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Teddy Bear Lovers <img:stuff/Splash%20teeny%20tiny.psd.gif>"WELCOME!"<img:stuff/Splash%20teeny%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif> <img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png><img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png> May God Bless You All! <img:><img:><img:>


...From Elftown Graphics>EG Bullets by [shudson]!...["*_~"] All other decorative graphics, including the bears, gifs &/or pngs, are my creations!
[Please note], these 'animated bullets' can only be used on a wiki pages, not in houses, where I obtained them from...EG bullets!!! So, please no one put them in your house. If you do, you've been told!




<img:stuff/2Tb.psd.gif>TEDDY BEARS<img:stuff/1Tb.psd.gif>

Your hostess...[Artsieladie]
I L♥ve Teddy Bears!!! Do you l♥ve Teddy Bears???


Thumbnails of the Teddybear Art on Teddy Bear Art
Thumbnails of the Teddybear Photos on Teddy Bear Pictures</b>
<b>[These are not banners, just pic's & art!]



This wiki is a [SAFE ZONE] as it should be!


<img:stuff/Splash%20tiny.psd.gif>Why we L♥VE Teddy Bears:<img:stuff/Splash%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif>

♥-It's amazing how these soft & furry creations can console, cheer, and calm a "heart in need"!!!
♥-[Willow Darkling] wrote in her comment: I know this ain't a poem or anything but it's SO true!! "Teddy bears are the best friends in the world. You can tell them every one of your deepest, darkest secrets, but they will never tell on you nor will they judge." So true & thank you for this truer than true statement!!!


What you need to know!

♥-All submissions must be your own! On this wiki, I'm not looking for pictures from the Internet and your pictures or art cannot be claimed by someone else! Please also read: Uploading art rules</i>
<i>♥-Everyone must be respectful of all the members here! No rude comments or fowl language are allowed!</i>
<i>♥-If you have written a Teddy Bear poem, you may post your poetry on the page for poetry! If anyone has written a Teddy Bear story, put it on a wiki page & post the link to it for now on the poetry page. If there are several story links, I'll set up a separate page for Teddy Bear stories. </i>
<i>♥-Please let me know what you think and leave a comment or message me, [Artsieladie]. I welcome all positive comments, thoughts, and ideas. I want to see your art, pic's, poems, & stories added relating to Teddybears.</i>
<i>♥-If I think of more, I will post them here!

I'm thinking about:

♥ A Teddybear Photo Contest ♥
♥ A Teddybear Art Contest ♥
♥ A Teddybear Poetry Contest ♥</b>

Any thoughts, anyone?




<img:stuff/Splash%20teeny%20tiny.psd.gif>A Teddy Bear's Revelation<img:stuff/Splash%20teeny%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif>

<b>This poem written by yours truly, is about a conversation with a Teddybear. I would like to see other poems with a Teddy Bear Theme, too. If you have a Teddy Bear Poem to post, please post it on: Teddy Bear Poetry.


Thank You for taking the time to stop by and visit. Please leave a comment, suggestion, or a question and feel free to: ["Please come again!"]


These pages are connected to this wiki:

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               [Artsieladie] [Your hostess!]


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2005-04-13 [Artsieladie]: I've been working on "size" here....Can anyone tell?....LOL 

2005-04-13 [Fizban]: haha nope not a hint

2005-04-14 [Artsieladie]: Hey!....What do U mean....'not a hint'?  lol

2005-04-15 [bluefarie]: yeah...what do u mean?

2005-04-15 [Fizban]: lols, sarcastingly saying, that i cant tell a difference to indicate that yeah there is an obvious one lols...

2005-04-15 [Artsieladie]: ok....I added another teddy bear pic. It's amazing what teddy bears can do, isn't it? This one is fishin'! *_~

2005-04-15 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-04-15 [Fizban]: oy vey,...

2005-04-16 [bluefarie]: he he...

2005-04-23 [Fizban]: lols i like the new design:)

2005-04-25 [Artsieladie]: I'm working on designing......My wiki.....Why, I'm just a designing fool!!! eh?  lol

2005-04-26 [bluefarie]: lol....

2005-04-26 [Fizban]: lols, just make sure your house page doesnt get as cluttered as your real one;)

2005-04-26 [bluefarie]: omg!...jack u might wanna remove tht comment...tht was so mean! my mom might have a mean comeback!

2005-04-26 [Fizban]: that was not mean...just truthful^_^, just call em as i see em;)

2005-04-26 [Artsieladie]: Anytime you want to come & build on an addition to this rinky-dinky house, by all means, be my guest!!! Oh...& be sure to make me lots & lots of 'closets' while you're at it. Making room for 'homeless pets', too, adds to the problem. Besides, I'd like to see you or 'ANYONE ELSE' do ALL that I do ["WITHOUT ANY HELP"]. You shouldn't criticize someone until you've spent some time in their shoes or in their place, whichever way you'd like it said! */O\*

2005-04-26 [Fizban]: hahahahaaha!! i am not critisizing anything,...just saying your house has more stuff than it can fit in it:)

2005-04-27 [Artsieladie]: Well, you know?...I'm a multi-faceted person. I have many books, b/c I like books mostly for the info they contain & that I can keep at my fingertips. I love music & this envelopes many sub-divisions including 1000's of records that I've started to burn over onto CD's which brings to mention all my stereo & electronics equipment, & this includes my '7' keyboards and the accessories that goes w/ them: mic, amps, mixers, cables, stands, etc., etc.. Plus, there's other musical instuments & all that goes w/ them. Another aspect of my life is arts & crafts, especially children orientated material. This aspect takes up one room in my house. Oh, yeah, can't forget my 'tool' section, b/c I do most..

2005-04-27 [Artsieladie]: ...of the repairs here. I've had to learn to do a great many things including carpentry to make my own storage areas for various items, replace hinges,as well as hang a door, built a roof extention, made a cabinet, repair plumbing problems, etc., etc.. I could go on & on here. I didn't even mention all the space I need for the animals that I take in either for boarding or the homeless ones. Then there's the holidays' decorations' storage space, too. You see, if I was a person that did little w/ my life, then I suppose I would have a little more room. However, I'm comfortable w/ the person that I am b/c I've done my best to be the best mother I can be & I've helped as many ppl & animals..

2005-04-27 [Artsieladie]: ...along the way as I can on a very, very limited budget, I might add. The word 'can't' does not enter the realm of my life too often. Percentage wise, I get paid for only about 25% of all the work & extras that I do. I make time for another's needs every single day of my life. Although it is not very profitable, financially speaking, it gives me a deep sense of worth that all the $$$ in the world cannot buy! The goal of self security & peace that so many are searching for, I have found. I have little time for self-serving notions. OK, so now you know a little more about me & now I have a question for you.....What exactly do you think that I should get rid of to ..."make more room"...???

2005-04-27 [Fizban]: hahaha...wowsers...lols, i had no intentions of insulting you, simply saying what i saw lols...and i say get rid only of what you can bear part with...nobady ever said being cluttered was a bad thing, i never said why you were cluttered was bad...just that you were:) i can guess that i would end up the same way in your position...:) if you want to make more room than make more room. all depends on whats important to you, a little more space or whatever possesions that fit in said spaces.

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