Finnish, and by someone Indian... I'm Finnish and my fiance is Indian...! *is awestruck*

2006-04-10 [Khwaish]: omg! i love indian people (i'm indian):P

2006-04-10 [iippo]: Heh, I love them too! :D

2006-04-10 [particle boy]: Small World! Only.. y'know.. Not TOO small... otherwise there wouldn't be much to explore!! *goes off exploring*

2006-04-12 [Khwaish]: lame :p

2006-04-17 [particle boy]: what...? Why?? Ooh -and guys? Will you like put a link to this wiki in your profiles or something?? Just so that we can advertise it a bit more!

2006-07-24 [merihevonen]: *Advertises* :)

2006-09-01 [chaza1]: hey :D

2006-09-03 [merihevonen]: hey back

2006-09-04 [chaza1]: how are yee all

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