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The Temple of the Divine Twins


The Temple, the central building of the entire Order of the Divine Twins, is a tall and angular building, consisting almost entirely of striking white arches that sweep into towers, doorways, and all else, looking something like a breaking wave striving for the heavens, all clustered around a single sharp spire, all as white as the sun and the moon themselves.

It's fitting. The sun and the moon are central here. This monument pays tribute to the two recognized deities of Ionnya: Seridae, of the sun, and his twin sister, Lurenidi, of the moon.

The lush green gardens, mostly lavish hedges and lawns, are vast, blanketing hundreds of feet outside the temple, making this place feel like an oasis. Really, it's perhaps the only peaceful retreat from this nation's uneasy.

The High Priestess is Rey'deyono, long-lived of the human race and descendent of the wizard Tel-tiono.


Chamber of Seridae
Chamber of Lurenidi

The High Priestess's Chambers

These rooms are open to whomever needs them, for temporary use:

hospitality room one
hospitality room two
hospitality room three


Back to Gerionay


Inside the temple, a robed figure, feminine and overall delicate-looking, moves from one moonlight-coloured candle to the next, lighting each with so much care that she seems to wish to light the universe in its entirety. She looks human from the back despite almost elven grace. She pays no mind to anything happening around's mostly stillness anyway.

"Hello?" The voice of Meir'cillus Viszelunore is fair unmistakable despite his disguise of a solid black wig and highly concealing cloak. "Is anyone here?"

"Yes, Lord Yerosyn, unless I'm somehow mistaken." The Priestess is out of his sight, attending candles behind the representation of Seridae.

Meir'cillus breathes a sigh of anxiety. He still is not quite certain what he has come here to say, a trait that is very uncharacteristic of him. "May I have a word with you, good Priestess?"

"Most certainly. What troubles you tonight?" She finishes lighting the final candle, scans with her eyes to be sure that all remained aflame, and then extinguishes the silver lighter and replaces it on its hidden shelf, then folding her hands into her sleeves.

Meir'cillus laughs, a hollow, empty sound if ever there was one to be heard. "Of that I'm not sure. I suppose I should begin by apologizing for the Queen's disrespect towards you today."

"Your apology is hardly necessary, although it is appreciated." She allows a very slight smile to tug at her lips. "Titles are of little real value, anyway."

"People follow titles, milady. When no one is there to lead them, they will follow titles." Meir'cillus glances to both sides, to be certain that the temple is empty. "May I count upon your silence in the matter that I'm about to tell you?"

"You may always count upon my silence, Lord Yerosyn...the laws of confidence within my order are quite strict." Rey'deyono pauses, considering a more private place to talk. "The Chamber of Lurenidi is, as I've said, nearly completely renovated. Would you like to see where your funds have been going?" The last it is her usual, subtle sense of humor at work.

Meir'cillus is grateful for her humor... he finds that it stymies the moral dilemma that rages in his mind.
"It would be nice to have some idea, yes. Please, good Priestess, show me the way."

She nods once, gently, and turns to proceed down the hall to the left of the sanctuary's back wall, destined for the Chamber of Lurenidi.

Meir'cillus follows at a respectful distance, still working out exactly what it is that he must say to her.

Sometime after the king left the temple, the Priestess returns to the main sanctuary, and resumes attending to her various duties throughout. She's nearly finished for the night when she's startled from her meditations by a massive feeling of anger moving towards the temple. She takes to her feet and hurries outside, to be halted abruptly by an angry mob.

"We knew you were in league with the drow all the time, Priestess! You're obviously not human, even though you claim to be!"

"Yes, Priestess...explain this!" The rumours of her apparent conspiracy are shouted at her one after another, in a huge din.

"And Lurenidi's shrine, Priestess...why wasn't Seridae's repaired first? Explain that!"

All efforts to calm the shouting result in only an increasingly dense mob, since Rey'deyono can't say simply that there is no conspiracy, and can deny only the temple's affililation. The High Priestess finds herself hard-pressed to keep from backing into the temple as the crowd presses forward, and is beginning to seriously wonder whether the Temple will escape unharmed.

The unfortunate necessity of an armed escort provides a dubious distinction for Meir'cillus as the royal coach approaches the Temple, although he wastes no time in getting out of the contraption and approaching the mob on foot. He has nothing to fear from humans, especially not a mad glut of humans.
"How dare you tarnish this holy ground with such a display of barbarism!" he shouts out at the crowd, his eyes searching urgently for Rey'deyono.

This hub had been quieter than the other, slowly soothed by a skilled cleric, but the fragile spell of sanity is broken quickly at the drow Dual's voice. "You should talk!" some member of the crowd shouts. "You taint the Temple Grounds with just your presence, filthy drow!"

There are a few murmers of assent, a few faces that obviously know it had been taken too far, and many more that don't seem to have noted the statement as more than background.

"That's quite enough!" Faresylia yells over the crowd as best she's able. "The Dual is human, and the Dual is drow! It is both, or neither! See us as one unit...neither!"

Rey'deyono, standing on the base of an arch's pillar that she'd been using as a speaking platform, has a tiny trickle of blood creeping down her face, and looks distinctly glad to see the Dual in an expression of subtle relief. She erases the visage after a few long moments for her usual expressionlessness.

"Break this mob up, Faresylia. I cannot communicate with at all without burning one or two to death. Neither of us need that aggravation." Meir'cillus gestures towards the mob, broadly and overdramatically. "Your people await."

She does, slowly. It doesn't take quite as long this time, since her assassination was the issue in question and both the king and high priestess are standing right here. And she's just fine.

As the crows dissipates, Rey'deyono steps off of her pedestal, surveying the Temple and grounds as she now has the chance. There are a few chips in the stone arches here and there, the walkways need sweeping, the pillars need to be cleaned and one's scorched, and the nearest hedges and lawn were completely mangled. Still, she can hardly complain.

"Well done, Queen Persin. Brilliant." Meir'cillus claps his hands briefly, and then walks away from both the Queen and the guards in search of the High Priestess. 
"Milady Priestess... ah," he says more or less to himself as he scours the grounds for Rey'deyono, "there you are." 

She elects not to touch the small cut on her forehead, opting instead to fold her hands into her sleeves. "Yes. My deepest gratitude, My Dual. The situation was under control, however, how long it would have remained such, I cannot say."

"Situation... I could care less as long as you.." Meir'cillus hesitates as he finally looks directly upon her. "... but you're injured! Are you... never mind. Come, let us take you to a healer right away!" He isn't afraid to show how unnerved he is by the sight of blood upon her face, and gestures quite animatedly towards the carriage and Queen Faresylia.

Faresylia's seeing to finishing disbanding the mob.

"Don't trouble yourself, Lord Yerosyn," the Priestess comments softly. "It's simply a small scratch, caused by a bit of flying glass when a bottle was thrown at the temple. I can attend it myself, else one of the other clergy will." Actually, both the lower priest and priestess have left to spread the invitations of the anniversary ceremony to the outlying nations, as have most of the accolytes, but that's slipped her mind in the furor of the evening.

"It's not a trouble. Are you defying me?" he asks in reply, a smile crossing lips that normally lacked for genuine humor.

The corners of her own lips twitch accordingly. "Would you like to interpret it as such, Lord Yerosyn?"

"Only if it will make you let me have that wound taken care of." Meir'cillus is apparently not going to budge upon the matter, but then, that is a fair piece of his recognizable personality. "Please, I insist."

Rey'deyono stands undecided for just an instant. "If you insist, Lord Yerosyn, I suppose I should have little say in the matter." It's quite understood that if she were opposed to the idea, she could be every bit as stubborn as the drow king. She steps off in the direction he had indicated. A flicker of gratitude flits across her eyes for the concern.

Slipping past the pillars and into the temple, is a young elf, with a rather large and suspicious looking bag thrown over her shoulder. She tiptoes into the temple, taking much care to remain unseen. This is not quite as difficult as it would appear, because even though there are quite a lot of people surrounding the temple, they are all seemingly preoccupied. Near the entrance, the elf presses herself against the wall, and waits to see if she’s detected. After a few minutes, she continues her way into the temple, to the Chamber of Lurenidi.

Meir'cillus walks alongside the high Priestess, utterly oblivious to the female elf who'd slipped into the temple. He makes certain that the guards provide for Rey'deyono the proper respect before addressing the Queen.
"Faresylia. The High Priestess was hurt during that moronic display just now, and I'd like very much to take her to a healer immediately."

The Queen takes a moment to glance at the Priestess's face. "It's just a scratch..." she finally observes. "And it's not like she can't do anything about it on her own...."

Rey'deyono's blue eyes sparkle. "This has been stated somewhere recently," she responds almost teasingly.

"Oh, please. You, my good Queen, would whine your lips to the floor if you were 'scratched' like this," says Meir'cillus, and then, glancing at Rey'deyono, "and you should know that I don't listen that well."

"Oh I do. It's one of our similar qualities."

Faresylia's taken to being very quiet and very angry again.

"In any case, please have the driver take us somewhere to have her looked at. We should have a discussion, the three of us, anyway." Meir'cillus does note that he speaks to Faresylia as if she were a servant, but does not correct himself.

"Right," the queen manages.

The driver is unfortunate enough to catch the edge of a pompous amount of authoritarian orders, where a simple "take us to the palace's healer" would have sufficed, as Rey'deyono is politely helped into the carriage.

"Now," Meir'cillus begins as he settles himself in beside of Faresylia, "milady Priestess, do you have any idea why someone would have spread a rumor such as this? Or... are you aware of the accusation?"

"I am. It was shouted at me quite enough times," the Priestess begins as Faresylia clambers in and the carriage rattles off into the streets of Gerionay.

Some time later, well into the night in fact, the royal carriage creaks and rattles its armored form up to the entrance of the temple. Once the driver, an able-looking Drow soldier, calls an all-clear, Meir'cillus opens the door and quite literally jumps out of the carriage, again offering his hand to the priestess Rey'deyono.

Which she takes with the same gratitude as before. Without the steadying hand, it would be difficult for her to step down so far without tripping over her robes. She takes a few moments to situate herself and her garments and--yes, hands folded into her sleeves-- begins walking up the limestone steps of the temple, heading for the Chamber of Seridae.

Meir'cillus follows her without hesitation, though he is beginning to feel some guilty that he is spending so much time with her all of a sudden. Despite his personal feelings, he knows that if people were to see them together there would be whispers again. He follows her, regardless.

Sometime after the King has left the temple, the Priestess returns to the main sanctuary, her stance and face still again giving no indication of an inward turmoil. She sets back to putting the Temple in order so that she can finally get some sleep.

Nur silently stands in a quiet corner of the temple, vaguely aware that she was planning on remaining unseen, aside from her encounter with the acolyte. She blinks, and rubs her eyes in a sleepy gesture. She looks at the high priestess and wonders if she is human or not. She also wonders if the priestess will leave soon, so she can find a quiet place in the temple to rest.

The Priestess finishes checking every candle, and promptly spends some time on her knees before the altar before rising smoothly to her feet, bowing once more before the altar and the silver chalice upon it, and heads gratefully toward one of the two halls in the front of the Sanctuary. "There are hospitality rooms down either of these halls and up one level," she comments without turning around as she walks.

Nur jumps slightly as Rey’deyono speaks, as she thought she went unseen before. Shrugging lightly, she wanders after the priestess, and heads to the hospitality chambers. Entering one, she blocks the door with the available chair, dumps her bag, and pulls of her boots. Appreciating the simplicity of the room, she wanders to the bed, and lets herself fall onto it. She is asleep before her head hits the pillow.

The Priestess continues further down the hall, climbing a later staircase that leads to the back of the temple, evenly spaced between the shrines of Seridae and Lurenidi, grateful to finally be headed to The High Priestess's Chambers.

It doesn't seem long before the morning light teases from between the towering white arches. Actually, it's been hours. Most inhabitants of the Temple remain asleep even through the dawn, as they will for a few hours yet. This strange half-noctournal, half-diurnal world has prompted a new sleeping pattern for its clergy, spanning a bit of both.

Nur however, doesn’t feel the need to sleep in late, or to conform to any unspoken rules of the dual society. She is up with the first light of dawn, and decides it’s time to do a little investigating in the temple, before she spreads her search out into the city. She first finds a better place to hide her bag. Having the rather large and heavy weight out of the way, she strolls casually through the temple, noting where people sleep and for how long.

The elegantly constructed by largely unadorned halls and rooms are devoid of any other life. Some echo better than others, but Nur's own repeated steps are her constant companion. The first sign of life scurries between two arcs, nearly matching their color exactly.

Nur sees something moving in the corner of her eye, and turns swiftly, ready to pounce on whatever it was. She blinks and rubs her eyes, wondering if she’s going blind, as there is nothing odd to see. She tugs her jacket closer around her, feeling an odd chill coursing through the halls of the Temple. “I suppose I should go out into the city soon… get a feel of things here. If they have mobs on a daily basis, I might have to move quicker than I hoped.” She mutters to herself.

There is very little hubbub surrounding the entrance of a heavily cloaked drow to the temple; to a casual eye he looks just like any wandering seeker of religious guidance. To any who look closer, though, it is fairly obvious that his movements are entirely too regal, too refined, for a commoner. Scanning the entryway to the temple only briefly, the drow makes his way down to the chamber of Seridae, hoping that he has not forgotten the path.

Nur follows the newcomer from the corner of her eye, pretending to admire the structure of the wall. As he reaches the chamber of Seridae she follows quietly, sticking to the last remaining shadows. The drow interests her, as she recognises him from the day before, when she first slipped into the temple. As royalty, or at least people associating with them have more wealth and more secrets than others, she decides to stick with around him for a while.

Not long after King Meir'cillus emerges from the Chamber of Seridae, growling and muttering under his breath as he follows the sensation that burns in the back of his skull. He heads down the hall past the hospitality rooms, focusing his energies so that he will be fully capable of dealing with whatever might threaten Rey'deyono (and possibly himself), and at last arrives at the the high priestess's chambers
"She may be angry with me for this, but..."
The Drow King tears the door open and enters without further hesitation.

Less than a minute later, four figures--plus one quite unconscious High Priestess--appear behind the temple. "Quickly, quickly, get the illusions in place!" Their heavy cloaks are quickly discarded into the back of a waiting wagon. What they really look like isn't sure...illusion spells certainly have them appearing as four human peasants. The Priestess herself is tossed over the cloaks, a gag now in place, and a false bottom set over the bottom of the carriage, which clatters casually into the streets of the capital city, topped by a load of farm goods and four country humans.

Inside the temple, what sense of quiet and order might have remained is dashed as King Meir'cillus Viszelunore comes storming into the temple proper, raging at the top of his potent lungs.
"Get out here, all of you bloody fools, anyone this temple, out here now dammit!"

His cries bring the startled elven accolyte running. He stiffens, more than a little startled, at seeing the king before him. "Lord Yerosyn! What is wrong?"

"Someone has abducted the Priestess. Gather as many searchers as you can, and spread the word... I want this city torn apart until she is found!" Meir'cillus is neither soft-spoken nor regal in his demand, though he does attempt to control his fury for the sake of the innocent acolyte. "Riches to whomever finds her, human or drow, and a king's fortune to the ones who bring to me her captors... alive."

The elf is quite a bit beyond dumbfounded. Rey'deyono is a stern but beloved mentor. "Are you sure? She was just in her room and..." his voice cuts off abruptly. He drops to a hasty bow. "Forgive me, Lord Yerosyn, I'll see to it at once." He hurries out of the temple, at a literal run.

The King follows shortly, headed for his carriage. He finds the Driver sleeping at the helm, and wakes him as gently as his mood will allow.
"Back to the palace, immediately," he commands, climbing into the carriage and slamming the door shut. The vehicle clatters down the roadway, en route to the Palace of Ionnya.

After many unsucceful attempts to find the Priestess, and several days later, the Second Priest has taken temporary charge of the temple in the High Priestess's absence. He hasn't been in a pleasant mood, as Rey'deyono is a friend and close comrade of his, and the accolyte has been staying away from him as much as possible.

A human runner bursts into the temple, wheezing, having taken the whole distance at a full sprint. "Priest Second! Priest Secont, where are you?!"

The priest is disgruntled at the voice, having just fallen asleep and only now getting the hang of Ionnya's queer sleeping pattern. He meets the runner as quickly as he's able. "Yes? What is it?"

The human's catching her breath by now. "It's the palace, my's on fire! Have you any magic?"

Vrenasin's brow creases slightly. That's certainly unusual. "I may. Let us hurry." The runner nods, and sprints off to retrieve a horse for the cleric as the drow gathers what he needs. He's soon galloping towards the palace.

After the Second Priest returns, bearing the ash-blackened queen, in her drugged slumber, he sets immediately to making sure that rooms are prepared and recruiting random worshipers to help organize the displaced masses--the burned palace's residents--into the temple's many rooms. He wishes that he had a few more hands, but...they'll turn up. He walks upstairs to hospitality room one with the queen, and returns as quickly as she's safely situated on the bed.

Leir made good time across the city to the Temple of the Divine Twins, eyes sweeping along several arches as he tried to take it all in. It was rather impressive. Still he was here for Kipp and didn’t have a lot of time. Quickly he looked around to gain the attention of someone who would know where his valet was.

The tired, elven accolyte approaches him when he's able to excuse himself from the group he'd been consoling. "Good morning, sir. How may I help you?"

The merchant blinked, morning already? God what a pain. He was perhaps more upset about the palace than the King, seeing as it meant somebody else had designs on it. Tired himself, Leir nodded to the other. “I’m looking for a boy. About ten years of age, mute and about yea high.” He added, gesturing to show the boy’s height.

It's actually the pre-dawn morning, still dark...the residents of this nation tend to designate times quite strangely. "Ah, yes. I believe he's in hospitality room two...if I've remembered properly." He's shown so very many people to their rooms. "Follow me, if you will..." he gestures, and starts down the hall.

Even in this hullabaloo, the accolyte glances to the High Priestess's Chambers when they pass them, his expression lightly disturbed, and whispers a quiet prayer.

Folding his hands behind his back Leir nodded in thanks following behind the other. I appreciate the temple sheltering my valet.” He said quietly, grey eyes following the other gaze to the room, eyebrows arching in response. The merchant made a mental note to check up on the significance later, maybe Kipp would know.

"It is quite our pleasure. He seems a nice we are." The accolyte knocks on the door of hospitality room two.

The King steps out of his hastily acquired carriage and heads into the temple without ritual or celebration of any sort. He is here for one reason, and that is to confront Seridae. Perhaps it is only a deity, but... that couple had been enough to convince him that something was out of place. 
"Hello? Is anyone here?"

"Yes, Lord Yerosyn, and then some." The Second Priest approaches him. "Is there something that I may help you with?"

"Show me to the shrine of Seridae immediately, if you would not mind. We must have a word," answers Meir'cillus.

Le'shyl is surprised, but triest not to show it. Meir'cillus has always been notorious for how extremely drow he is. "Certainly, Lord Yerosyn. Follow me." He leads down the halls to the Chamber of Seridae.

"Hiya hi hi hi halooooooo! Is anybody home?" Miracle's tiny voice carries pretty far when she really wants it to, echoing nicely off of the walls of the temple. She smile's just slightly, and tosses her head to bother Miracle with her gray hair.

"Yes, welcome." The Second Priest finds his way into the room a few moments after his voice. He hides his surprise at seeing a sprite of some sort. "How may I aid you?"

"We happened to find a very nice woman with pretty blue eyes in a very unfitting hole in the ground. She and I thought you should know." Miracle holds up her head, chin high, proud that she's doing something noble.

The priest stiffens. It isn't an expected reaction. "You've found the High Priestess? Where?" Years of practice hiding his emotions are all that are keeping his excitement contained right now.

"A town called Xenidia. There are Kieen monkeys all over the place... just crawling with them. She and I just barely made it out without being noticed, right she?" Miracle glances at her silent compatriot, who nods a solemn confirmation.

"I know it, yes." He's grown up there. "Where in Xenidia?" The priest keeps his tone fairly neutral.

"It's a place in Xenidia Heights... um..." Miracle bites her finger, legs kicking as she thinks back. "I can't remember! She knows, but she can't tell you. She can't talk. So... I guess She'll have to show you!!"

"I see. Well..." he glances at She. "If you two would be so kind, I believe that the King would be very interested in hearing what you have to say."

"Oh that's exactly what we wanted to do! But is the king really a drow? Drow smell so much like Drow and it's..." Miracle shuts her mouth when She turns her head and gives a distasteful look. "Eep... sorry. Anyway, how'bout it? Let's go see!"

The priest doesn't quite know how to respond, but doesn't appear to mind terribly much. "Yes indeed." He takes a cloak against a distinct chill in the air, and heads for the Palace of Ionnya.

"Pick up your feet, She, let's go! Hurry!" She turns, quite unhurriedly, and follows the Priest with a slight gleam in her dead eyes.

Leir sniffed, fighting off the beginning of a cold as he walked up the road to the temple entrance. He was exhausted, and after a long ride on horseback, and then sitting in a wagon all night, well, it was understandable. The merchant paused long enough to sneeze before continuing up and through the doors, pausing just inside to scan the temple. The last time he’d been there, he’d been in a rush to talk to Kipp and hadn’t taken the time to examine the place carefully. It was…rather pretty.

The Second Priest is finishing lighting the hundreds of candles inside in preparation for the night, looking up to greet Leir. "Welcome."

Tired grey eyes glanced down from the ceiling to focus on the Second priest. A thin smile came to Leir’s lips as he nodded slowly. “I came to think…if I won’t be in the way.” He said softly. He was achingly tired, yet not sleepy, what a bother. He waved idly as his footsteps turned towards the Chamber of Lurenidi.

No more than five minutes later the merchant reappeared from the Chamber of Lurenidi and headed quickly past all other people, taking off at a run towards the Palace of Ionnya.

A few nights later, near dawn, a horse bearing two normal-sized passengers and one tiny one approaches the temple with all the weariness the travelers are enduring.

The Priestess breathes a long, gentle sigh as they plod into the gardens. She's home.

"It's so nice to be home bearing good news for once innit it?" Even Miracle's tiny voice sounds exhausted, chattery though she's been more or less the entire trip. 

The priestess nods, slipping gingerly off the horse when they stop near the entrance. "Very nice indeed, she half-murmurs," quite tired. I will send an accolyte to attend the horse, if you wish, and will show you to your rooms." She tries to straighten and dignify her bearing.

"She says it sounds like a plan." Sleepily the woman and her miniature attendant slip from the back of the beast and follow the priestess.

Rey'deyono walks quietly through the massive entry arches of the Temple, closing her eyes and breathing a quiet prayer of thanks that she's returned here. As tired as she is, she still grateful beyond words to be back.

Rapheria paces up toward theTemple. She moves carefully trying to avoid attracting too much attention. As she nears her destination she sees the outline of the Preistess. She gasps in disbelief, "All this time I've been waitng... This is too good to be true." With a look of pure hatred in her eyes, she gazes  around and moves into the shadow of an arch. Slowly, her dagger slides into her hand. She mutters to herself, "They will pay for what they have done to me... starting with thier precious bitch." She moves her arm back in prepartion to throw her dagger into Rey'deyono's exposed back. As her arm bends back, one of the last rays of sunlight catches the dagger and it gleams with an ominous light. 

Rey'deyono stiffens slightly at a terrible feeling of hatred rising nearby. The hair on the back of her neck prickles at a danger she simply doesn't feel like dealing with, not when all she wants to do is sleep.

"It will be the last thing you ever do," a soft voice growls from behind Rapheria. The second priest isn't armed, except with his magic and hand-to-hand ability he certainly hasn't forgotten. But he keeps a hand down and out of sight, not showing that.

Rapheria turns slightly starltled by the voice. She hisses at his words. Her eyes gleam in rage and she lowers her dagger to her side . "What makes you so sure, old man?" As she speaks, she thrusts toward his chest in an attempt to quickly finish him off before he knows what's coming.

"Hey!" Miracle flits away from She's shoulder, muttering something inaudible; a simple illumination spell, so that much of chamber fills with clear light. "She! Enemy!"

The silent one's blade finds its way to her hand, but even as good she is, she cannot move quickly enough to intercept that dagger. That will be up to the priest; although She does ready herself to fight the intruder.

Many years ago, Le'shyl may have tried for a fatal counter, but now...he leaps backward, completely defensive though muttering under his breath. A few flames flicker in a circle on any side of Rapheria, before leaping upward into a thin, nearly white-hot wall.

"Oh my..." Miracle flies around the wall, observing it gravely. "I wish I could do that. She moves and lights upon Le'shyl's shoulder. "I think I'm in love, she laughs."

Rapheria frowns as her rgage dies away. She should have expected more from this old fool. Seeing the others around she knows her opprotunity is gone. She wraps her cloak tightly around herself and dives towards the flames hoping that they are insubstantial as they appear. 

They're quite hot, even for flames, charring at her cloak and anything exposed as she passes, but her speed saves her any real injury.

The Priest is about to trigger a second spell, igniting the wall to extreme heat, but the Priestess stops him. "No...there's no call for that tonight. Please, simply show our guests to their rooms, or room if they prefer. I would like a word with a drow friend, if she would allow it."

The Priest backs off the spell, his face deathly serious, before nodding. The flames fade away, and he looks to Miracle and She. "If you two ladies would be so kind as to follow me?"

"But... but hey! She was going to hurt you! We can't leave alone with her no no noway nohow." Miracle looks to she. "Right?"

She returns her sword to its sheath and shakes her head, turning to follow the priest.

The Priestess watches them go, and then looks to where she'd last seen the would-be assassin, covering her hands as usual and waiting silently where she is.

Rapheriia runs a short distance away cursing at the damage to her cloak. "Damnit! I had the perfect chance..." She looks around seeing that there is no pursiut she stops and breathes deeply. The scent of smoke wafts in the air. "No pursuit... is this a trick?" Slowly, she turns back and retraces her steps towards the Temple. 

The Priestess is still waiting there near the entrance to the temple...certainly not in a position to seek quick shelter. Her hands are hidden beneath a cheap cloak they had bought on the road, which is rather dirty by now. Her face isn't much better for that...she's certainly been travelling. Her unhidden exhaustion adds to a sadly resigned air, as though she's quite certain that the world is out to get her. "Welcome back," she hails quietly.

Rapheria looks at her with a rage building once again. This time it comes in more a cold calculating anger than the last firey passion. Seeing that the Preistess is alone and wearied by her travels she reaches out with her mind, her thoughts with despair and weariness . She mentally struggles trying to increase these emtions within the Priestess in hopes of making her an easier target.

"Very clever. But please, I only wish to talk. That will not work in either case."

Rapheria frowns noting how little of an effect she is haviing. She considers the Priestess's words and hisses. "Talk, talk talk, that's all you ever do. Where are the servant'smighty divine when you plead for help? Nowhere to be found. It's all your fault."

"I don't know what you mean, miss. What is it that is my fault? What plea went unheard?"

As she stands there Rapheria's passions flicker a second. Could she really not know? No they must all pay for what was done... but what if she really didn't know  She reaches beneath her charred cloak and pulls out a small vial. Within it is a powder that causes whomever inhales it to speak all thoguhts that come to mind. She opens it and throws a bit in the direction of the Preistess's face.

Rey'deyono turns her face aside just enough to keep it from getting in her eyes, but doesn't prevent herself from inhaling it, sneezing once. "Very well, then. You have your potion in place. If you do not mind, Mis...I am very tired, and very road-weary. Would you be willing to discuss this inside?"

Rapheria pauses for a moment.  Perhaps this one speaks it's not possible that she could care... could she? "Inside with all your gaurds?" She looks at her in disdain. "Why should I trust you? My entire world, distroyed by you and your worthless followers?" As she speaks she moves around in the shadows. Her emotions run wildly. She remembers the sufferings, the pain, the hatred. Her thoughts slow for a moment resting on the memory of her father. Slowly the seed of doubt begins to grow in her mind. The emnity still remains but the doubt causes her to hesitate.

"There are never any guards within the Temple, Miss, discounting worshipers who are guards elsewhere. Currently I sense only the Second Priest, an accolyte, and many refugees from the palace fire inside." She pauses. "Though if you are more comfortable out here, then know only that without access to the Temple's Records, I may or may not be able to completely understand a matter that happened before I arrived here." Rey'deyono is fighting back her tiredness, as this seems to be a matter that really does need immediate attention. This woman's hurt is deep and old, to be sure. "Would you mind my sitting down, Miss...?"

"T'larryo." she hisses. "You may call me T'larryo. Do as you will, but I remain out here." She fearfully eyes her surroundings a feleing of despair returning to her mind. Nervously, her dagger falls into her hand. She takes small comfort in its minute weight. Conflicting desires well up within her. Icy raging hatred from her damned life and a cynical curiousity at the trusting nature of the Preistess. A false move from either side and things would rapidly deteriorate.

"Indeed." The Priestess eases herself into a mostly dignified sitting position on the front steps, leaning against the base of one of the great arches. "Well then, Miss T'larryo, what cause you such great harm?"

Rapheria gazes at her. Can she be trusted? The one that stood for all that was wrong?  "It... it's been there all this time.. when I was..." her words break off with a gasp. Her memories flow through her reigniting her dwindling rage. Her words piercingly shriek through the night air, "Damn you! Damn you all! Everything you stand for is a lie!" She swiftly draws back her arm revealing the dagger one more.  Rapheria's rage interferes with her aim; With a flip of her wrist the dagger archs in the general direction of the Priestess.

Rey'deyono had been paying close attention to the woman's emotions for this soon as the anger boils over, she prepares a certain spell, and when the dagger's flung, she releases it. A bit of powerful, highly localized time magic slows the dagger enough for her to pluck the still very well-aimed weapon safely from the air. "Please, Miss...if you'll calm yourself, perhaps we can see what it is that went wrong. The Order is to harm none, so I'm concerned as to what happened to you."

As her dagger leaves her hand, Rapheria turns and begins to run.  Visions of the past come to life in her mind. "No! Leave me alone. What do you want from me?" She flings herself to the ground pleading for someone to save her., anyone. Her eyes look up and see the temple: the Divine Twins. "Lurenidi! Seridae! Dormagyn uns'aa! The echo of her words rings in her ears. She quickly rolls to her feet waiting for the blows to come once more. Her words wisp on the evening breeze,"Alone...betrayed..." She whirls around searching wildly for any pursuit.

The Priestess sighs. Why couldn't I have just been a travelling magician? She stands up after she coaxes herself to do so, exchanges a few words with the Priest, Le'shyl, and begins to follow unhurriedly after Rapheria, hands folded into her cloak before her, trusting her senses to guide her.

Rapheria senses htat she is being followed. A fear wells up within her. Shes away not daring to look back again. Swiftly, her feet pad along thge path leading her away from the Temple. Her thoughts cast wildly for a place of safety. With hopes of encourtering that grey eyed man she heads back down the path to Anchor Lounge.

The Priestess pauses and sighs, finally shaking her head. She heads back to the temple to change and wash, giving Rapheria time to calm down before she tries to confront her again.

The Second Priest, of course, is right there walking beside her. He'd never been so far away he couldn't help had the situation gotten out of hand. "Milady Priestess, are you well? What in the night and day became of you?"

"To b completely honest, Master Le'shyl...I am not entirely sure."

"And is that referring to the last few weeks, or the last five minutes?" He can tell that something is weighing heavily upon her heart, but...he doesn't know how many more answers he can demand of her, in this state of exhaustion.

"Both." She closes her eyes a few moments as they pass through the main Sanctuary and into a hallway, gathering her wits. "What, in summary, has happened in my absence, Milord Priest?"

He relates the list dutifully. "There was, of course, a large search for you, Milady. Gerionay was brought to a standstill. There have been smaller groups and individual searchers since then, perhaps a full quarter of them concerned for either you, your position, or both. The others were attracted by a very large reward offered by Lord Yerosyn. The Queen Faresylia has fallen victim to seatri--she is in one of the hospitality rooms--and, to add insult to injury, the palace was burned nearly to the ground--completely in some places--an event that remains unexplained. They've nearly finished clearing the rubble, and are finalizing plans for the new palace. Most architects have variations or near duplicates of the original palace, though there are a few deviants."

"And the people?"

"Working together startlingly well. Lord Yerosyn has done a marvelous job maintaining order and unity...things seem to be running more smoothly than before."


"You sound exhausted, Milady...I had intended to interrogate you, but I suppose that will wait until after you've had a sound rest."

Rey'deyono smiles wanly. "Yes...I suppose it will." She sighs, stopping in front of the entrance to her chambers, and looks back to the Second Priest. "Thank you, my friend, for maintaining order...and it is truly good to be back." Despite everything else in the world being wrong.

Le'shyl bows. "Sleep well, Lady Priestess."

That said, Rey'deyono heads into the High Priestess's Chambers, not awaiting further formalities.

The next morning the cloaked drow returns once more to the Temple. She moves around carefully watching for any that might remember her. Where did she go with my knife? It really wasn't that expensive of a weapon but it was dear to me. She stops near the entrance and looks up once again at the image of the Twins. Slowly her mind begins to burn with a cold anger. She represses it fearing that it may rouse the clergy within. She hides in the shadows watching, seeking for an opportune time to enter the vast doors.

The King hangs back as well, his mind racing. What is this girl doing here...?

Seeing noone around Rapheria stealthy begins to enter the Temple. Feeling quite out of place she tugs on her hood to reduce the amount of her face that is visiable. She silently steps through the entrance. Because of the lack of a challenge, she begins to feel a bit mroe confident. Her steps grow bolder as she moves around the halls searching for anything that would lead her to her dagger and... if she was lucky the Priestess.

There's no one stirring but the king and Rapheria...the accolyte is awake at this hour, in case someone comes to the temple in special need, but he's off on an errand.

Every fiber in his being is telling Meir'cillus kill her now. Whatever she's doing cannot be good for him or his nation, slinking about the temple this way. Or at least, he's hoping for an excuse like that."

Rapheria moves softly. She gazes around and randomly selects a doorway. She pauses a moment the feeling of eyes on her still lingering around, btu conitnue on despite her better judgement. She notices several bright images as she enters the Chamber of Seridae.

Again the king follows, growing more and more jumpy by the second. He hesitates, entertaining the notion of going to Rey'deyono, but follows after all.

Rapheria returns to the main area running recklessly looking for a place to hide. She turns sharply forgetting which way is which and runs heading toward The High Priestess's Chambers.

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