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Title: Tea Time
Year: 2005
Made for: Design for Virtual Theatre and Games, EGO-document.
Techniques: Modelled and animated in Discreet 3D Studio Max, post production was done with Discreet Combustion.
Description: Tea Time tells the tale of Booker the Pirate and Pierre the Shark who are drinking tea on a little island at the edge of the sea and discover that there can be negative sides to friendship as well...


Size: 36,19 MB
Length: 2:32 min
Dimensions: 640x480
Support: If you have problems downloading the file, scroll down to the HELP & FAQ topic on this wiki page.

Unzipped file: <URL:stuff/TrennasTeaTime.avi>











The shark and the pirate
were drinking some tea
on a very small island
on the edge of the sea

The pirate was dead
he forgot all his roots
the tea that he drank
ended up in his boots

The shark was called Pierre
the pirate named Booker
Pierre thought it was silly
and called him a hooker

Booker was stunned
What’s this all about?
I’m your only best friend
and you’re bawling me out?

But Pierre didn’t stop
“Nondeju, sacre bleu!
Trottoir du fromage
et toilette, mon dieu!"

Booker got mad
He found back his wits
He fired a cannon
and blew Pierre to bits


Booker the pirate
was drinking some tea
all alone on the island
at the edge of the sea

He thought of the shark,
his words still hypnotic
but he hadn’t known
that Pierre was psychotic


If you have problems downloading the file, you can check here for common problems that are usually very easy to solve.

How to download the file: You can download the file to your harddisk by clicking on the download link in the DOWNLOAD section. Once clicked, a window should appear that will ask you to save the file. Find a suitable place on your harddisk and click "save." The file should start to download now.

I clicked the download link, but nothing happens!If no window appears, or the browser says "the page doesn't exist," it is most likely possible that my school's server is down, which means you'll have to wait until it's running again to retry to download the file.

I downloaded the file, now what? Because the animation is saved inside a ZIP-file (to make the filesize a lot smaller; that way it takes less time to download it) you need to unzip the downloaded file first. If I'm correct, (and I don't know for sure, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong) Windows XP has a build-in zip program. If you don't have Windows XP, you need to use another program.

What other unzip programs are there and where can I find them? I highly recommend using the latest version of Winrar ( because it's free and it has no expiration date, plus it works great, which is the most important thing. Download it, install in on your PC and you can use the program to unzip zipfiles.

What's the easiest way to unzip the file? After you've installed Winrar, go to windows explorer, find the file you downloaded and right-click on it. You should see an option called "Extract Here," which means that the contents of the zip-file will be put in the same folder as the zip-file. If you want to extract the contents to another location, choose "Extract Files..." and browse to the location of your choosing.

Okay, the files are unzipped. What do I do now? If all goes well, you should be able to play the movie file in Windows Media Player or another media player; get your popcorn, sit back and relax.

I tried to open the file in Windows Media Player, but nothing happens! This can have a couple of very common reasons:
#1: Because the movie file has been rendered with a DIVX codec (to make the file smaller,) it could be that this codec was not installed on your computer. Download the latest DIVX Player Codec (, install it on your PC and try to play the movie again.
#2: If the movie still refuses to play, download the latest version of Windows Media Player ( and install it on your PC. Try to play the movie again.
#3: If the movie still won't play, contact me ([playslashwrite]) and I'll try to help you out.
#4: If I am unable to help you, throw your PC out of the window and buy a new one.


Since Tea Time is a non-commercial production, both Stefan Sipos and the Utrecht School of Arts can in no way be held responsible for the use of music and sound effects.

Stefan Sipos and the Utrecht School of Arts are not responsible for any possible (but highly unlikely) harm that the downloaded animation may cause on your PC.

Since Tea Time is a non-commercial production, it is absolutely free of any kind of spyware, adware and other advertising programs. Should you detect any traces of these advertisements nonetheless, be sure to send me ([playslashwrite]) a warning immediatly to solve the problem.

Tea Time is copyrighted © by Stefan Sipos ([playslashwrite]) and the Utrecht School of Arts ( and is not allowed to be used for any purpose without permission from the author.

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2005-09-17 [playslashwrite]: huh??? thats the weirdest thing Ive heard of so far! o_O The poem isnt supposed to start until pierre pops into view :(

2005-09-17 [Keii]: Give me a few moments, I'll have it working... somehow oO

2005-09-17 [playslashwrite]: hahaha allright ^^ have you downloaded it? or are you playing it in yoru browser?

2005-09-17 [Keii]: Doesn't give me the option. As soon as you press download it goes straight to media player, and plays... then I have to do alot of fine tweaking to get it over to DivX - which my computer is having a problem with at the moment :s

2005-09-17 [playslashwrite]: aha then it goes straight to streaming.. okay, if you have the download website, right click on the download link (the picture) and select " save target as" to save it on your pc ;)

2005-09-17 [Keii]: I'll try again later. Now media player is being a bitch... *bites table to keep from screaming*

2005-09-17 [playslashwrite]: i know, maybe I should put that stuff on this wiki page as well ^^

2006-01-05 [iippo]: Omg Monkey Island music! (I have them on my computer as well, the songs XD) You know there is an online comic (very cool very stylised) about Monkey Island 1 somewhere (I'll find you the link if you want).

2006-01-05 [playslashwrite]: haha cool ^^ i played the games a loong time ago, but i loved the music, though ^^

2006-01-05 [iippo]: I love the song they sing in 3 when they're about to set sail... "A pirate I was meant to be" XD

2006-01-05 [playslashwrite]: hehe yeah i know that one as well ^^

2006-01-05 [iippo]: is the page in case you wanna have a look. :) (for the comic)

2006-01-05 [playslashwrite]: haha great comic ^^

2006-01-05 [Lothuriel]: *is amazed*

2006-01-05 [playslashwrite]: at what? the movie or the comic? :p

2006-01-05 [Lothuriel]: hehe both. well the pics, I still can't ge the movie to load properly

2006-01-05 [playslashwrite]: hahaha I'm flattered (about the movie that is ^^ )

2006-01-16 [prowlie]: hey, is that really jonny depp, or is it you doing an impression of him? great movie by the way XD

2006-01-16 [iippo]: Yeah, and where did you get the sound-file for the text? O_o

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: haha thanks ^^ and well, its me, ill admit it ^^

2006-01-28 [TheRogue]: eh.. downloaded. played. can't play. WMP macintosh and Quicktime won't play .avi on my compy. got a .mov or .mpeg handy somewhere? It looks promising.. sorry to be a bother.

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