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Teddy Bear Art <img:stuff/Sitting%20Teddy%20tiny.psd.gif>"WELCOME!"<img:stuff/Sitting%20Teddy%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif> <img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png><img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png> May God Bless You All! <img:><img:><img:>


...From Elftown Graphics>EG Bullets by [shudson]!...["*_~"] All other decorative graphics, including the bears, gifs &/or pngs, are my creations!
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Thumbnails of the Teddybear Art on Teddy Bear Art (here)
Thumbnails of the Teddybear Photos on Teddy Bear Pictures</b>
<b>[These are not banners, just pic's & art!]


When the size of this wiki page becomes too big, more art, relating to this wiki's theme, will then be posted on Teddy Bear Art 2. Thank You!!!


This is the page where all the Teddybear Art is posted. All of the art is copyrighted to the person that has submitted his/her art, so don't even try passing the art off as your own! Reminder: These postings are NOT banners.
Please post your art below the row of ♥'s!


By [Artsieladie] - (c) 4/2005
A great deal of my works is child orientated. This pic & poem was designed for a child...
"Gone Fishin'"
Gone Fishin' yesiree..
  Gone Fishin' you can see..
Out of my apple...
  I'll take a bite...
While being sure...
  My line is tight!
I love to splash...
  'Cause this is fun...
Oh, boy, there's a bite...
  And...a grrreat, big one!

By [Artsieladie] -
This is a Valentine's Day card that I designed...

By [Artsieladie] -
This pic' goes with a poem that I wrote for my close friends that went through so much to have their precious little girl!...

By [Artsieladie] -
This is a birthday card I made for a 1-year old friend...

By [Artsieladie] -
This is the cover I illustrated for my book "Color Me Bearly Valentine Fun"!...

By [Artsieladie] -

By [Artsieladie] -
Autumn love...Teddybear Style!

By [Artsieladie] -
Trick or Treat...Teddybear Penguin!


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2007-07-31 [Grandamelf]: I love Teddy bears! this is a sweet page!
Three cheers for Teddy Bears!
:) Grandameelf

2007-07-31 [Artsieladie]: Thanks! You may join this wiki, if you like on Teddy Lovers. I love Teddy Bears, too! :D

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