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2007-04-09 04:02:30
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Okay. Here in this page I'm just going keep a record of all the stupid, idiotic things I've done so far in college.

...And no...I don't mean:

1. Drinking and doing idiotic things. ( I don't need alcohol to do shit like that. It's all on my own accord.)

2. Having Unprotected sex. (That's just...dumb.)

3. Fighting/Haizing. (Totally fucking lame.)

4. Anything that involves animal/human sacrifice. (Mmmm.)

5. Shoving anything in...a bodily orifice. (Is that haizing?)

6. Ah, fuck this.


Those are the 6 rules..

Hmmm...okay, I'll start slow. But they'll get more stupid and heinous further along.

(The Army Helmet story)... You'll laugh, you'll was better than 'Cats.'

(The day we met Aaron's girlfriend) That's all I've got to say...

(The journey home) Long ass weekend. Long ass story. Blah.

(The hypnotist) ...Just, no.

(Ayden's Easter Week) Heh. What did YOU do for Easter?

Yep...That's it so far.. Hope you enjoyed it.


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