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Tetra Silver Betta Bowl Aquarium w/ Light review

It seems as though Betta fish are all the rage these days. I know that they have been pretty popular for the past few years, but I swear, when they first became trendy, people just kept them in a tiny glass bowl, set them on the far corner of their desk at work, and gave them about a week to live. It seems like these days, though, there are so many new products specifically designed for Betta fish, it is beginning to get a bit ridiculous. At Pet World, the pet shop that I worked at for the past few months and just recently quit, we had an unnamed pet Betta fish that we, like most of the rest of the working world, kept in a six inch glass bowl on the edge of the counter near the cash register at the front of the store. The Betta lived quite happily in the bowl with his two decorative plants, ceramic “no fishing” sign and two pellets of food each day. However, when we got in the brand new Tetra Silver Betta Bowl Aquarium with Light ( $17.99 plus tax), a large, 0.75 gallon glass bowl on a plastic stand, our little Betta buddy moved up in the world and was transferred to the larger habitat.

The Tetra Silver Betta Bowl Aquarium is a 0.75 gallon (1.8 liters), crystal-clear glass bowl that sits firmly upon a uniquely styled, gray plastic base. The bowl is round sans the opening at the top and the flat bottom. This Betta Aquarium is a great way to display the beauty of one’s Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish), as the bowl may be set on one’s desktop at work or on their coffee table at home. Really though, I am fairly certain that this product could be set on any flat surface, not just on desks and coffee tables, as the information on the box states. The uniquely designed base has one-touch lighting control, a LED light that is activated by the single, oval button on the front of the plastic base that may be turned on or off simply by pressing on said button. The LED light is located at the tip of a curved piece of plastic that is attached to the back of the plastic base and that may be moved from the left to the right around the glass dish, though I’m sure that most would prefer it to stay centered above the dish. The light is not very bright and is therefore completely unnecessary in any office setting in which natural daylight streams through the office or else where there is plenty of artificial lighting. The only time that the LED light may be useful would be at night, perhaps when one is working late at the office and cares to stare at the motionless Betta Fish within the bowl. In order for the light to work, the product requires that three AA batteries be installed first, and these are NOT INCLUDED. 

While Betta Fish may not need a large, fancy, brightly-lit dish to swim about in (I believe that in the wild, these fish survive in puddles), the set is an attractive one and it is a great addition to any room’s décor. Putting our store Betta Fish in the larger Aquarium may have been unnecessary, but the fish certainly does stand out a bit more in it’s larger environment and the dish is quite a bit nicer than the one it was previously in. I would recommend this Aquarium to anyone who would care to spice up their office or home a bit with the addition of a beautiful Aquarium and a new fishy friend. Betta Fish are easy to care for, require little in the way of food or attention and bring some life into an otherwise boring office setting. 

/ [Nioniel]

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