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Tearra Réhm


Tearra Réhm is a land of the world of Jashnia. It is located due northwest of Eastonia, due southeast of Lune, and due northeast of Qor.

TR is a continent of mysticism and trade, wild forests and wild people, fae and rogues, magic and growing arcane technologies. InterContinental trade flourishes because of its many port cities, including:
Daiel, Delta, Uamba, Tamambla, Lemus, New Nematon, Diaioh, the goblinoid nations of Sveerneeble and Guayamit, and the Criman territories of Boro and Xiuuola.

All major cities include:
- New Nematon, the capitol of the western nation of Kiaara, under the command and ideals of the tribal council of the Remans. New Nematon is a major trade city of elves, humans, and others. Hopefully, helped run by [Resiska]. It is due south of Tamambla and Lemus, and due east of Humaiba, the disputed island territory.

- Diaioh, a large common port city. A stop point for Setting Sail's fleet.

- Lemus, an old, nearly abandoned coastal city, once used for trade, sits just south of Diaioh, as a reminder of when trade was more dangerous....if it is not still so, anymore, that is. Lemus is a reminder of the old days of sailing, when slavery was still accepted and promoted, and where old sailors still rest to remind themselves of old legendary days out on the seas.

- Tamambla, a western village of dark-skinned humans - located on a long, branching peninsula, and gated off from the rest of the continent by the 'Jimallai', the "great/high wall", a huge eastern fence-like wall that separates it. The Jimallai extends 200 feet out into the water on both shores, as well. 8 villages, 4 councils.

- Humaiba, the western island, south of Tamambla and west of New Nematon and Lemus - disputed territory, rich in mineral ores, inhabited by people from all three surrounding nations.

- Dümbil, a goblin community that resides in an old trading and export city from a better age, located west of the Nemeis mountain range, where the goblins originally came from. These Goblinoid Races have become warlike in recent years, and isolated beyond the Nemeis Mountains.

- Guayamit ...

- Sveerneeble ...

- Forythima, a wood elf nation with a minority of 'high' elves, moon elves, and night elves. The Forythimans are lead by a circle of druids and clergy of Corellon Larethian, and located on the northwestern peninsula, with a spring-fed lake to the southern portion, Aeua Lake, and five rivers extending from the lake to the ocean (these rivers are named after the 'Five Heralds', or the five angels of Corellon: Eael, angel of light; Danaad, angel of the dark; Luceaii, angel of purity; Kimael, herald of protection; and Kirhaal, herald of death and rebirth.

- Detriya, the fortified prison camp. Prison for criminals of Delta, Uamba, New Nematon, and Diaioh. Operated by the Deltic Brotherhood. Located in the valleys of the southern portions of the Nemeis mountain range. Closest feature: Tunac Lake (w/ Genson Isle), roads to connecting nations, mountains.

- Crima, an island chain surrounding a huge bay, and huge coral reefs between the isles of Crima. A huge island (the rest of the lower portions of Tearra), named Pogoen sits to the south of the chain. Mostly gnome population, many fae, elves, and other druidic species, including a large population of lizardfolk, the Riddack. Crima is composed of two separate but peaceful territories, Boro and Xiuuola.
The Criman isle used to be one large mass of the southern portion of the continent, until a huge meteor struck the mountain range, caving in all but the most outer portions, leaving a huge coral community. Raddickans and many merfolk cultures abound here, and the Criman nation is the home of Genadai Fae, and the Fehrmi Dryad cultures as well.

- Uamba, the Chimu nation of gnomes, led by the human psion Antonin Mont. Highly militant, slightly technological, although the technology is most used by the ruler alone, and reputed to have highly-evolved psionic powers amid their upper ranks. Magic use us highly illegal anywhere near the capitol city, that influences the entire gnomish nation of the Chimu that surround the tiny city. Uamba bears the only aerial port on this side of Jashnia, but it is restricted to only be used by Antonin Mont and his high associates, the Chimu council. The capitol is situated directly over a huge platinum mine, and is highly reputed to have the best platinim products in the world. Bordered on the west by the Nemeis mountain range, the Opika Ocean to the north (where there is a large shipping and trading port), the Chimu bay and the Daiel peninsula to the east, and Land Lake to the south, and Delta to the far southeast.

Tearra Réhm also has a colossal amount of hidden nooks and crevices in its boundless forests, both tropical and subtemperate, with a large central mountain range that features high-altitude snowy peaks in the cold season.
In the midst of the hidden forests, there is a long-undisturbed secret lying below the heavy growth of foliage, soon to be discovered.

Mountain Ranges:
- The Nemeis Mountain Range, the longest and most prominent mountain range in the continent, it is also the continental divide.

- The Grüm Mountains, the range separating the two eastern Goblinoid/Gnome cities of Sveerneeble and Guayamit, due east of the city-state of Delta.

- The Spriggan Mountains, a highland territory favored by Spriggan Gnomes, south of Crima's two coastal territories, located on a currently unnamed and undisputed island territory.

- The Blue Ocean of Jashnia

- Auea Lake, south of Forythima, and head of the five Herald Rivers: Eael, Danaad, Lucaeii, Kimael, and Kirhaa.

- Haidai Bay, also south of the Forythiman Peninsula, and home to the collosal magical whirlpool commonly known as "the Swirling Depth". It is a common gateway to the Elemental Realm of Water, Aquaea.

- Chimu Bay, north of Uamba and the Chimu nation. A highly protected coastal area.

- Deltic Bay, due east of Delta, and which connects Land Lake and Tunac Lake to the sea by riverways. A major trade fairway between Delta, Uamba, and the rest of the world.

- Criman Bay, a major bay area surrounded on all sides by Crima's territories and the unnamed Spriggan Isle.

- Aquaean Merfolk Territory, a highly safeguarded and magically protected area surrounding the Forythiman Peninsula, which is overseen and ruled in cooperation by the Forythimans and the Aquaeans of Vxa, which comes to shore every so often in this location.

- Kuo-Toa Coastal Regions, a somewhat unstable and chaotic area of TR's coasts near the goblinoid cities of the Deltic Peninsula, due east of Delta, and due south of both goblin cities.

- Sahuagin Coral Reefs, an area dues south of Humaiba, where the Sahuagin rule and ships cannot pass because of the shallow depths above the reefs.

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2004-08-28 [Cadence]: Wow.. brilliant..

2004-08-30 [xido]: heh.. thanks.

2004-08-30 [xido]: Alright, Kim, where on Jashnia did you find LUCRESE?!?! I didn't even post it here... Did I tell you about it before?

2005-08-24 [xido]: I have a map completely finished, just WAITING to be scanned and edited for posting..... but my scanner is a poopstain, and refuses to work for me. Until this changes, I don't plan on making any huge changes here YET. One day, however... one happy day.

2005-08-24 [Kim_Lundin]: Anyone who knows why scanners always mess up? It's like they are built to malfunction, mess up colors, erase details and generally be a pain in the behind.

2005-08-29 [xido]: you are telling me..... Mine is my biggest irk at the moment, aside from being too damn busy

2005-08-29 [xido]: I'm telling you, though, guys, when I DO get the damn thing up..... you will both be so proud of me.... My cartographic skills are flawless when it comes to lands like these. Tearra Réhm, Qor, Horamont, Dysphasia and some of its cities, the island of Vxa, portions of Eastonia that are integral to the overall history and events of Jashnia's past AND future.... all just waiting to be scanned in and shown off to the rest of the world.

2005-08-29 [Kim_Lundin]: And the world is awaiting your flawless work with high expectations, xido. ^^ Tell your scanner to co-operate or it'll get a kick in the but.

2005-09-12 [xido]: I tried that..... Then I DID kick it. Still not listening. Time for extreme measures.

2005-09-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Rabid ferrets?

2005-09-21 [xido]: Worse.

2005-09-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Rabid penguins?

2005-10-06 [Kim_Lundin]: ^.^ You got the map up. It looks great, some parts are a bit hard to read, but that may just be the resolution on my computer that's off (either that or my eyes are worse than I thought). Nice job with the colors, it's good to be able to see what kind of terrain there is.

2005-10-07 [xido]: As long as you can see that general shape of the words, everything is good. I will make a nice good edit to this page to make sure it is more descriptive and accurate (which it is not). Actually, it is the amount of downsizing to the quality of the picture that is making it that fuzzy.... ever since ET enforced image file size uploading restrictions, I have had bad luck in uploading decent quality images for my pages, outside of other web sites pics.....

2005-10-07 [xido]: The Lands of Qor is updated with new maps now too. Big ones.

2005-10-07 [Kim_Lundin]: Now THAT is what I call a map... Even I have no trouble reading that.

2005-10-10 [xido]: Hell yeah, baby. So, you see that little mountain range in the deep tropical zone, just due east of Lemus? You guys are just behind that mountain range, a little north of Lemus. K-21ish. Does BR watch this page?

2005-10-11 [Kim_Lundin]: I have no idea, let's chack it out: [Blood Raven] is a PENGUIN!!

2005-10-18 [Blood Raven]: a heavenly messenger came to visit me and said I should start watching this page :) so what's up?

2005-11-15 [xido]: of course..... Hey, man.... or Michireeno, rather. x.op This is where In the midst of the hidden forests takes place. See that large, deep green blotch of tropical forests in the southwestern region of the continent? That's where you are. You are about 150-180 miles outside of Lemus' outer borders, E by NE, just past the nearby mountain ridge. This page will have an update soon. :) Still working on things. Will get back to RPs soon enough.

2005-11-15 [Blood Raven]: alright, cool ^^

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