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Test your knowledge - Lesson 1


I've decided that I'll try to work just like it's happening in the Latin classroom. That means the following thing:
You'll get a couple of exercises to test your knowledge of Ancient Greek (in this case of the Greek alphabet). You can make the exercise and when you're done you put something like 'I'm done' behind your name in the Ancient Greek Students List. When all student have finished the exercise, I will give you the answers. If someone doesn't finish the exercise within 1 month (maybe I'll make the time even shorter) I will then give the answers anyhow.

Exercise 1 
You will be able to make this exercise when you've learned Lesson 1: The Greek Alphabet


a) Try to read the words below aloud until you have reached a proper tempo.
This is if you are really motivated to learn Ancient Greek, there's no one to check you on this. (And you can never be sure if you pronounce the alphabet ok) In other words, you could skip this…

b) Write the words down on paper
Again, no one can check you on this, so you can skip this as well if you want, but the learn how to write Greek, it's a perfect exercise.

c) Write (or type) the first 10 words in Greek capitals
Try to do this as much as possible without checking Lesson 1

d) Write (or type) the last 10 words in small Greek characters
Again, try to do this as much as possible without checking Lesson 1

e) Spell the words from 11 ‘till 20.
No one can check you on this either but it's a good exercise to see if you know the names of the Greek characters correct


(I made this thingt some time ago, I'll make a better one soon. It can help you find out which keyboardbuttons you need)

Click here when you're done.


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