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2006-09-15 20:35:11
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If you are a teenager and want to meet other teens this is the place to be. We've got a banner yeah; Teens United Banners
So please join and leave your age :

1.)[Blvd. of broken dreams]-< 17
5.)[2 many secrets and not e-nuf friend]-16
6.)[hollow heart]-15
7. [~Nameless Dream~] - 16
11.)[Suck and Blows]
13.) [Sweet Kagome]-14
14.)[Drowning In A Daydream]-16
16.)[living in a nightmare]
17.)[just plain crazy]-15
20.)[bobdidit]-14 i kill in my black tee....urrebody in da club get krunk
21.) [fishes]
22.) [Devils Princess]
23.) [Nightmare Anatomy]- 18
24.) [cyanide_kisses] -15
25.) [DeadInMyOwnMind~] 13 almost 14 on the 14th
26.) [Sexy_Crystal_07]-15
27.) [TinkerLilly] 14
28.) [BlackRose69]-17
29.) [Witch_Queen]
30.) [DolphinQueen]-16
31.) [Snowflame] 14
32.) [_Link_02]-15
33.) [Immortal Impact]-15
34.)[Suicidal Moon]-14
35.0 [PyroFreak]-15 16 on sep. 10th
36.)[tinkerbell63]-15 16on dec.20
37.) [more meredith please!] 15 16 on August 2nd
38.) [Vincinity of Obscenity]-15
39.) [Looby Loob]-13
40.) [Tawnee.]-13
41.) [sequeena_rae] - 16
42.) [bluefarie]-19
43.) [Chaos Angel91]<--15
44.) [ICPKIM666]-15
Missing: </b>

Username (or number or email):


2005-11-03 [bluefarie]: ?

2005-11-06 [Corpse_Bride]: huh?

2005-11-07 [bluefarie]: yea, that's what im thinking...

2005-12-10 [Blvd. of broken dreams]: gosh who knows what we;re thinking lol

2006-04-29 [Snowflame]: *edited because it was my birthday* :3

2006-05-01 [bluefarie]: that's cool...I've only got 1 yr. & like a go before I'm not a teen any more...:'(

2006-09-05 [lonleyguy]: u bitch y cant I join?

2006-09-07 [bluefarie]: because it's a pass worded page...

2006-09-10 [lonleyguy]: no Lacy wont let me join it cause she dosent like me

2006-09-11 [bluefarie]: hmm, well, that doesn't seem fair...>.>

2006-09-12 [lonleyguy]: I know it discramination how ever u spell it

2006-09-12 [Blvd. of broken dreams]: no i am being fair matt aka lonleyguy has screwed with EVERYONE of my wiki's so no he's not allowed to join he has been givin multple chances and has had two of his names banned for screwing with my stuff so i think it's very fair

2006-09-13 [DolphinQueen]: lacy im not trying to be a bitch but ppl has been getting into mine and matthews accounts even after we change the passwords and its not been him so do not accuse my brother of something he hasnt done!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-13 [lonleyguy]: Well Lacy if U PAY ATTETION to my profile it has a pw in it....duh

2006-09-15 [Blvd. of broken dreams]: i know but if the name is no longer here and if matt learned how to change his password stuff like this wouldn't happen, i'm trying to be mean either but i'm tired of WHOEVER is on matts name screwing with MY wiki's and freaking saying crap about me that isn't true!!!!!!!

2006-09-15 [DolphinQueen]: well think what you want to! Everytime he changes his pw someone gets it anyay! I have to change mine everyday bc shit like that! ppl has been getting on my names too so DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT START ANY SHIT WITH MY BROTHER OR YOU WILL BE FACING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-15 [lonleyguy]: haha lacy ur stupid my name isnt bannded

2007-02-04 [Bunny451]: How are people supposed to join if its passworded then?

2007-02-10 [Blvd. of broken dreams]: e`mail me and i'll add you

2007-09-03 [bluefarie]: someone's going to have to take my name off now.

2007-09-03 [bluefarie]: number 42
I'm now 20...therefore no longer a teenager.<img:44166_1164145087.gif><img:44166_1164145160.gif><img:44166_1164145230.gif>

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