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The Temple of the Light


     A curved, sweeping white marble stairway leads to the most ornamental feature of the first floor, the entrance doorway, two large wooden doors of a deep mahogany, wrought with smoke-black iron, and a large solar disc evident between wings above the double doorway. Two waterfalls sit aside the stairs to the right and left, slowly churning their way from top to bottom between water-loving plants potted in the soil of the planters. The natural stone look of the falls make them seem like they were not manmade, but the mason enclosure that houses them gives that fact away.

     Four huge supports rise from the ground surrounding the temple, giving the appearance of a domed pyramid without sides, while the perpendicular walls give away its nature as a true piece of architecture housing what is inside. Fourty-nine altars sit atop the second floor balconies, each for a different guise of the avatars of the Light, and a central dome on the keystone support dominates several smaller domes atop the other points of the temple. It is a combination of many styles, but its masonic structure and non-magical liquid movement system is unparalleled among engineers throughout the realms, with its self-restoring hydro-sewery lying below the temple's lower chambers, once connected to the Great Palace of Vraisynn. The aqueducts, fully functional, lie intact below the ground around the temple's base, even after the event that tore it from its previous reality.

     In the cosmos of the mind and matter, of principle and permutation, and of law and chaos, there are few archetypes which reign supreme and are as well-known as the Light and the Shadow.

     On the outskirts of Limbo, a realm of chaos and of dying elements and displaced land adrift in the outer realms of the multiverse, on a chunk of solid earth and stable air, in the only calm place in a plane of absolute chaos, a hallowed and stately temple stands resolute despite the realm's consistent attempts to digest it. Its white-washed, newly-sealed walls stand more than two stories tall, with a center dome and spire pinnacling at more than four. Grey, navy blue, and gold trim adorn the walls at their highest point, with seams of a silvery iron grating covering portions of the lower parts, and red-orange rubies placed every so often along its peaks and adornments. Four large, monlithic stones jut out from the foundations below the temple, with strong and architecturally stable connecting rods that point up to the temple's center spire and the second story balcony that sprawled openly before the elemental sky above it.

     Only those of intentions without evil can walk on this ground, or else suffer the pain of walking on searing stone that burns the flesh of demons and devils and the patrons of pain and suffering. In this place there is only the law, order and peace of the Light of Truth and of its avatar and agent, the Exemplar Elishar. The almighty opponent of the Shadow of Mistruth, Toldoth, this avatar of the omnipotent Light comes only in visions, landmarks of the eons, and great cosmic battles as a real entity, and in most cases is unknown or unneeded as a Greater Deity of highest power. The keeper of the Temple, a dark-skinned, aging man named Vestähl Mentu, tends to the well-being of the building, its library, chambers, and divine laws. Many mortals come here for peace, sanctuary, healing, and divine counsel, though nothing is ever promised, as the Elishar and the Light are not petty gods who do the bidding of mortals. The Light is a Divine Will that entrusts that only destiny will keep the mortal souls on the correct course. Nothing outside of Destiny and Eternity more definitively allows the soul of a mortal to be healed, but many things are possible here.


     If you are not a Roleplayer, but are instead a mortal in need of healing or prayer to the Light of Truth, you are welcome here. Please visit the Prayer Chamber for RP and non-RP conference with the Keeper of the Temple.


Outside the Temple
    >Storage Chambers
Hall of Prophecy
Central Temple Chamber
    >Stairway to the Heavens
    >Vestähl's quarters
Prayer Chamber




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2003-11-15 [xido]: A tall, very dark-skinned man clothed in a brown skirting below his waist approaches the front of the Temple, entering through the long hallway that leads to the rear of the building, to the pool at the back. Kneeling, he speaks, "Thank you, milady. I wish to seek knowledge from your oracle, Enlightened One."

2003-11-15 [xido]: "Thank you, milady. I wish to seek knowledge from your oracle, Enlightened One."

2003-12-07 [Dark Assassin]: The chanting slowly dies and her penetrating eyes open again, "Speak your troubles."

2003-12-17 [xido]: Standing once more, the dark man asks in a low, clear voice, "I come from a land across the great Blue Ocean named Eastonia, milady. It is there that my son still lives, and fears for my well-being. I have been made to seek out my own journeys in this distant land, and I must know that my son Dtalk will be safe, and that when the time is right, that we shall come to meet again here, both safe and in good health. Shall this be so, Wise One?"

2004-02-11 [xido]: As he watches her, she does not answer, and he takes it as ill omen. "Shall we meet again ever?" he calls out to her. Almost instantly, the ground below him begins to shake and tremble. The water that churns somewhere nearby begins to chug and spew forth vehemently. Vestähl grasps the stairs as the tremors cease once more.

2004-02-24 [xido]: "Speak, oracle, you must! Tell me please!" he beckons her to answer. When she does not, he looks deeply into her eyes. She is dead. The oracle's body rests as if alive, but the essence of life force is gone completely. Vestähl braces himself once more as a violent tremor shakes the foundations of the temple and the palace nearby.

2004-02-24 [xido]: From out of the terrible destructive force comes a soothing voice that echoes quietly through his mind: Be still, and have faith, that one day the world will shine upon you and your son. This place is no longer to rest where it now stands proud, for this is a land of chaos, not a place for this temple. The priestess has laid her power to rest, and the temple must be kept intact by someone in order to exist. You have been given this charge, sorceror. You must now touch the divine. Vestähl's spine tingles as the force tears the temple from the ground, and his body rests easily to the floor as he calms his mind, letting the destruction take him with it.

2004-02-24 [xido]: As the temple is torn from its foundations, it leaves the Palace of Vraisynn's side to phase out of existence in the lands of Jashnia. Somewhere along the sweeping chaos of Limbo does Vestähl begin to take hold of the temple's power.

2004-03-05 [xido]: The realms of existence are shifting and changing, and the lands of Qor are the catalyst for their return to balance.

2004-04-20 [Torr-maat]: Quinidar Neleros---Vestähl is mine, he's a "Long way from home"......

2006-03-21 [xido]: Many new ideas to come on this page. It will become more than just a roleplay setting. I will be posting some cool spirituality info and media here soon too. ;)

2006-07-18 [Lexicon]: great map bro

2006-07-22 [xido]: Thanks, bud. ;) Glad you like it. I have forgotten how much I need to work on this page however.

2006-08-20 [Lexicon]: we have all the time in the world...kinda hehe so you will have it all done good :)

2007-03-01 [xido]: Commemoration of Peace, Epistle01:
Vestahl opens a tome and begins writing -
When the temple was first built, the first temple (Another realm)
The Fall of Vraisynn and the Call of Mentu
The Hammer and the Court of Bahamut
The Child of Light and the Grammaticum
Aleph and the Prophecies
Order and Physical Laws
Elishar, Zaphkiel, the Archons and the Pillar of Light

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