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Teacher Training

Welcome to Teacher Training!

Teacher: ???



1. [Goldenberry]
2. [Maurer's conclusions]
3. [Janouk]
4. [askdjnso]
5. [dumbledorelittle]
6. [Elthia]



- Lesson Plan
- Curriculum - Overview
- Curriculum - Objectives
- Curriculum - Session Planning
- Teacher Training Tips


What this class is about

· This class is designed specifically as an orientation course for the academy teachers, although others are of course welcome.

· This course addresses practical needs of teaching. These lessons are about the nitty-gritty of the practice of teaching and outline the “craft skills” of the teacher. It remains up to you to decide when to use what.

· It must be noted that, although I have experience teaching in a real classroom setting, I am an unqualified teacher. Therefore, suggestions, comments, and constructive criticisms are welcomed.


A definition of teaching

· Teaching is, essentially, "helping people to learn". Everything else is a gloss. However, here I shall explain a little about what it means.

· Teaching is about setting up a purposeful exchange with a learner about a pre-determined topic.

· This includes telling them something new.

· This also includes carrying through that exchange while monitoring its success and modifying it as necessary, so that the learner ends up knowing more and being able to do more as a result.


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Past teachers: [Sheona]

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2004-07-07 [travs the bean]: i'll sit in- be cool on seeing a section for people to use wiki's productively

2004-07-08 [Sheona]: Feel free to add your name to the pupil list, then ^_^

2004-07-10 [Goldenberry]: Hey people, I hope I'm not going to be the only one in this class so please JOIN!!!

2004-07-10 [Sheona]: I'm sure lots of other people will be in the classes, even if they don't want to admit it ;)

2004-07-10 [font]: hehe I wonder who wouldnt admit that :P

2004-07-12 [Silver Wind]: People who perhaps wants to learn but doesn't feel that they can commit themselves to a class?

2004-07-12 [travs the bean]: i can't commit myself at the moment - but it doesn't mean i will be hidden - besides i've got some good techniques i use from my classes to helpout especially using wiki's to your advantage

2004-07-12 [Sheona]: Really? You're welcome to add your techniques, too! If everyone adds what works for them, it will be a really good course that we can all learn from.

2004-07-14 [travs the bean]: i think that sounds good

2004-07-17 [pixyman]: Hi I'm a speech communication teacher (GTA) at SIUC in the USA. I'm teaching a section over the summer and will be beginning my second year of work in the coming semester. You need a COmm. Studies teacher... I can do that. [pixyman]

2004-07-17 [Sheona]: Why don't you talk to [font] about it? It may be something that could warrant an entire class all to itself!

2004-08-02 [shamrockboy92]: does anyone need someone who professions in law, or anything else really.

2004-08-02 [font]: social sciences law is listed with no teacher

2004-08-12 [Sheona]: I'm sure someone who knows about law could be really useful ^_^

2004-09-14 [Sheona]: NEW LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

2004-09-14 [Janouk]: Oh goodies ^^ *goes to check it out*

2004-09-14 [Sheona]: Let me know what you think of the lessons so far, if they've been any help, etc :)

2004-12-23 [cats and dragons]: i am so dumb i don't even know how to sign up to take the class so i'll just sit in

2004-12-23 [cats and dragons]: um, yeah. is there anyone who might *hesitation* be willing to tutor a newbie? hehheh... it would be nice :)

2004-12-23 [Janouk]: You can sign in by clicking Edit this page above these comments and add your name to the list: Pupils in this course. Than click edit this page again and you're done! Hope it works ;)

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