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Thanksgiving Festival




This contest is for all of you Thanksgiving lovers!
The pilgrims, the Sagacious Turkey, the pumpkin pie,
what else is involved with Thanksgiving? You tell us!
You can tell us with art, poetry and photography
what you believe Thanksgiving is about!


Thanksgiving competition rules

A. Theme: The theme for this competition is thanksgiving.
It doesn't necessarily have to be the 'typical' thanksgiving,
we're open to the interpretations of the artist!

B. Amount: The amount of entries a contestant may submit is 2.

C. Proof photo: If you submit a photo entry, you have to submit a proof photo with it.
In this photo you must hold/see a knife or spoon.

D. Deadline: The deadline is set on 2011-11-15 for the art and poem contest
and 2011-12-02 for the photo contest.

E. Winners: There will be 2 winners picked for the art, photo and poem contest.

F. Judging: The winners will be selected by a public poll. Don't vote for yourself!


General Entry Rules

These rules can be found at: Festival Competition Rules#Contestants



The best entries of the contest will be featured on this page.

The reward for this competition will be a shiny badge you can put in your house!

for all the participants:


For the first place winners:


For the second place winners:



Thanksgiving Art entries, 2011 Open
Thanksgiving Photo entries, 2011 Open
Thanksgiving Poetry entries, 2011 Open


Winners by default of the Thanksgiving Art and Poetry Competitions for both 2009 and 2010:



I’m stuffed, I’ve been thoroughly fed,
So am I, the turkey said.

written by: [arthemis_]



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2008-01-03 [nehirwen]: any (other) changes suggested in these contest wiki's? or is it okey this way..

2008-01-03 [Sunrose]: Quite possibly ^^'

2008-01-04 [nehirwen]: :)

2008-01-05 [Lin-tastic]: Consistant, aren't we, Nehirwen? lol This one reminds me a lot like St. Patrick's Day Festival.

2008-01-05 [Sunrose]: That's because the St. Patricks's Day Festival is a good wiki-design for these contests ;)

2008-01-05 [nehirwen]: good design maybe (thank you [Sunrose]!) but I also like a bit of uniformity in the contests I make :) that's just how my mind works.

2008-01-05 [Lin-tastic]: I modeled mine after yours, but alas, don't have the programs to create those awesome graphics you did. lol I'm planning to have one of my friends [Pnelma Tirian] make them, and if she's unable, I'm planning to ask [Mom] just so we can get others involved.

I'd ask you, but I don't want to seem a bother...although I almost always feel like one.

2008-01-05 [nehirwen]: That's fine with me :)
(and you wouldn't have bothered me at all ;)

2008-01-05 [Lin-tastic]: Okay. You're welcome to do anything,
but if I can be so bold as to make a request,
I think a sparkler would do nicely for the
(Sounds like a police department.)

2008-01-05 [nehirwen]: lol, sounds funny indeed.
what kind of graphic should that sparkler be? (a little mood thingy? or something else?)

2008-01-05 [Lin-tastic]: It's up to you.
I don't really mind what it turns out as.

2008-01-05 [nehirwen]: Then I'll make the mood thing :)

2008-01-05 [Lin-tastic]: ^_^ Yay!

2008-11-15 [LunaWolfDragon]: Okay would it be okay if i was to do a pixle made on the computer and subit it? Thats how i do alot of my stuff is on paint

2008-11-15 [nehirwen]: As long as it fits the theme it should be alright. :)
This contest closes at midnight ET time though, you can finish it before that?
Or shall I wait to close this till tomorrow morning..

2008-11-16 [LunaWolfDragon]: Okay, Ill try to get it doen tonight if i can tonight, I'm havieng to use soem one else's computer casue mine is down.

2008-11-16 [LunaWolfDragon]: since im doing this on a comoputer...and this is my first time doing a contest what would mine be considered as

2008-11-16 [nehirwen]: I assume you're making a digital drawing (using paint)? That would be considered 'art'.
You can add it to Thanksgiving Art entries, 2008. :)
Or did you want to know something else?

2008-11-16 [LunaWolfDragon]: Thats what i needed to know tyvm for the help i was not sure how to do this with is being my first time in entering a contest

2008-11-16 [LunaWolfDragon]: Umm i need help on how to post it up

2008-11-16 [LunaWolfDragon]: NVM I got it and im do apolagise in advance for it being so big. Being on the computer im on does not do like i need it to do.

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