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Teacher Training Tips

Here are some basic tips for you to remember each time you plan a lesson. This is your essential guide to a good lesson. This is, or course, not a subsitute for the rest of the course!

This is still under construction. More will be added shortly.

· Provide a lesson and course plan. I always provide a lesson and course plan so people know exactly what they can expect. It also helps you organise your lessons more efficiently.

· Make your purpose for teaching clear, at least to yourself. Why teach your subject?

· Take time to plan your lesson in a logical way. Your lessons should be structured and easy to follow.

· Make your points clear. I am a huge fan of bullets points, as it makes for logical discourse and to the point information. Make full use of bullet points, headings, and different font styles to make you lessons easy to read.

· Always accept comments and criticisms. You can't be a good teacher unless you're willing to listen and learn yourself. Make sure you encourage feedback from your students, so you can improved the quality of your lessons.

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