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Tavis har Tura

Wraeththu RPG

Wraeththu Name: Tavis har Tura (Human Name - Trevor Grey)
Age when incepted: 18
Current age: 20

Tavis has dark brown hair. His hair comes to his waist and is done in very skinny dreadlocks interspersed with many different colors. The dreadlocks framing his face have winding silver cords in them. As a human he kept his hair long mostly because his brother did, and they often played tricks by switching places. Now he keeps his hair in dreadlocks because he simply enjoys them.

Tavis’ eyes are a honey toned brown and are very expressive. As a human he used to wear glasses, sometimes he will don frames with fake plastic lenses simply because he enjoys the way the make him look. 

While most har are tall Tavis only comes in at 5’9, this doesn’t really bother him as he carries himself well.  On his right arm he has a large tattoo of a stylized pattern of knot work that winds from his hand all the way to his shoulder. On his left wrist he often wears a mess of bangles and bracelets of all sorts.

Tavis received these bangles after assisting a Sasha har Rodrae home after he had been left out by the Tura base. Tavis is unaware that these bracelets signify that he has been marked as a friend to Sasha.

Seemingly well adjusted, Tavis is a gentle har. He is dedicated to helping others and believes that the violence with in the Wraeththu makes them no better than the humans. He swears that if something does not change the Wraeththu will also fall, replaced by a new higher form of life. Tavis learned how to defend not only himself, but others. This aversion comes from an early run in with a Rodrae har. It is because of this Tavis learned how to defend not only himself, but others. Being young and rather innocent Tavis took aruna with a young Rodrae har, it was on his way home that he and the young har were attacked. Tavis managed to get away with only minor injuries. He never learned what happened to the other har. 

Tavis and his twin brother Justin came willingly to the Wraeththu, they didn’t really understand what they were getting into. All they knew was that the Wraeththu were stronger than the humans, they saw that hara were the future and not the enemy.

For some unknown reason Justin’s inception went wrong and he died. Tavis went mad with grief and was cared for by Blithe himself, the only har in the Tura tribe who, at the time, had abilities strong enough to bring him out of his madness. Once able to Tavis threw himself into healing others and devoting himself to learn more about his newfound abilities. 

Tavis often will mention things of his human life, he believes that hara should never forget where they came from, who they were. They should learn from it. More often than not, when speaking of his past, he talks about his brother. Justin and he were incredibly close, while Tavis was the quiet one Justin was loud and always had a smile on his face. It was Justin’s idea that they go to the Wraeththu, and Tavis being devoted to him followed. Many people who were in their lives before they were incepted hinted that the twins were closer than what was socially acceptable. But this wasn’t completely true: Tavis loved his brother, but was not in love with him. Justin on the other hand was in love with his brother, a feeling he never dared to act on.

Unlike other har of the Tura tribe who were advanced in defense he did not join the guard, preferring to become one of the many healers within the tribe. It his hope that one day the Tura tribe will become known for their abilities and hara will flock to them for help and knowledge. 

Tavis had always been quick to heal, with his inception he discovered that minor cuts and injuries healed within seconds. The ability has never been tested with major injury. He has however discovered that this ability can be used on other har.

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2006-01-10 [xido]: of the Tura tribe

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2006-01-15 [xido]: It's very nice and descriptive... the appearance section could use a little more, but that's probably because I am used to doing more sections of info on character descriptions... get used to it on ET... If you want, there is a template for char pages on the WFR Application Page, and the same info I used for Connor... in addition to the WFR char sheet, I just added the extras that you all asked for players below that in another section... see Lt. Connor D'Andrei to see what I mean.

2006-01-15 [xido]: want me to do the dirty code work for you, and all that? I can if you want.

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2006-01-21 [xido]: Done on what you have already.... see the WFR Character Template for more categories, and I will add a page for what to include in a Wraeththu char page, like the things Carl said he got from one of the rp books...

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